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Some Random Takes to Give Confidence about Future.

Today marks the end of the month of Ramdan, holiest month in Islamic calender. Considering that Islam is one religion of peace, one expects no violence or decrease in violence during this month. But it is always the case that violence peaks during this month. What is so special? Actually apart from the reason for celebrating this month, there is another very important aspect; Mohammad, Founder of Islam, conquered Mecca during this month. Any way, this year, during Ramdan, 223 terror attacks took place and 1024 people died in those attacks. If one reads news regularly, in Pakistan itself when it is suffering from worst floods, 3 major explosions took place in a span of week. Of course most of these victims are innocent Muslims.

The organization Hindu Samhati has put up pictures related to Deganga riots, actually they are not riots. I will just post 3 of those pictures to give an idea. Its courage of resisting jihadis deserves respect, praise and support.


Unfortunate Police Vehicle. No wonder they said this.
This is what Muslims have been doing for 1400 years. Isn't it?

The so called largest English news paper has not reported much on this incident. But it suddenly became a proselytizer for Islam wanting us to believe that Islam is one religion of peace.It reports:
"In the distance, she can barely make out a few shadows. "Thank God, they are there," she says as she closes the door. They are a group of Muslims who came forward to help Hindus protect their neighbourhoods from "hoodlums from outside", turning them into fortress-like blocks where a self-imposed war-type rationing is on."
"The injured villagers are struggling to cope with their wounds and trauma. "The troublemakers are mostly from Doharia and Khejurdana villages," says Farooq Mondal of Uttar Kaliyani. "Ei grame amader protibeshider kono khoti hote debo na, oder marte gele age amader marte hobe, ato bochor amra akshathe achhi (We won't let anyone harm our neighbours. They'll have to kill us first. We have been living here in peace for years. We won't let a few miscreants destroy it)," adds Mondal, walking to the mosque for evening namaz."
""Farooq, Hasnain, Altaf, Shombhu and Bijoy took the initiative to unite the villagers. They spoke to every resident and assured everyone that they would protect us," says Premanshu Ghosh, a retired school teacher." 
Yes, we all know very much about Islamic tolerance of infidels esp. Hindus. That is precisely the Hindus have almost disappeared from Pakistan. Now they are just 1.6% of population and in few years they too will be gone because of Islamic Tolerance. In Bangladesh it reads like from 23% to 9%. Actually  the population of  Non Muslims in all Islamic Countries is dropping like a rock.

Much worse is our honorable Home Minister asking for restraint in our country, an example of secularism, in the wake of some crazy pastor in Florida, USA deciding to burn Koran for Islamic Tolerance and its teaching of peace and co-existence. Our media dutifully published this news. The TOI reports:
"India has condemned the plan by the pastor of a small Florida church to burn copies of the holy Quran to mark the 9/11 attacks and called on US authorities to take "strong action" to prevent such an "outrage" being committed."
"We condemn the action of the pastor. It is totally unbecoming of anyone who claims to be a man of religion. We hope that the US authorities will take strong action to prevent such an outrage being committed."
This blog does not support burning of Koran or any book or violence. But some one should tell Sri. P. Chidambaram that US constitution gives its citizens the right to burn books and flags, even if they are religious. Ridiculing Bible and putting crosses in Urinals is very much a reality in US. More so it is their constitution and law.
""While we await the action of the US authorities, we would appeal to the media in India--both print and visual media--to refrain from telecasting visuals or publishing photographs of the deplorable act," Chidambaram said in a statement."
""We would also appeal to the media to exercise great restraint over the next couple of days and help in maintaining communal peace and harmony," the Home Minister said."
Did Central Govt. say something on Deganga violence like condemning or informing the people about its efforts to contain the violence? Did any secular politician condemn what happened in Deganga? They feel that it is not necessary and it even amounts to supporting non existential Hindu extremism. But our Govt. and politicians condemn what is about to happen in other countries. Loss of life and property of Hindus and desecration of Hindu temples does not concern them but burning of Koran in USA (remember it is yet to happen) is grave concern for out politicians and institutions. Life and dignity of Hindus is insignificant compared to sentiments of Indian Muslims. Or it might be that sentiments of Hindus need not be respected like super sensitive sentiments of Muslims? Unknowingly they are endorsing Islamic law (Sharia law), which also says the same thing: life of Non Muslims is of less value compared to that of life of a Muslims. The great worry and outrage here is not that Deganga riots happened but the role of media and politicians during the violence and its aftermath.

