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Religious Minorities in Islamic countries (Bangladesh)

It will be a repetition if I write here about what Islamic theology says about Non Muslims and how Sharia law treats or how Islamic law is supposed to treat Non Muslims. The truth is, this treatment is not just confined to books; it happens in real world. One only has to look at any Islamic country and go through its constitution to find about Islamic tolerance. If an Islamic country says it is secular in constitution then read the news about how various Islamic organizations commit violence against religious minorities e.g. Indonesia. Actually it must be sufficient to point out that charter of Organization of Islamic countries on human rights says that they do not believe in UN mandated human rights and their constitutions will be based on Sharia law (here and here).

In US, a Congressman observed that Hindus are most discriminated in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In this politically correct world, this is as close a public face can say on this; because the truth is much more inhuman and unpleasant. Religious minorities, Hindus along with Christians, in Pakistan and Bangladesh face the worst kind of treatment.To get a true account of what is happening in Bangladesh (here and here) and Pakistan (here and here) , in regard to religious minorities, one can not rely on dishonest main stream media, which is lying under influence of Marxists and Leftists.

Note: The reason I have not put up these articles with regard to Bangladesh here for all these days is, some pictures are really horrifying, so discretion is advised. Below are some excerpts from the first article humanity assassinated written by Radhashyam Brahmachari:
Kidnapping and rape of women and children, forced marriage of minor girls, extortion of money as Jizya tax, forced conversion and murder of members of the minority communities are a day-to-day happening. Hindu widows are often forced to kill one of her cow by her own hand, cook the beef and eat it and become Muslim (Roy, 2007. p 120,125).
Many families migrate out of their “Homeland” since time immemorial for physical safety. And there is no end in sight. It is because this ‘Hindu Holocaust’ is fully intentional and approved or connived by the government, aiming to wipe out the entire minority to turn Bangladesh purely Islamic. The situation is so alarming that, while describing the plight of minorities in Bangladesh, The published an article (Nov. 29, 2003) with the heading: “Bangladesh's religious minorities: Safe only in the departure lounge”. (cited Dutta, 2005). A list of prominent incidents from various sources are given below:
Hindu women (from age 8 to 70) are often subjected to gang rape. About 200 Hindu women were gang raped by Muslims in Char Fashion, Bhola, in one night at a single spot (The Daily Star, Nov. 16, 2001)
The Islamic terrorists have levied Jizya taxes on the minority Christians and have told the Christians to give them their wives, sisters and daughters for sex if they failed to pay the tax. (Source: Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Dec. 13, 2001).
The Muslim thugs gang-raped mother and daughter together on the same bed with the parents and children forced to watch; and they have raped mothers in front of their children (The Daily Janakantha, Feb. 5, 2002; April 22, 2002).
On February 8, 1989, about 400 Muslims from the neighboring villages attacked the Hindu community of the village of Sobahan, in Daudkandi, Comilla.  The Muslims reminded them that, “the government has declared Islam to be the state religion, and therefore you have to either convert to Islam or leave the country.” They set ablaze every Hindu household after looting, razed the temples, and then gang-raped women. (Source: ‘Baishammer Shikar Bangladesher Hindu Sampradaya (The Hindus of Bangladesh: Victim of Discrimination), Matiur Rahman & Azizul Huq eds., 1990, cited Dutta, 2005).
From the second article, Why Muslims are inclined to rape and seduce Non Muslim women?, written by same author, where he explicitly quotes from a book written by Muslim Professor (late) Humayun Azad on what is being taught in Madrassas:
In Bangladesh, Dr Humayun Azad, a professor of the Department of Bengali in the University of Djaka, wrote a book “Pak Sar Zamin Sad Bad”, where he disclosed some vital information regarding what is being taught in Bangladeshi madrasas or Jihadi Training Camps. Later on, for this offence, he had to sacrifice his life to the knife of an assassin in Germany on 27th January, 2004. However, some of the lectures, which Dr Azad had collected by clandestine means, delivered to the students of these institutions by the teachers, may be narrated below (as quoted by R N Datta in his book “Silent Terror” (in Bengali).
 One such lecture says, “We Muslims believe in jihad, which is obligatory for all of us. We have to continue our jihad, so long, all the kafirs and idolaters bring iman (belief) in Islam. The Rahmanir Rahim Allah has commanded us to perpetuate jihad against the kafirs and we have to do the same with our blood and shedding the blood of the kafirs. We do not believe in hypocrisy, as hypocrisy is principle of the kafirs and the malauns. But there are many munafeks (hypocrites) in our fold too, who are roaming here and there covering themselves with fake Islamic garbs. They explain Allah’s message like a Satan. They are Satans procreated by the Satan. These Satans say that there is no contradiction between democracy and the laws of Allah. Those who say like this are definitely kafirs and apostates.”
“We must have to establish Islam as the only religion throughout the world. We must have to conquer the entire world for Islam, so that each and every person in this world become a Muslim and respect Islamic principles. …Jihad is the essence of Islam and only the fools say that Islam is against war and bloodshed. They are stupid, they are hypocrites. Ayatulla Ruhulla Khomeini has said the truth. He said, “Jihad stands for killing all kafirs around the world. Push your sword into their bodies, cut them into pieces. …Sword is the key to Allah’s paradise.” (pp-10)
