Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Misunderstanding Islam again!

What we have here is another misunderstander of  religion of peace and tolerance. To be more precise, it is a group actually, not Al-Qaeda, which misunderstands tenets of Islam and also another 500 people who attended their conference (In Sydney) misunderstand Islam. (Read the full report here and here)

The irony is that these people are using the notions and laws of freedom of expression and freedom of religion in infidel countries to say that these notions like freedom, justice and democracy are un-Islamic and make people live like cattle. Never mind, it is not an Islamic country in which they said! Never mind that Muslims are hardly 2% of population! Never mind that this host country has not forced these people to migrate from their native countries! Yet they audaciously say that Australia is a god forsaken country (And of course every belief and system of Govt., that are not in compliance with Sharia law are vestiges of age of ignorance) and should be healed. The aim of Jihad in any form is to impose the Sharia law over the entire world.

And of course some Non Muslims hold the view that these misunderstanders are a small minority and what they say is not real Islam! Really? How come any one can be so sure? And it doesn't occur to them that they owe an explanation, to people like me, regarding what is real Islam? Strange isn't it that they do not do that?

And some Non Muslims might question ignorantly that 'don't these people (Misunderstanders) have conscience and morals?' Well, it is here they go wrong completely. Because these notions of conscience and morals are not found in Islamic theology! They are not needed. Because Koran is every thing. What is in Koran is real moral and real conscience. Still, don't get it! Your universal concept of morals and conscience is not compatible with Koranic concept of what is right and what is wrong. Muslims believing Koran to be a literal word of God emphasize that humans are beyond capabilities of understanding wisdom of God and they should only follow as laid in Koran. And Allah in Koran says that Islam is the only truth and true religion and others are falsehood (Verse 3:85) and it is according to what is in Koran that every human should live by. If one wants proof of this, they just have to listen to what Zakir Naik says:

Once one believes in this kind of assumption and claims of Allah, no crime or an act is egregious in furthering the cause of Allah. Finally this should explain why such horrific crimes are committed in the name of Allah and importantly why such organizations like HT (Hizb ut-Tahrir) say such things and get applause from audience.

P.S. If one wants to read about more misunderstanders of Islam and what they say, read from here.


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And it doesn't occur to them that they owe an explanation, to people like me, regarding what is real Islam?! Strange isn't it that they do not do that?
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Thanks to above 'anonymous'.