Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can West Bengal be Saved from Islamism and its Violence?

I am not supposed to write on this kind at least for time being but I decided to write about this. Well I am not a journalist so please excuse me for small mistakes because I am directly writing on the post with out any preparation, so there may be some mistakes; after all English is not my mother tongue. 

This post is not about naxallite violence in West Bengal about which our media is writing a lot where in they make tall claims like how this could impede our economic progress. Other than this naxallite violence  there is another reason that needs our attention to which important institutions in our country are reticent to even acknowledge.

Recently two events happened in West Bengal, none of them appeared in our English main stream media. But, it should not come as a surprise to many of us for we knew  their honesty and integrity. Then we did not see any of Politicians making comments on these after all it disproves their claim that so called peaceful Muslim community is a victim and definitely it will not fetch them votes from Muslims which is the most valuable commodity in political elections.

Unfortunately these two events, which I will be mentioning shortly, is a presage to what is going to happen in West Bengal with massive immigrant population. In fact, Assam too is in precarious situation. But what is unique to West Bengal is nexus of ruling left and die hard Islamists, both are of violent ideologies. Of course opposition also is very eager to enter in to alliance with Islamists. This  should sound alarm bells in the ears of people caring for nation. But it is not going to happen soon it all it happens.

The first incident was about 50 Muslim adults attacking a sports club and inflicting physical and verbal abuse on Hindu girls present there at that time. You can read the full report here.

And the second incident was about Muslims attacking tribal villages in mining area. When Muslims attacked villages it did neither bring police nor bring media. But when tribals retaliated and attacked, it brought in police and journalists. Click here for full report.

These two incidents point to coming massive instability in West Bengal. But what we are going to hear from media or the government is off the track statements calling for harmony and peace rather than looking for causes and searching for solutions. Movement of Islamism is in full swing in areas bordering Bangladesh with flourishing of immigrants from Bangladesh and cash from oil rich Muslim countries. This Islamist movement is inhumane and fully motivated by bigotry inherently present in Koran, they will never back down nor slow down. They see a weakness in our polity and intend to take full advantage with out any compromise. It all comes down to ordinary people to struggle and to act collectively for saving and preserving what is rightfully ours. Once we people act in unity politicians will come down. That is precisely telling and informing others about the situation in West Bengal is a duty towards our nation which should be undertaken.

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