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Hatred of Islam and Muslims? No, it is Koran which preaches explicit hatred towards Non-Muslims

Most people, Hindus, unfortunately, do not know what Islam teaches or preaches to Muslims. This lead Muslims, in collaboration with leftists and media, to embark on a propaganda of rising hatred of Islam in the world and to influence various Govt.s towards making laws to contain that hatred.

But who is going to protect Non-Muslims from Koran and Islam preaching Muslims to hate and despise Non-Muslims?

wahh.....Does Koran teach hatred towards Non-Muslims? It does not stop with mere preaching of hatred. It goes further by inciting violence and warfare towards Non-Muslims for which Muslims will be richly rewarded by Allah.

But most Hindus rather believe in the following quote: "Secularism is the bedrock of our nationhood. It implies more than tolerance. It involves an active effort for harmony. No religion preaches hatred and intolerance." (It seems (Late) Former PM Rajiv Gandhi made this statement. )

What ever be the intentions of (Late) Rajiv in those comments, Hindus blindly hanging on to that kind of philosophy even in the face of evidence to the contrary or showing lack of interest to explore the truth about Islam is dangerous and criminal too as, one day, they are bound to face the challenge of Islamic fascism.

Coming to Islam, without hatred towards Non-Muslims, there is neither Islam nor Muslims. More than 61% of text in Koran is directed towards Non-Muslims rather than teaching to Muslims about their religion.

Hatred and enmity towards Non-Muslims is integral to one being a Muslim. And it is a necessity of Islamic faith. Few times in this blog, I posted what some Islamic scholars said on this basic premise of hatred and enminty towards Non-Muslims and what Islamic websites have written; links to those will provided in the end.

And again, I will be quoting and showing Koranic verses which show that hate towards Non-Muslims is integral to being a Muslim as verses of Koran say.
YUSUFALI: And know that among you is Allah's Messenger: were he, in many matters, to follow your (wishes), ye would certainly fall into misfortune: But Allah has endeared the Faith to you, and has made it beautiful in your hearts, and He has made hateful to you Unbelief, wickedness, and rebellion: such indeed are those who walk in righteousness;-
It is obvious that unbelief here means Non-Islamic faiths. And allah filled the hearts of Muslims with hate towards other faiths. And Look at the way disbelief in Islam is characterized among wickedness and rebellion. And hatred towards is righteousness.
YUSUFALI: There is for you an excellent example (to follow) in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people: "We are clear of you and of whatever ye worship besides Allah: we have rejected you, and there has arisen, between us and you, enmity and hatred for ever,- unless ye believe in Allah and Him alone": But not when Abraham said to his father: "I will pray for forgiveness for thee, though I have no power (to get) aught on thy behalf from Allah." (They prayed): "Our Lord! in Thee do we trust, and to Thee do we turn in repentance: to Thee is (our) Final Goal. 
Look at the above illustration: When Abhraham, a Muslim, says to his people, who are Non-Muslims, that hatred and enmity has arisen between him and they, Allah says he is an example to be followed by Muslims which means Muslims should also display hatred and enmity towards Non-Muslims.
When Abharham prayed for his father, who is a Non-Muslim, he becomes a bad example and should not be followed. The message of this is Muslims should show hostility towards even parents if they happen to be Non-Muslims.

Hate and enmity towards Non-Muslims is held as virtue and forgiveness towards Non-Muslims becomes a vice.
SHAKIR: And Noah cried out to his Lord and said: My Lord! surely my son is of my family, and Thy promise is surely true, and Thou art the most just of the judges.
YUSUFALI: He said: "O Noah! He is not of thy family: For his conduct is unrighteous . So ask not of Me that of which thou hast no knowledge! I give thee counsel, lest thou act like the ignorant!"
In the verse Noah, who is a Muslim according to Koran here, 11.45, Noah is asking Allah why he let his son die, who is part of his family, despite the promises he gave. In the following verse 11.46, Allah admonishes him saying his son is not of his family as he is a Non-Muslim  (Verses 11:40-44).