“It is not possible to establish truth without killing and bloodshed. When we kill, we say Bismillah. We say, “O Allah, the Rahmanir Rahim, we are killing people with your name in our lips. If we kill right people, O Allah, You please take us to your paradise. And if we kill wrong people, please pardon our sins.” The land has become infested with unholy (napak) people like the Jews and the apostates. They have turned the land into an unholy place. So, we shall not rest in peace until it is turned into a holy place.” (pp-11)
Another teacher Alhaj Maulana Rahimuddin Rasulpuri says, “Killing a Hindu kafir for the sake of Islam is not a sin. It is not at all a murder. It is the process of cleaning the earth for establishing the rule of Allah. Allah has put merit on such killings and He will reward such a jihadi with place in Jannahtul Ferdause (or best place in Allah’s paradise). He will also get the many many heavenly damsels (Houris) as companions. If you can kill an apostate, you will get a place in Jannahtul Ferdause, houris and, in addition to that, sharaban tahura (heavenly liquour). There you will enjoy sahabat (sex), and sahabat and sahabat. The pleasure of that heavenly sex would be 700 million times more than mundane sex. Shovanallah, there you also get tender boys for doing sodomy and sex with those tender boys in paradise is incomparable to anything on earth. Shovanallah, there is no sin if you do jina (sex or rape) with the malaun women in this world. These women are nothing but war-booty (mai-e-ganimat). Whenever you feel like doing sex in this world, do it with the malaun women. Shovanallah, there is no sin in it and it is the process by which you have to drive them out of Bangladesh.” (pp-14)
Another lesson says, “We hate the malauns but not their women. Personally, I like the body-odour of the malaun women much. Whether they are Brahmins or Charals (A low caste), or Kaibartas (another low caste), their body odour is excellent. A highly intense, sweet mundane fragrance comes from their breasts, from the hairs of their armpit and thighs. The extremely sweet fragrance that comes from the sweat of their pubic-hairs makes me mad.”
The lecture continues, “I get really amazed by observing the power of that Islamic gun. They start pushing the Islamic gun without any pause. They pushed the Islamic gun into a malaun girl in front of her parents. After tasting the daughter, they tasted her mother. Some tasted the mother first and then the daughter, while some tasted the daughter first and then the mother. In one occasion, 10 – 12 jihadis seized a 10-year-old malaun girl. The mother of the came to me in tears and requested me to send the jihadis one by one. She also said that her daughter is very tender and she has not yet reached puberty and begun menstruation. If so many jihadis go to her at a time, my daughter will die. So, I asked the jihadis stand in a queue and go inside the room one by one.”
“One day, another jihadi called Mohammad Hafijuddin came to me with an unique proposal. He asked, “Sir, is it true that there is no sin in raping malaun women?” I said, “yes”. Then he said that, a khayes (intense desire) has come to his mind. When I enquired about the khayes, he said, “I want to rape four malaun women at a time.” A further enquiry revealed that he came to me after keeping four Hindu women, a mother, two daughters and one daughter-in-law, as captives under lock and key. I also told him that he must fulfill his khayes and get satisfied and that would be better for his physical and mental health. After receiving my consent, he returned and took two hours to complete the job. It appeared to me that, he did not take much time to rape four women. “
“While returning home, I saw that the father of those two daughters and his young son took their lives by hanging them from a mango tree. If someone gets pleasure by hanging himself, I should not obstruct them to enjoy that pleasure. Later on, I heard that the mother, her two daughters and her newly married daughter-in-law also committed suicide by hanging themselves from the same mango tree. Let them hang, as they are accustomed to hanging. What we can do, if they hang themselves like their deity Shyam (Lord Krishna)?” (pp-31)
“Here we teach jihad. Those who have correct knowledge of jihad, are best Muslims. We teach how to stab one with a knife, how to make bombs and grenades, how to operate pistols and guns and how to kill one by cutting his veins. Jihad is not possible without these knowledge. We teach holy-terror, divine-terror and terror for entering Allah’s paradise.” (pp-44)
The another way to figure out this extent of inhuman treatment of Hindus and Christians, which can only be attributed to Islamic doctrines, is to look at empirical data. In Pakistan, Hindu population is just about 1.6% according to reports in 1998 and this community will disappear too in time. In Bangladesh, supposedly with secular constitution, the population of Hindus has come down from 23% in 1971 to 9%. In both these countries, attacks on Christians are daily routine. (another instance)

Did our media ever write on this? Did they report the observations of US Congressman? Did any media cover the difficulties faced by Hindu pilgrims from Pakistan? But NDTV, a curse on this cursed nation, makes a documentary on European nations discussing banning of Muslim women wearing veils in public under the title 'Europes War on the Burqa'. The title itself is misleading and should tell about irresponsible journalism. Of course, the sentiments of Muslims is more important than lives of Non Muslims according to enlightened opinions. To write about sufferings of Hindus in neighborhood is unethical but writing on Europe discussing of banning Burqa, because there are Muslims in this country, this also advertises their liberalism and secularism, is in right spirit. Media can not even distinguish what is right form what is wrong; all that media cares is about projecting their distorted version of multiculturalism and secularism on to masses.

Much worse is, Media even arrogates itself calling people who are fighting against illegal immigration from Bangladesh in to Assam and West Bengal, resulting Islamic expansion and atrocities committed by Muslims on Hindus in India itself as bigots and extremists.

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