Thursday, November 18, 2010

Save an innocent Pakistani woman, Asia Bibi, from death by signing a petition.

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Rome (AsiaNews) – At our reader’s request, AsiaNews has decided to launch an international petition to be sent to President Asif Zardari to save the life of Asia Bibi, who was sentenced to hanging for blasphemy. AsiaNews is also asking President Zardari to cancel or change the unjust blasphemy law, which kills many innocent victims and destroys coexistence in the country. We are asking you o support this initiative by sending a message to the following email:
Or you can send a message directly to the Pakistani President:
Our campaign is one of many being launched in Italy (with Tv2000), Pakistan, India and the United States.
Her Husband and two of her five children.

Full Story: (Herehere and Here)
Asia Bibi, was just replying to Muslim women who were commenting on Christianity and calling Christians infidel while she opposed and called Islam a fake religion on which she was beaten and charged under blasphemy law subject to death penalty according to Pakistan Penal Code on June 19, 2009, in village Ittanwali, district Nankana Sahib, which was sub-district of Seikhupura in Punjab province of Pakistan.
Actually many versions, only with slight variations, were reported. What happened was that when Muslim women were abusing Christianity and Jesus, she, Asia Bibi, mother of five children, replied, "How different your Mohammad and Islam were". This was sufficient for them to persecute and arrest her. Now lets see how much those Muslims, who are trying to show Islam means justice, will stand up against this kind. Or better to say, try to imagine the instantaneous and reflexive frenzied reaction  from Islam world to perceived, even slightest, insult to their religion in any form! Compare that to near absence of any concern in Islamic world with regard to this incident. Islamic world and Muslims lack conscience;  in fact Koran transforms them (Muslims) in to such monsters and zombies. Anyway this case of Asia Bibi, is not the first one and will not be the last one.

All this was more ridiculous because she was never even allowed to defend herself in the court for entire full year during which she was lodged in prison, here:
SHEIKHUPURA, Pakistan, November 17 (CDN) ---Ashiq Masih, with his stooped posture, frail body and dull yellow eyes, stands in a small compartment in the Sheikhupura District Jail with his three daughters – Sidra, Eesha and Eeshum. The girls are weeping silently.
On the other side of a metal grille is Asia Noreen, the birth mother of two of the girls and the first woman in Pakistan to receive the death sentence on charges of blaspheming Islam’s prophet. Eeshum, 12-years-old and mentally disabled, whines like a baby for her mother, asking her when she will be back.
I don’t know why – when I walked into court that day, I just knew,” she said, tears returning to her eyes and her voice shaking. “And when the judge announced my death sentence, I broke down crying and screaming. In the entire year that I have spent in this jail, I have not been asked even once for my statement in court. Not by the lawyers and not by the judge. After this, I have lost hope in any kind of justice being given to me.

When I say Islam and Muslims lack feelings of humanity, I mean it. May God save this world from these beasts of Islam.

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admin said...

There were some petitions, in the past, I signed and also put them up in many blogs and websites requesting people to sign the petition.

The one that comes to my mind was a petition about a Hindu girl in Pakistan. Last time I checked this petition, I found that it fell short of its goal of modest 2000 signatures.

When I put this up in many blogs, this was removed or not allowed at all by many bloggers. Of course, they are very concerned for court judgment on Ayodhya dispute how it disgraced sense of justice in this country and how it belittled the sentiments of minorities with out ever going in to the details. But thats their right.

Thats precisely, this time I made a post for this here and if some one comes across this, pleas spread this to your friends and relatives and ask them to send the mail. This will not take much time.

Probably this time, I will stick to posting this only on some websites.