Yet again, one can easily see that affection and love is solely based on religion i.e. Islam, not even on blood relations.
YUSUFALI: Who ever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and messengers, to Gabriel and Michael,- Lo! Allah is an enemy to those who reject Faith.
PICKTHAL:...........Then, lo! Allah (Himself) is an enemy to the disbelievers.
SHAKIR: .............., so surely Allah is the enemy of the unbelievers.
There are other verses in which Allah openly declares Non-Muslims are his enemies. And also Non-Muslims are enemies of Muslims.
YUSUFALI: When ye travel through the earth, there is no blame on you if ye shorten your prayers, for fear the Unbelievers May attack you: For the Unbelievers are unto you open enemies.
PICKTHAL: These twain (the believers and the disbelievers) are two opponents who contend concerning their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them; boiling fluid will be poured down on their heads;
YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! Take not my enemies and yours as friends (or protectors),- offering them (your) love, even though they have rejected the Truth that has come to you, and have (on the contrary) driven out the Prophet and yourselves (from your homes), (simply) because ye believe in Allah your Lord! If ye have come out to strive in My Way and to seek My Good Pleasure, (take them not as friends), holding secret converse of love (and friendship) with them: for I know full well all that ye conceal and all that ye reveal. And any of you that does this has strayed from the Straight Path.
SHAKIR: You shall not find a people who believe in Allah and the latter day befriending those who act in opposition to Allah and His Messenger, even though they were their (own) fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kinsfolk; these are they into whose hearts He has impressed faith, and whom He has strengthened with an inspiration from Him: and He will cause them to enter gardens beneath which rivers flow, abiding therein; Allah is well-pleased with them and they are well-pleased with Him these are Allah's party: now surely the party of Allah are the successful ones.
YUSUFALI: Your (real) friends are (no less than) Allah, His Messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers,- those who establish regular prayers and regular charity, and they bow down humbly (in worship).
YUSUFALI: As to those who turn (for friendship) to Allah, His Messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers,- it is the fellowship of Allah that must certainly triumph.
And look at the below verses:
YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! take not for protectors your fathers and your brothers if they love infidelity above Faith: if any of you do so, they do wrong.
YUSUFALI: Say: If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your kindred; the wealth that ye have gained; the commerce in which ye fear a decline: or the dwellings in which ye delight - are dearer to you than Allah, or His Messenger, or the striving in His cause;- then wait until Allah brings about His decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious. 
Islam is never about love even in blood relations. It is always about blind loyalty to faith to such an extent that it admonishes Muslims not to ask question what is in Koran.
PICKTHAL: The prayer of Abraham for the forgiveness of his father was only because of a promise he had promised him, but when it had become clear unto him that he (his father) was an enemy to Allah he (Abraham) disowned him. Lo! Abraham was soft of heart, long-suffering. 
As I said earlier, Abhraham was a Muslim and his father a Non-Muslim hence his father was an enemy of Allah. Message to Muslims is they show only hatred, enmity towards Non-Muslims even if Non-Muslims are fathers or sons. 

Allah is the enemy of all Non-Muslims. Allah hates them. And Muslims are supposed to not to defy Allah. One hadith illuminates this:
Volume 1, Book 2, Number 16 (Sahih Bukhari):
The Prophet said, "Whoever possesses the following three qualities will have the sweetness (delight) of faith:
1. The one to whom Allah and His Apostle becomes dearer than anything else.
2. Who loves a person and he loves him only for Allah's sake.
3. Who hates to revert to Atheism (disbelief) as he hates to be thrown into the fire."
This concept of loving all Muslims and hating all Non-Muslims for the sake of Allah has even a name: Al-walaa and Al-Baraa.

Islamic websites on this hate towards Non-Muslims are  HERE     ,    HERE (Enemy of Muslims)    and    HERE (Al-Walaa and Al-Baraa)

And this hatred towards Non-Muslims is not an isolated teaching in Koran. As I mentioned earlier, KORAN ultimately goes on to incite violence and warfare against Non-Muslims with the objective of subjugation of all Non-Muslims.

In between, Koran says many other things about Non-Muslims which can be read HERE (KORAN ON NON-MUSLIMS) , one of which is Muslims are superior to Non-Muslims.This message of superiority of Muslims with regard to Non-Muslims pervades Koran.

If some people think, this kind of teachings has no bearing on how Muslims behave towards Non-Muslims, they are totally wrong which tells about their ignorance. Because one only has to look at legalized discrimination towards Non-Muslims in all Islamic nations. In some countries, it goes to the extreme, like in Saudi Arabia; read about the following law which says value of lives of Non-Muslims is less than that of value of Muslims. If you are Hindu, your life's value is 1/40th of value of life of a Muslim.

In Saudi Arabia (Read from here (9 nth paragraph) or here), when a person has been killed or caused to die by another, maximum amount of the prescribed blood money rates are as follows:
300,000 riyals if the victim is a Muslim man
150,000 riyals if a Muslim woma
150,000 riyals if a Christian or Jewish man
75,000 riyals if a Christian or Jewish woman
6,666 riyals if a man of any other religion
3,333 riyals if a woman of any other religion
And this is nothing but complete dehumanization of Non-Muslims and practice of worst kind of apartheid. It is purely coming from Islam as Saudi bases its laws on Koran and Sunna.

The present day condition of Non-Muslims, persecution and discrimination, in Islamic countries is testimony to the fact these teachings do influence behavior of Non-Muslims.


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