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Violence in Deganga, West Bengal, and Media's Shame.

What is the future of West Bengal? Will it be an Islamic state or a secular state? Will it be a part of India? Will it be like Jammu and Kashmir, where Hindus from the valley simply disappeared? So, in this case of West Bengal too, it might be a part of India for name sake and it could be that, in reality, Islam rules and Hindus become second class citizens in their own ancestral place, thanks to our politicians’ nonchalance or our own placidity. How do Hindus feel when they are informed that in adjacent Islamic Bangladesh, the population of Hindus came down from 23% of total population in 1970s to 9% today? The continuous and ongoing persecution of religious minorities on daily basis in Bangladesh is like gospel truth.

This post is not to answer above questions but to give an idea about how Media and secular politicians are abetting Islamic Jihad. This also must give an idea about how insecure and hellish life of infidels in Muslim majority societies could be. This post is simply about Islamic Jihad in Deganga, a town in West Bengal and the way it was whitewashed by media and media’s use of different yardsticks in reporting the news, if at all they ever care to.
The following gives an idea of demography in the area, where incidents took place (Read from here):
 “The Muslims are majority in number in the Deganga Block as well as in Basirhat Sub division of North 24 Parganas district. According to 2001 Census report, Muslims were 69.51 percent in Deganga Block. Naturally after nine years, their percentage increased a lot and Hindus in that Block are living a life almost like Pakistan. This North 24 Parganas district, is the largest border district where the highest number of Hindu refugees took shelter after being persecuted in erstwhile East Pakistan and present Bangladesh. In spite of that, the eight Blocks among total 29 of this district became Muslim majority blocks in 2001 census.”
If one follows the links given, it can be sensed how easy it is for Muslims from Bangladesh to settle in this country. After all, for long time, Communists have made it a state policy of not just overlooking this kind of  immigration but also giving these settlers voter identity cards and ration cards in the understanding that these settlers will vote for Communists. Sure for some time they did. But in the last parliamentary elections Muslims happily voted for and elected a TC (Trinamool Congress) candidate,  Hazi Nurul Islam, of their own religion.

At the same time, how were the Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh treated by these Communists? They were looked down as possible Hindu sympathizers because there is high chance that they could vote for BJP, a Hindu nationalist party. One incident is worth recalling: Advani stated that, when he was the central Home Minister, whenever the central Govt. tried to tackle the problem of Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh, the state govt. started persecuting Hindu settlers by imprisoning them.

Lets move on from immigration to the consequences of these culpable negligent policies and imprudent acts by our secular political parties. One consequence is more Jihadi advance as their Allah in glorious Koran says:
Shakir (9:123): O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness; and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil).

This is what has happened in Deganga.
"Today at 11 am, the dispute started when some fanatic Muslims started to dig the passage of a Durga Temple in Chattal Pally village which is situated just beside the Deganga Police Station. This Durga Temple is at least 25 year old. In past, Muslims tried many times to stop the Durgapuja. Hindus resisted their ill effort."
"When Hindus objected the digging of the Temple passage, Muslims gathered there in large number and started mayhem. Hindus informed the police. Police came and they had to face the jihadi enthusiasm of the Muslims. Officer in Charge injured at that time. Then Muslims threatened that now Roja is going on. After the end of Roja and taking Iftar, they will teach stern lesson to the Hindus. So, after afternoon, Hindus dared not to open their shops on the stretch between Berachapa to Kadamgachhi on the Barasat – Basirhat Road. By this time, large contingent of police and RAF took position. Defying their presence, Muslims gathered in large number in the Deganga Mosque and started looting and destroying the Hindu shops, not in Chattal Pally, but in the big markets of Beliaghata, Deganga and Kartickpur. A big shop of Anil Bangal, a Hindu, has been looted fully among many other shops. Anil Bangal has been seriously injured. More than 25 people have been injured."
"Shani Temple of Kartickpur and Kali Temple of Deganga Biplabi Colony desecrated and ransacked by the rioting Muslims."
It is recommended that one read the complete article from here. One thing that should be noted is that Muslim mobs resorting to violence after assembling in a Mosque. Very much a standard practice. And of course infidel women are always their targets. Dishonoring infidel women is the most effective way of humiliating infidels, which is a standard Islamic practice from the time of Mohammad. And here too:
Muslims are threatening that tonight they will enjoy all Hindu women. All these happened in front of police and RAF (Rapid Action Force).
But how did Media report on this? How did our secular politicians react to it? Well, silence is deafening.

