Thursday, October 28, 2010

'Popular Front of India' boasts about its Jihad to make India an Islamic country

Should the constitutional right of freedom of religion and freedom to propagate their religion mean that some groups based on religion (Islam, of course) have the right to instill Sharia law (Islamic law) - where in all non-Muslims are treated as second / third / fourth class citizens - as the law of this country i.e. to turn India in to an Islamic country?

Recently, Kerala CM, Achutanand, has said that Popular front of India (PFI) is highly communal and wants to make Kerala state Muslim majority state. His observation is based on pamphlets seized by Kerala police. Even this legitimate and harmless comment regarding PFI is considered as an insult to an entire Muslim community by opposition leader Mr Chandy (here or here).

So, there is nothing wrong in Muslim organizations to commit atrocities and to declare their Islamic fascist aims openly but it is expression of hate against Muslims and insult to Muslims if one reports and comments on such subversive activities. No wonder then, fascist organization like PFI  become more bold in pursuit of their fascist aims (here):
The Popular Front of India (PFI) has claimed that the outfit is way ahead of other Muslim organisations in Kerala in converting non-Muslims to Islam.
The PFI conducted a study a few years ago to find out how effective is the Da’wa work (propagation of Islam among non-Muslims) in Kerala by the Muslim organisations. It prepared a questionnaire and sent it to the organisations concerned as a part of the study. The Jama’at-e-Islami, however, did not cooperate with the venture.
The study concluded that the Muslim organisations, which claim that they are actively engaged in Da’wa work, are spending only a negligible part of their time, energy and fund for the propagation of Islam among non-Muslims.
Only less than 10 percent of their work is addressed to non-Muslims. The study conducted by the PFI found out that there are over 700 books in the market on Islam, published by various Muslim organisations. Islamic Publishing House (IPH), run by the Jama’at-e-Islami, tops in publishing books on Islam. But, according to the PFI, only 5 percent of these books are meant for non-Muslims. Over 99 percent of the mammoth public meetings organised by the Muslim organisations do not make any sincere attempt to have personal contact with non-Muslims to invite them to  Islam, says the PFI study.
Mounathul Islam, in Ponnani and Tharbiyathul Islam in Kozhikode are the two institutions that help new converts learn the ways of Islam, but those who go there annually are only in hundreds, which is very negligible compared to the actual population of Kerala.The PFI claimed that as many as 50 percent of those who join Islam in Kerala are through the Sathya Sarani, the centre for new converts set up by the organisation in Manjeri.

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