Sunday, May 27, 2012

Indian secularism gives right to Indian Muslims to burn Churches? Muslims setting Church on fire goes unreported

How else burning of church in Sri Nagar by Muslims neither receiving condemnation from so called secular politicians and intellectuals nor not being reported in media be interpreted?

And then of course, Hindus, who happily chose to accept killing of 80 million Hindus, enslavement of Hindu women as sex slaves for producing Muslim children and destruction of around 10,000 temples during Islamic rule as harmony between Muslims ans Hindus, can never have problem with that kind of Islamic vandalism.

So, it is like a free pass to Muslims to do anything they want.

Have we not looked other way when Sharia courts are operating in Kashmir and dictating terms to Police and the Government? By no means this vandalism (or desecration of church) is first of its kind in Kashmir or India (HERE).

But media has no ethical problem at the same time to depict and label any one pointing to this glaring inequity as communal, Hindu right wing and Islamophobe.

The amount of effort to portray Islam and Muslims as peaceful is simply mind boggling as it actively involves censoring of Muslim violence, terrorism, Jihad and Islamic teachings and complete distortion of history on global level.

But lies are lies. The truth is coming out, albeit slowly. But whether it reaches significant proportion of population to withstand Islamic fascism - when it flies in to our face - is the question.

Indian Kashmir, "unknown arsonists" set fire to a Catholic church   

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