Sunday, October 10, 2010

Islam: One way Street.

Can Islam co-exist with others in peace and harmony and on the basis of equal rights? Can Islam ever integrate with the rest of world? The concept of Islamic peace with Non Muslims is already explained, here. Peace exists only when Muslims are in domination and others are subjugated. It is not insensible to look in to various Islamic beliefs and practices and see their very nature and to reach an opinion on these and about the purpose of these Islamic beliefs and practice.

Whenever I mention Islam it refers to Islamic system which comprises of Koran, Islamic scriptures and doctrines and Muslims. But we have all kinds of Muslims; liberal to extremists (radicals). But how do we distinguish extremists from others? More importantly do these liberals can make any difference in the light of how Islam understood itself for 1400 years?

With no doubt regarding the nature of teachings of Islamic doctrines towards Non Muslims, all one can do is to ask to what extent these pestilent doctrines have influence, in general, on Muslims. For now forget this concept of so called moderate Muslims.

Consider the present day persecution and discrimination of Non Muslims in Islamic nations (Muslim majority countries) and its consequences; their numbers are simply dropping like a rock. In Pakistan the population of Hindus is 1.6% (according to 1998 census.) and in few years they too will disappear; in supposedly secular Bangladesh, the population of Hindus has come down from 23% (1971) to 9%; similarly persecution of Coptics in Egypt and killing of Christians in Nigeria. Take any Muslim majority nation, leaving out extreme nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Somalia, and one can see official discrimination or some organizations directing violence against minorities on daily basis or both. If these facts do not matter to any one or bring out any human empathy, they can very well skip reading.

Now who is responsible for all this? Are all Muslims in those countries responsible, there by suggesting that they are all extremists? The answer is no. There may be liberals, atheists or moderates in those countries but they do not make any difference to the overall outcome, at the end. Moderates might speak against violence but one hears it only when militants are targeting Muslims. All Muslims may not support violence and terrorism, but there are many Muslims who would rejoice, as they believe Koran to be sacred word of God, if the world is being ruled by Islam as stated clearly in Koran, in many verses and Sunna too.

The center of gravity in Islamic societies tend to be towards extremism and this can not even be called extremism as Koran states disbelief in Islam is the vilest form of corruption and exhorts Muslims to fight until religion is only for Allah (8:39). Those extremists are just following Koran and its author Mohammad. The elementary truth is hate towards Non Muslims is an important and integral part of the Islamic faith (The concept of Al-awlaa and Al-baraa) i.e. a Muslim has to hate Kafirs for the sake of Allah; this should make sense considering jihad is difficult to be performed with out hate.

The one way of defining peace is absence of discords in a society. In any environment, peace exists when there is reciprocity between all the groups but when a group pushes its nose and pursues provocative means for its expansion in the name of religious beliefs, discords develop automatically. When one scrutinizes some salient features, as mentioned below, of Islamic beliefs and practices, one finds them pernicious to others in nature.

1. Islam considers itself as only truth and only true religion on the earth; in fact Muslims also believe that all other religions are falsehood, inaccurate and ultimately offensive to Allah and themselves. Muslims drown themselves in this dogma by making it a part of their daily prayers, 5 times a day:
Al-Hilali (1:06-07): Guide us to the Straight Way; The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians).
Here straight way means Islam. Islamic doctrines do not have anything positive to say about Kafirs and how they should be treated. Islamic Shahada, there is no god but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger, is not just about one accepting Islam as his faith but also about rejecting others in every way. Another concept ‘laa ilaaha illallaah’ meaning none has the right to be worshipped except Allah equally rejects others. Even their war cry ‘Allahu Akbar’ means Allah is greater not what Muslims claim Allah is great.

Tolerance towards infidels as claimed by Muslims doesn’t exist in Islam; at the best tolerance towards infidels is about giving second class citizenship (making subordinate to Muslims) to infidels and then giving so called protection to these vermin after they have agreed to pay Jizya and have accepted numerous humiliating conditions. But first they should be defeated and humiliated.

2. One constant theme in Koran is about superiority of Islam and Muslims over others. Allah says Muslims are the best and they are chosen to make Islam prevail upon all other religions and to bring the world under Islamic law. Muslims call this as an honor and take it as great responsibility put on them by Allah. (Verses 3:110, 2:143 and 22:78)

3. Muslims believing in above axioms consider proselytizing as divinely ordained and their natural right. Koran says that those Muslims not attempting to spread faith will be punished by Allah in hell fire.
The elementary and unreasonable belief of superiority makes Islamic nations prohibit others (like Christianity) from proselytizing in their nations while they donate massive funds for converting others in to their fold in Non Muslim majority countries. When some one question this one way practice, they will be labeled as imperialists, bigots and islamaphobes not just by Muslim supremacists but also by degenerative leftist intellectuals and bogus journalists.

4. Muslims, when in minority, construct their Mosques and Dawa centers, for the purpose of propagating their faith in western nations and countries like India using funds from oil rich kingdoms taking advantage of secular laws and constitution. Demands of these minorities also include changes to law and constitution, political and business practices to make them Sharia compliant which becomes source of discords. Muslims living in Non Muslim majority nations try to create their own world.
At the same time, Muslim majority nations do not allow other religions to even construct their places of worship. In Egypt, Coptics have to take the Govt. permission even for repairing or renovating the existing ones. Whether Muslims are in minority or majority, it is others who have to adjust for the sake of harmony and peace. It is always for Kafirs to tolerate their petulant and aggressive demands; infidels questioning these will only invite ridicule from ultra liberals along with the additional charge of being intolerant.

5. Islam takes its claim of superiority and absolute divinity to the extreme by condemning those who leave Islam (apostasy) to other faiths and making an obligation upon Muslims to kill apostates (those who leave Islam).

6. Another belligerent practice of Islam, benevolence towards other religions in the words of so called moderates and pseudo seculars like Ashghar Ali Engineer, is that it allows Muslim men to marry Non Muslim women; they never mention that Islam vehemently forbids Muslim women from marrying Non Muslim men. Some people might call this feudal mentality but it is pure imperialist and fascist with the sole purpose of decimating Non Muslims and their culture.

Other people at a different time might come up with few more Islamic practices of this nature, but for now what is mentioned above clearly suggest that Islamic system seeks all kinds of privileges from Non Muslims without ever extending the same privileges to Non Muslims. Some of these Islamic demands are part of larger grandiose strategy of slow conquest of infidel lands. Islamic system is like a parasite.

Every Islamic law and practice, as seen from above, is designed to further the advancement of Islam; they are just means for realizing their ultimate ambition of Islamic law governing the whole earth. No one can say that Muslims do not harbor such ambitions and sentiments; with Koran making Islamic ambition clear in the verses 48:28, 9:33 and 61:09, those Muslims saying otherwise are either willfully dissembling or feigning false narrations to keep infidels in false sense of security. Islamic system is not built to co-exist but to dominate. Ali A. Allawi, former minister of new Iraq, has written in his book, the crisis of Islamic civilization, that Islam must either subsume or be subsumed.

The concept of multiculturalism and various groups co-existing become possibility when there is reciprocity. The prospects of success of multiculturalism are bleak when one group is arrogant, feels superior and feels it is its religious duty to subjugate others. The claims of superiority and ambition to bring others under Islamic rule are clearly emphasized in Islamic doctrines, Koran, Hadith and Sira. Whether Muslims believe in them or not can be checked from the way Muslims treat others in Islamic nations. But when Muslims believe Koran is a word of God, there is no reason to have second opinion about Islam can never co-exist with others as Koran exhorts its followers to strive for superiority.

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