Thursday, April 12, 2012

Freedom of religion in Islam: In Philippines Muslim mob kills a Muslim who converted to Christianity

We do not really have to go to Philippines to see how Muslims or Muslim organization enforce Sharia and its components as it happens in India too. Two months before, so called Sharia courts in Kashmir either expelled Christian pastors or ordered that pastors be arrested for activities of proselytization. As usual our secular media kept silent on this and, and by nature of their silence, these Sharia courts, however unconstitutional, are legitimatized in their existence.

Probably, days are not far away - in India - when so called Hindu secular politicians - in their zeal to appease Muslims for votes - sanction existence of Sharia courts throughout India parallel to present day legal system.

For Non-Muslims to feel Islamic imperialism infidel majority nations like India and West, Sharia law need not be adopted completely as sharia elements are part of beliefs of Muslims. Here, the belief that Muslims who leave Islam should be killed directly comes from command of Prophet Mohammad himself as he said: "Kill any Muslim who discords his religion..." (Sahih Bukhari; 4:52:260)

There are always some Muslims in every society who take this to heart and act upon it (one recent case in India  or here ) as Allah exhorts all Muslim men to obey and follow example of Prophet Mohammad in about 90 verses in Koran.

Even when living under infidel laws, these acts by Muslims committed in the name of Islam do effect how people think and behave. The fear that some 'Muslims might harm' always exists. This fear is an important part of Islam. In fact, there is no Islam without fear.

Philippines: Muslim mobs murder convert from Islam to Christianity     (Or   HERE )

MINDANAO, Philippines - The Philippines is a mostly Christian nation, but in the south, Muslim fundamentalists are trying to build an Islamic state.
Christians there face persecution and even death.

The island of Mindanao on the southernmost part of the Philippines is predominantly Muslim. The area's most remote parts are a haven to terrorist groups linked to al Qaeda that carry out attacks and kidnappings in the region.

Strong Persecution

Because of this, persecution against Christians is strong. This year, at least four house churches closed down after their pastors and lay leaders were killed by Muslim extremists.

Pastor Mario Acidre was one them. His wife, Mayang, was distraught over her husband's murder, which took place right in their home.

"My husband staggered into our bedroom and I was shocked because he was full of blood," she recalled. "I brought him to the hospital right away. He was operated on for eight bullet wounds, but did not survive."

Pastor Acidre was a former Muslim who converted to Christianity. He boldly shared the gospel to his Muslim relatives and neighbors.

Despite threats to his life, he was not afraid to hold Bible studies in his home, which he eventually converted into a house church.


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