What have been the reactions to burning of Koran from Islamic world? I am less concerned about reactions from Islamic world than what infidels are saying. If one wants to have an idea on these reactions, actually they are threats, read from the following links.  (A Pastor in Philippines fears more violence.) (A Muslim cleric says it is tantamount to declaring war on Islam.) (Iranian president says burning of Koran is Zionist conspiracy.) (BJP, a right wing party also condemns Koran burning. Shahnawaz Hussain calls for entire Christian community to come forward to protest against it.) (Najib, Malaysia's prime minister, said burning the Quran would "ignite" the feelings of Muslims around the world and feared that it would result in costly consequences.) (This is from Pakistan. It has sent so many Christians to prison or killed them for blasphemy. And persecution of minorities is routine. Yet look at what it says: "Such an act will "inflame sentiments among Muslims throughout the world and cause irreparable damage to interfaith harmony and world peace," Babar, spokesman of President, said.)

Here I digress a bit because I want to show what its interior minister Rehman Malik says:
"Interpol must play its role to stop this heinous criminal act by insane Terry Jones as it will bring irreversible damage to world peace, especially when the world is fighting against all kind of acts of terrorism," he said.
Malik asked Noble to take up the issue with US authorities to stop the "crazy so-called priest from this highly criminal act."
"Muslim Ummah would be outraged by such an act and the feelings of Muslims should be respected," he said.
This same man, when explosions caused by Muslim terrorists killed 30 Shia Muslims in Karachi, said this:
"Whoever has done this, he cannot be a Muslim. He is worse than an infidel."
He himself doesn't respect infidels, but he commands that the feelings of Muslims should be respected. This is Islamic Supremacism, "We will not respect you, but you should respect us". (Malaysian foreign minister says burning of Koran is the most hideous crime. I thought that Koran tells disbelief in Islam and not worshiping Allah is the worst crime.) (Al-Azhar university says it is a disaster for co-existence and it provokes angry feelings among Muslims. I wonder if co-existence is existing now in Islamic world? Angry feelings? Certainly they never had compassion towards Non Muslims. After all Koran simply forbids it. The verse 48:29 says Muslims are those who are severe against disbelievers  and merciful among themselves. )

One can just go on and on. It is worth to mention here that Koran mocks each and every religion. In essence mocking every religion are sacred beliefs of Muslims. Since, this mocking exists in Koran and is part of Islamic belief, why should a Non Muslim respect Koran? Isn't respecting Koran tantamount to self degradation? This is what a Christian, Timothy Furnish, says on this whole issue:
"As a Christian, I do not accept that Muhammad received revelation from God, for many reasons (most of which would require a separate, and much longer, column), most saliently that he and his “revelation” deny (in Sura 4:157) the key doctrine of my, and 2.3 billion other Christians’,  faith:  the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God,  to atone for the entire human race’s sins.  That does not mean Christians should run out to buy a Qur’an and toss it into the fireplace—but neither does it mean that we have to pay Muslim-mandated obeisance to its alleged “holiness,” either."
Muslims say that Islam and Koran respect Jesus. The above paragraph explains that respect. Islamic version of Jesus is blasphemy against Jesus of Christianity.

Islam and Muslims simply command respect for their feelings while they respect nothing of infidels. Why should they? After all Koran commands them to subjugate all infidels and replace their constitutions with Sharia. It commands them to make Non Muslims pay Jizya. In fact Koran plainly tells them this (Islam and Muslims dominating the entire world) will happen in the future (verses 48:28, 61:09, 9:033)
Al-Hilali( 48:28): He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad SAW) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islâm), that He may make it (Islâm) superior over all religions. And All-Sufficient is Allâh as a Witness.
Finally, Islam neither believes in peace, the way we understand it, or co-existence. It is more of a political ideology than a religion .And Islam is militant and nihilistic. This is what a Muslim says about present day Islamic countries, Muslims and their demands and attitude towards others:
"We must take stock and do some soul-searching by asking ourselves the opposite question, [namely] how people in a Muslim country would react if the Christians wanted to pray in a mosque on Sunday due to an insufficient number of churches. Or let's ask an even simpler [question]: What is the reaction in most Arab and Muslim countries to the demand of religious minorities – not only Christians but also Hindus and Sikhs – to build their own houses of worship? In practice, our countries exhibit hypocrisy and a double standard. We keep increasing our religious demands vis-à-vis the West, while refusing to meet even a few of the demands made by religious minorities living among us."
While that gentleman observation on Muslims is correct but his understanding of Islam is Islam that does not exist or can not exist. But the main problem is not this. The main problem is infidels and their governments not understanding what is Islam and also granting more concessions. The main problem is that these governments and media want to silence the voices of those people who refuse to submit. Like I called this struggle a battle of ideologies, our main weapon must be to spread truth about Islam.

P.S. If one is interested in knowing the veiled threat Imam Rauf, man behind the Islamic center near Ground Zero, made during an interview, read from here.

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Anonymous said...

even at the midst of agony and pain, malik the paki. minister resorts to crass. unless, deep down there, one feels such hate for infidels, it is not possible to say such thing.

it is pure arrogance to command respect from others when you are not going to respect them; probaly islam fills its followers with this kind.