Monday, May 28, 2012

An example of Moderate Islam (!): Malaysian laws regulate how Non-Muslims construct their buildings

What is moderate Islam? You will get a very fine answer from this new law of a Malaysian province.

Few days ago, in an e-mail I received a person wrote the following:
".....i agree one point which u ( i.e me ) told...if they are huge in population they (Muslims) follow their religion aggressively with rule and if they are meagre, then they will just follow things with belief and impose others to follow......."
The very same person writes he/she still respects Islam. Something went wrong here? Every thing because it is primarily Koran that is guiding Muslims, which looked like 'following aggressively' to that person.

One still can not fault that person because they are products of a system which lies everyday and which distorted history and created myth upon myth about Islam.

In the language of that person, consequences of 'Muslims following their religion aggressively' are complete ethnic cleansing and extermination of religious minorities from Muslim majority nations. This is the direct result of humiliation imposed upon Non-Muslim religious minorities through legal discrimination, and these humiliating laws are completely based on Koran and Sharia.

These humiliating discriminatory laws against Non-Muslims are indicative of what kind of relations should exist between Muslims and Non-Muslims, what kind of attitudes Muslims should have towards Non-Muslims according to Koran.

On what basis Hindus in India think that Indian Muslims have different attitude towards them? Assumptions and wishful thinking. They forget or ignore the fact that all Muslims follow same Koran.

Coming to Malaysia, discrimination against Non-Muslims is not a secret nor something Malaysian Govt. is ashamed about.

Like all times, in utter contempt of Non-Muslims and their intellect, Malaysian Govt. is never short of issuing a statement in this fashion: "Islam is a universal religion. All people can live equally  in Islam provided Non-Muslims accept certain rules....."

Pure hypocrisy? Much more than that. It is all about Islam being supremacist and fascist. It also shows Muslims are incapable of realizing on their own about inhumanity of Islam.

Coming to this law, Malaysian Govt. (actually it is a Govt. of a province) makes a new law that tells how building should be constructed in future i.e. they should be in accordance with Islamic law e.g. they should not display idols.

Lets listen to what an official says on this:
“Islam is a universal religion and is suitable for all races. The Buddhist association can build it (its new building) as long as it does not have elements that go against Islam."
“For instance, they can have any Chinese designs, architecture or colours but they are discouraged from putting images of idols on the buildings,” he told reporters after launching the state Muktamar Dewan Ulama PAS in Machang Saturday.
I guess infidels putting mere idols on their temples and buildings goes against Islam.

And this is true moderate Islam i.e. a myth, a delusion.

Now the question is does the Koran support this? Wonderfully. As a matter of fact, it is Koran which makes such laws.

Just read the verse 29 from chapter 9.

And more over, The Reliance of Traveller, a manual of sharia law of Shafi'i school of Sunni Islam, which is also approved by Al-Azhar University - supreme authority in Sunni Islam, says that Non-Muslims living under Islamic law should neither display their religious symbols publicly nor on their buildings.

Of course it says much more which was presented in this blog many times.

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