This is how Times of India reported on this incident on 8th of September: “The flare-up at Deganga was sparked by a stray comment when a religious procession was passing by a disputed plot in an area with mixed demography”. It has not even bothered to follow it up with latest developments. But it has written an article about DMK Govt. in Tamilnadu spending money on renovating temples and actually it looks like it is ridiculing Karunanidhi for this sudden change in attitude.

Indian Express is no better in its reporting on this.

Pioneer did a better job. It has reported (dated 09/09/2010):
“Members of a particular community continued to flee their homes in hordes, local sources said, despite route marches staged by some 200-strong Army jawans. Locals fleeing towards Basirhat sub-division said members of the rival community had threatened to “clear the area by Saturday”.
“Things came to a flash point when members of one community started digging the pathway leading to a Durga temple at Chattal Pally village in Deganga police station. They attacked members of the other community when the latter requested to stop the digging.” ………
Though situation was normal around the Kolkata-Basirhat highway, there was no respite for those attacked in the interior areas, locals at Kartickpur said. “They have chased the Rapid Action Force away and the CRPF and BSF personnel have refused to enter the areas as they have been asked not to resort to firing,” Bhabaranjan Payne, an old man who had fled to sub-divisional town of Basirhat, said.   ……..
“They were planning to attack Biswanathpur from two sides, so the residents of that village had fled to Kartickpur,” Payne said.  ……. 
“We are trying to pacify the people of the area and we hope things would normalize,” local Trinamool Congress MP Haji Nurul Islam said, refuting reports that his partymen were trying to shield the culprits. 
According to Amulya Bag, a local, sustained infiltrations from Bangladesh were under control till 2009. The situation changed fast after Basirhat CPI MP Ajoy Mukherjee was defeated by Islam, he added.
And on 10th, it further reported that:
"Niranjan Sarkar of Kartickpur said, “I myself saw Nurul Islam shouting at his men, who came in trucks from Beliaghata, Sashan and Basirhat, to ravage the temple.” Overcome with rage and humiliation, he added, “They smashed the Kali and Shani idols after desecrating them.” Nurul, the local Trinamool Congress MP from Basirhaat, had defeated CPI’s Ajoy Chakrabarty in the 2009 general election.".......
"Sandhya (name changed), a B Sc final-year student of Barasat Government College, was one of the few brave girls who dared the sustained onslaught. “We fled from Bangladesh to Barasat. Now where do they want us to go? You do something for us or tell us a way to finish ourselves,” she pleaded with Dr Chandan Mitra and Uday Singh, the BJP MPs who visited the area on Thursday to share the victims’ plight and take stock of the situation."......
"In the area, fear and angst was fast giving way to outrage. “Incidentally, things would not have come to such a pass had the administration moved earlier. The culprits earlier belonged to the CPI(M), which had some kind of control over them. But after 2009, they have joined the Trinamool and the party, on account of its communal politics, has given them the licence to riot,” claimed Anadi Pradhan. “They would return on Id,” he said."........
"Earlier, the row reached a flashpoint when members of one community dug up the pathway leading to a Durga temple at Chattal Pally village, barely 100 metres from the Deganga police station. They attacked the other community members, when they were requested to stop the digging."...........
"The land, which originally belonged to Rani Rashmani of Kolkata, is now disputed. Part of it is used as a graveyard and another part by the Durga Puja committee for the past 40 years. A narrow road slices the two pieces of land. “This is the biggest of the 40-odd Pujas that take place in the area. We have even been awarded by the police station for conducting peaceful Puja,” said Arun Sadhukhan.".........
"The rioters looted at least 250 shops, torched 50 houses and desecrated five temples since Monday afternoon as punishment for raising objections to digging the pathway leading to the Durga Puja pandal. “They did not only burn the Kakra Mirza Nagar Kali temple, but also desecrated the Mother goddess,” complained another resident.".........
Even here, one can notice the reluctance of Pioneer to identify the rioters and victims by religion esp. the people fleeing from their dwelling places, though it has given hints in its first report. Will the media follow the same pattern if Muslims are supposedly the victims? Isn’t the same media that was creating frenzy when Hindu groups are supposedly responsible for violence? In fact they even went delirious when CBI has accused the home minister of Gujarat. Of course media’s obsession with any thing that has some thing to do with Narendra Modi or Gujarat is legendary. Why is this biased reporting?
In fact the standard approach in reporting violent incidents should have been familiar to many people by now. When Hindu groups supposedly are instigators of violence, Media does not hesitate to use the word Hindu to identify the culprits. But when Muslim mobs indulge in and start violence, it uses the phrase ‘members of one community’ to identify the culprits in its reports.  Even BJP leaders have gone to the extreme of complaining on this kind of practice by media.

