Monday, August 23, 2010

Indian secularism is triumphant: Hindus asked to pay Jizya in India

How worse it can get than this. No, I am not referring Hindus paying Jizya imposed by Govt. of Kashmir, reminiscent of taxes imposed on Hindus during 'tolerant' Islamic rule -just for being Hindus -, but about silence of all other political parties (except BJP) and media and of course, pseudo secular intellectuals. 

All political parties of India are notoriously corrupt and are inept too. These parties are engaged in competition for Muslim vote bank or engaged in appeasement of Muslims as they were terrified of violent protests (remember protests in Kolkata over presence of Taslima Nasreen, writer of Bangladeshi origin) by Muslims. Interesting thing in all this is success of propaganda, by media and secularists, of Muslims being hapless victims of Hindu nationalism and violence thus, justifying all unconstitutional laws or measures.

Right now, condemning or criticizing any thing that has to do with Islam or Muslims is unwelcome and invites all kinds of accusations from politicians living in delusion that Islam can be appeased  and Islam is just like any other religion.

BJP slams entry fee on Hindu pilgrims in Kashmir  

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Friday criticised the Jammu and Kashmir government for its decision to charge entry fee of Rs.2,000 per vehicle to the Amarnath and Vaishnodevi temples.
'The Jammu and Kashmir government's decision to impose fees on lakhs of pilgrims going for 'darshan' (visit) of Amarnath and Mata Vaishnodevi by their private vehicles is reminiscent of 'jaziya' (tax) imposed during Mughal period that was forcefully imposed on Hindu pilgrims to torture them,' BJP national general secretary Vijay Goel told reporters here.
The state government had issued a notification under Jammu-Kashmir Motor Vehicle Taxation Act 1957 to charge Rs.2,000 as entry fee valid for seven days. The same amount will be charged per day if the stay extends more than seven days.
'The Jammu and Kashmir government is playing with the sentiments of Hindu pilgrims. Instead of providing better amenities to the pilgrims the state government is making attempts to disturb the 'teerth yatra' (pilgrimage).'
He demanded that the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) ask the Jammu and Kashmir government to desist from practising 'such shameful politics'.

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