Friday, June 22, 2012

US Senators: Malaysia 'which practices discrimination against Non-Muslims' is a model Muslim nation

This is an example which shows all infidel systems are rotten and blind and how compromised too.

Leaders of Malaysia publicly support the laws that favor Muslims and discriminate against Non-Muslims. Islamic organizations in Malaysia, not sufficient with these, want more stringent laws against Non-Muslims, meaning more sharia compliant. The fact that discrimination is enshrined in its constitution should be ringing alarms in our leaders, instead it produces this kind of statements. It all means there is nothing wrong when Muslim nations practice violence or throws abuses at Non-Muslims. It amounts to Islamophobia if people resist such discrimination and Islamic imperialism. (Read from here)

Next what? Saudi Arabia is also a Muslim model country? Why not? After all its GDP per capita is larger than that of Malaysia !! Media already tells us it is a moderate Muslim nation despite its abhorrent practices.

Malaysia a model Muslim country, say US senators 
KUALA LUMPUR: Two influential American senators have praised Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for his efforts in introducing reforms and making Malaysia a model Muslim country that practised free enterprise, democracy and progress economically.
Senator John McCain and Senator Joseph Lieberman, who are on a working visit to Malaysia, said they made this observation during their meetings with the Government, opposition members and civil society leaders. 
“We are very pleased with our visit to Malaysia. We have been impressed with the economic, political and social development that have taken place,” McCain told a joint press conference with Lieberman here on Thursday. 
He also said the US looked forward to fair and free elections in Malaysia.
“We discussed that and we know the number of issues surrounding the elections are now being debated by the opposition and Government authorities,” he added. 
Lieberman expressed hope the Malaysian Government would allow an international group to monitor the general election when it is held. 
The two senators also expressed their disgust at the behaviour of Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad and the recent massacre of women and children there.

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Anonymous said...

From what I understand, the sharia law only meant for Muslims, in malaysia we never abuse non-muslims. Even non-muslims giving a big profit to malaysia.I never hear such an abusement towards non-muslims In malaysia unless he or she means harm to Islam, by that is not abusement but more to protect/preserve the purity of Islam