Friday, November 19, 2010

Learn Islamic spirituality from this picture.

I am not sure about whether to keep this picture here or not.

In celebrating Bakrid, Muslims all over the world sacrifice animals (cow is favorite of Muslims in India; because Cow is held as holy by Hindus.) to show their submission to Allah. This orgy is based on biblical story which Mohammad could not copy it accurately. In Old Testament and Bible, God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac for him and when Abraham gets ready to slay his son, God pleased with his devotion changes his mind and says it was not needed. According to Bible and Old Testament, Abraham has two sons Isaac and Ishamel. But in Koran, it was Ishamel who was shown to be sacrified, not Isaac. But who is wrong here? Who cares? Because, this concept of the god asking a father to slay his son for him and the father getting ready to do it is ridiculous; this makes both the God and the Father very very bad. But why Christians and Jews do not celebrate this event and only Muslims do? Because, sacrificing animals was very much a pre Islamic pagan ritual too.

Recently, Kolkata High Court has passed an order banning slaughtering of Cows on Bakrid. But our secular media simply ignored this by refusing to publish this news. One can read more on this from here.

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