Another similar incident that could be recalled is, somewhat recent, March and April, communal disturbances in Hyderabad and reporting by English Media and the way politicians behaved. On this, please read from the comments section.

What can be the possible reasons for reticence of media to cover and report the incidents that throw light negatively on Islam and Muslims? For politicians it is matter of arithmetic and this decides what is ethical for politicians. They simply want to get elected without ever caring for the price their next generations have to pay for their own callosity and improvident and imprudent policies.

What about media? It has become a significant perpetrator in advancing Jihad against civilized, democratic and secular norms. In fact they indulge in a kind of intellectual terrorism. The only positive thing is that their importance is in gradual decline, thanks to internet. No wonder then, Barkha Dutt called for controlling and regulating internet.

There are some cited reasons for the way media is reporting as of now. One such is reporting on violence perpetrated by Muslim mobs will strengthen forces of Hindu extremism. Proper analysis shows that this notion is based on chimerical and speculative assumptions at the best. Any way, news being disseminated on this line is no longer objective but becomes a tool for serving partisan political ideologies.

The eagerness of media to showcase themselves as liberals (It should be called as bashing of majority) for attracting FDI and ads from foreign companies for increasing revenues and profits. The fact that media like any other industry is looking for profit is enough reason for not taking their view point as final or as the best. Their methods and motives should be open for criticism. In fact media has shown a tendency to follow power i.e. those in Government.

Like it is said before here in this blog, violence has its rewards, at least in short term. Today most people what ever be their occupations are cognizant of pandemic Islamic violence around the globe, which could happen  even for simple reasons. Many incidents of this nature which took place in India can be recalled.

The most recent one being Muslim mobs resorting to violence when a Kannada daily has published an article written by Taslima Nasrin over difficulties of Muslim women wearing veils in summer. Such is their super sensitivity.

Endless and extreme violence by Muslim mobs is showing itself in the way infidels are thinking, but the scary part is how our security establishment is thinking. Look at this report from Indian Express:
"Officers from the Marine Drive police station on Thursday told a magistrate's court that they needed the custody of a 30-year-old businessman arrested after he rammed his car into a two-wheeler, killing one person, because, among other reasons, the victim was a Muslim while the accused a Hindu."
"The court called the contention of possible communal disharmony frivolous, but remanded the accused in police custody for further investigation."
"The Marine Drive police told the Metropolitan Magistrate's court while seeking Kothari's custody that if he was released on bail, there could be communal disharmony and riots. "Not only will his bail flare up communal tensions in the area, but also the Muslim community would stop believing in law," the remand application stated."
Even simple issues, that can be called accidental, are being made communal. Here who is at fault? The police for their ‘frivolous’ remarks? Or some one else. The Police can not be faulted for their remarks as they are based on daily observations but it can not be an excuse for not acting in accordance with laws. Here they themselves are endorsing the view that Muslims take to violence for every silly reason. Well, with out violence Islam would have never been successful and even today it will not survive with out violence.

If some feels what is written above is with out any basis, just look at the incident (read from here) which took place in Agra in the year 2007. In fact one should try to check if our English media has reported this by Googling.

