Sunday, July 11, 2010

It is in our mentality, nothing else; Hindus in Pakistan.

For a nation founded entirely on the basis of a religion, Pakistan, attacks on the religious minorities esp. Hindus should hardly be surprising. The Hindu minority is already reduced to meek 1.6% of population. Yet it is not enough. How could it be when extermination or complete subjugation is the ultimate goal. After all disbelief in Islam is an affront to Islam and equally an aggression on Islam. More so, it becomes insulting to pious Muslims that the remaining Non Muslims are not even paying Jizya for their crime of disbelief. And of course Taliban and many groups including some political parties want to change that.

Am I over looking some thing here? Some say that present Kashmiri Govt. has already imposed Jizya on the entire Indian Hindu population. I stopped reading bogus English news papers and may be some one will enlighten me on what these self appointed guardians of secular and democratic constitution are saying on this.

The attack on religious minorities, Hindus or Christians, is a daily phenomenon, more or less. In just a span of few days, the incidents reported can be read from here , here , here , here  and here. The Hindu community in Pakistan has none to speak for them. In India, media mentioning and talking on this is an adulteration to our secularism. Isn't these same news papers spend a lot of space on writing about a recent marriage? I can recall an incident when one family from Pakistan came to Bangalore for Heart surgery being visited by our secular politicians and this whole episode being mentioned and reported in front pages. Our secular and liberal jactitation is second to none.

But when these humiliated Hindus come to India for settling or on pilgrimage, how does our supposedly democratic and humane Government treat them? To know, read from here and here.

To add more insult, our Bollywood, supposedly secular, stars are always in the front line arduously campaigning for open and good relations with Pakistan. One says both share same culture. Can you  really believe Islam believing in infidels culture, after all infidels culture is nothing but a product of jahilliyya? Another star says Pakistan is a great neighbor. To talk, let alone question, on these statements is a blasphemy and an open invitation to all kinds of abuses from self appointed guardians.


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Interesting blog Guys... :) I don't know much about religions.. but if I read a little more of your blog.. I think I can understand...

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To kanaguonline,

If you have time, I suggest you to read Koran and understand the things for your self.

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