Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yet, more misunderstanding by Muslims

Critics of Islamic doctrines, commonly referred to as Islamaphobes, have written on what Islamists or terrorists or extremists want and their goals and also that their ambitions and activities are in harmony with Islamic teachings and are not contradicting the teachings of Koran. We also have many important and pious Muslims, from all walks of life, also saying Islam's ambition is to bring the world under sharia law. These devote Muslims are referred by many critics as misunderstanders of Islam, because this is what Muslim apologists wanted Kafirs to believe i.e. they are misinterpreting Koran and its teachings.

And again we have another misunderstander, a Pakistani, Faisal Shahzad, who was arrested on the charges of attempting to set off a car bomb in New York at Times Square. Recently a video of his surfaced, according to a BBC report, and in this he is seen saying ""Islam will spread on the whole world and democracy will be defeated".
"Eight years has passed by in Afghanistan and you will see that the Muslim war has just started," he says. He further states:
This attack on the United States will also be a revenge attack for all the mujahideen... and the weak and oppressed Muslims, for example Baytullah Mehsud and Abu Musaab al-Zarqawi, and all the Muslims and Arabs that have been martyred.
I will take revenge on their behalf and I really wish that the hearts of the Muslims will be pleased with this attack.
Islam will spread on the whole world and democracy will be defeated... and the world of Allah will be supreme.
One can also watch the video at the given link. The word of Allah means Sharia law, here in this context. And the plain truth is that orthodox Islam abnegates democracy and sovereignty of  humans to make laws for themselves.

In another case, two teenagers were apprehended by FBI at the JFK airport while fleeing to Somalia for getting Jihadi training. New York Post reports that their views ran as below:
"They only fear you when you have a gun and when you, when you start killing them and when you take their head, and you go like this, and you behead it on camera," hissed terrorist wannabe Mohamed Alessa (One of the two), 20, of North Bergen, NJ, during an undercover operation in 2009, a federal complaint unsealed yesterday revealed.
"My soul cannot rest until I shed blood."
"We'll start killing here, if I can't do it over there," Alessa, the son of Palestinian-Jordanian immigrants, said, according to the complaint.
"Freaking Major-Nidal-shaved-face-Palestinian-crazy guy, he's not better than me," Alessa allegedly said, referring to Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, the shrink who gunned down 13 fellow soldiers and injured scores more at Fort Hood in Texas.
"I'll do twice what he did. I wanna, like, be the world's known terrorist."
Almonte (name of another guy) also allegedly boasted, "I'm gonna get a gun. I'm the type of person to use it anytime . . . I'll have more bodies on it than . . . the hairs on my beard. You know what I'm saying? It's already enough that you don't worship Allah, so . . . that's a reason for you to die."
Read the last line again. This one is in complete harmony with what Koran says i.e. the disbelief of Non Muslims in Allah is worse than Muslims killing Non Muslims and shedding their blood (The verse 002:217).

The Islamic extremists, or what ever the name you want to call, are saying what they want and from where they get inspiration and the reasons for their line of action too. Yet no body wants to believe them. In the politically correct views of media and politicians, these miscreants simply do not understand the basic tenets of Islam. Well as long as this view holds there will always be terrorism and it can never be defeated.


Anonymous said...

I really never intended to do this anything like this that seems to be shit for shit kinda thing but because i came to know you are not reading the national dailies of english language and your blog suggests you love to keep only one side of the story published and show up parts and are writing against a certain community only, and not concerned with the picture worldwide (wrong is wrong~ whosover does it, isn't it?) So just to wake you up, brother there are further more dangerous things and people around, to say in your words "jeopardize our children's future and also stability and integrity of our Country." Have a look and my apologies this time but this is only to make you think, i hope you don't support anything like this. Let us be all up for peace and peace only!

admin said...

Hello dear,

I am hard pressed on time now. But I read from the link you posted.

Vir Sanghvi still suggests some kind of respect for RSS, but I do not even give that. I have nothing but contempt for RSS. RSS says it is a peaceful organization. But I have seen it in 1992.

I could point to many comments of mine ridiculing RSS and considering that I am not famous in those forums my comments on Islam and RSS used to get deleted. And along with banning too.

I do not see why I have to change my stance on these national dailies with this piece, not that you asked me to do. For years I followed The Hindu.

Now tell me how does all this exonerate Islamic Doctrines?

In fact these idiots (RSS ideologues) are helping their (Jihadis) cause.

And please try to give your self a name. Actually I have an idea about you who this could be. I respect and love her/him.

You do not have to apologize for any thing. I am quite used to abuses from people who spit and run. I know you do not do that. But give your self a name.

Anonymous said...

So? the anonymous is back.. (pun intended)
However there is nothing that i fear, except for the only concern that you will misunderstand me. If i didnot reply here and if i reply with my name even!
So.. my message is still the same and much more refreshed love that Brother please read the Quran with open hearts, it will enlighten you. the miasma over the eyes (accepted and i apologize) coz of the very doings carried out by people who call them 'muslims' or the influence (heavy) that you are under coz of all these sites on the right side of your blog.. has to go! Look inside you and you will find the answers, greater the sincerity and genuine concern for humanity who are creatures and loved by the LORD ...sooner shall we all be guided.
I never spat n ran.. one of my friends who peeped into your page did call you names..pervert n all.. i didn't like it, believe me.. so once please can you heed to my request? plz? let us pray

admin said...

Pray to whom? Most ugly invention of humans? The concept of God sickens me.

And the Islamic ideology, well, people should know about it.