One can come up with numerous incidents of this kind, where Muslim mobs taking to violence or media’s blackout of such incidents by not reporting at all.

Yet another incident that could be cited to show Media's criminal culpability is the way it reacted to and reported on remarks of Kerala CM Achutanandan that a Muslim group is trying to make Kerala a Muslim majority state by the year 2020 or something. It is not a remark coming from BJP or RSS ideologues, but a person who is a Communist through out his life. This should prove the case that media is not ready to face or question the hard reality by being objective. Media and liberals have simply dogmatized discussions that touch Islam or Muslims and their demands as Islamophobia, bigotry and extremism.

Some time back, writing on West Bengal in this blog, it is pointed out that there will be more instability in that state and those incidents mentioned in that article are just a presage. So Deganga happened and it will not be the last one. In fact this incident in Deganga is itself a presage to more instability.

Summary of the present day situation: Politicians are not going to say any thing because of Muslim votes; Media is not going to report or try to find out what evil Islam is; Media is not going to question the Politicians; Liberals and so called secularists will continue to look other way regardless of the diligent demands and acts of Islamists; Security establishment’s unwillingness to stand up to the Muslim mob violence and more over they are just puppets in the hands of politicians.

The consequence of this prevailing situation is massive advance in Jihad by Muslims. Islamists, in the disguise of secular politicians, understood this chemistry and are about to exploit it like TMC MP Hazi Nurul Islam did. He knows that neither his party president, Ms. Mamta Banerjee, nor the state govt. dare to touch him; not if they want to have a chance of winning in next years Assembly elections and of course both the parties (CPI(M) and TMC) are champions of secularism.

What future holds for West Bengal? Will change in Government be helpful? This means TC under the leadership of Ms. Mamta Banerjee winning the elections and forming the Govt. But this will be more horrible as her and her party's association with Islamic radicals is open and obvious. In fact there is not much difference between both the major political parties. But what can be done is to force the media to report accurately or Hindus having their own media for reporting facts. If this can be achieved, there will not only be marked reduction in Islamic violence in West Bengal but politicians also will not engage in partisan politics.

One can also read from the below links. The second link gives an insight in to media's hypocrisy esp. The Statesman.

A must read one is Mr. Tapan Ghosh's statement from below link:

P.S. Though our media completely blacked out what happened in Deganga, but this news appeared in one US news paper.

Additional readings on Deganga:

People flee area after communal clashes in Bengal.
Bengal riot victims live in fear, anxiety
BJP demands arrest of Muslim MP Haji Nurul Islam.
Ill winds that blow through Deganga.
Time for Hindus to leave or perish?
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Riot-scarred Deganga says Trinamool Muslim MP Haji Nurul Islam ‘main villain’.

Below report by Indian Express is very enlightening on the role of West Bengal state govt. (here):
"The Trinamool Congress had the government in a spot again last week, this time over the riots in Deganga, with party MP Nurul Islam accused of fanning communal tensions. It took some deft handling at the highest levels in Delhi for the situation to not get completely out of hand. Realising the implications if the riots spread, the Centre took the lead and decided to send in two columns of the Army without even a formal request from the local administration or the West Bengal government. The Army, for a moment, even asked whether it should wait for the request to come officially. The Defence Minister, however, was clear that he was acting under express instructions and that the formalities would be completed later. So the Army carried out flag marches, was present for three days, and was only derequisitioned on Saturday. It is still a mystery to many as to how the decision to call in the Army was expedited. Either ways, the consternation within the government over Nurul Islam's role in the entire episode remains."
CPI(M) led Govt. in Kolkata first allowed Muslims to settle in West Bengal illegally and now thinks that going against Muslims taking over lands gradually will not help party in elections so it decided to watch from sidelines. Finally, did Congress say something on this? Did so called national commission for minorities visit Deganga? Tninamool Congress under Mamata Banerjee successfull dodged the whole issue by making it look like regular political clash between CPI(M) and her party.

CPI (M) laid the foundation for Islamization of West Bengal and Mamata Banerjee is going to finish it.

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