Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hindus in Pak. seek asylum in India; but will they get?

25% in 1947. 15% in 1950s. By the year 1998 Hindus in Pakistan were reduced to 1.6% of Pakistan's population. An Islamic achievement that Islamists boast about (read from here). But what is the present day population of Hindus in Pakistan? No one knows, however, with certainty one can say that it will be zero in the future. Or is it that Muslims of Pakistan love to have some of them in their country because to feel superior relative to Pakistanis need some infidels; I found that some Muslims are speaking for Hindus and are worried about their disappearance from Pakistan all together ( here; read comments and one can see stupidity if they are not naive.).

Does any one think this matters in this country? Should it matter? To talk about this kind in public will only hurt sentiments of Indian Muslims; our lefties and liberals love to say that it is against our principle of secularism. Yes, it is saffron terror that is threatening the social fabric of this country because it has already destabilized Pakistan.

A Pakistan's news paper reported that over two dozen Hindu families were seeking asylum in India (here). An Indian online news entity also reported this news.

Report says:
Twenty-seven Hindu families from Pakistan's Balochistan province have approached the Indian high commission in Islamabad [ Images ] for political asylum after a series of kidnappings and killings that targeted the minority community, an official has said.

In the latest incident targeting the minority community in Balochistan, unidentified men abducted 82-year-old spiritual leader Maharaja Luckmi Chand Garji and four of his companions on Wednesday.

This is not the first report I put up here on suffering of Hindus in Pakistan. Plight of this community and any concern for humanity, if it exists,  should force media to say some thing on this issue and to investigate. But media is busy about reporting on European nations banning veil and of course about our Prince and his wonderful interactions with people esp. students. And as usual, our humanitarians are taking a long trek to Palestine to highlight the humanitarian crisis that is existing in Gaza strip and in fact this trek was flagged off by Mani Shankar Aiyar. I can keep on writing such things on this nation which never deserved any independence in the first place.

I will just present some more reports regarding Hindus in Pakistan:

1. At least 25 Hindu Girls Abducted Every Month in the Islamic State of Pakistan.

2. A New Wave of Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs Fleeing to India.

3. 60 Hindus Attacked and Forced Out of Their Homes for Drinking Water from ‘Muslims Only’ Fountain.

4. Hindus in Pakistan – A People Without a Voice.

5. 57 Pakistani Hindus convert to Islam under pressure and discrimination.

6. Christians raise money for Hindu flood victims in Pakistan.

And if some Hindus manage to come to India, how are they treated?

1. Insecure in Pakistan.

2. Pak Hindus narrate ‘citizenship’ woes.

3. Hindu Pilgrims from Pakistan spend days in courts, offices instead of shrines in India.

And then of course, we have Khans from Bollywood telling us that Pakistan is a great nation and a neighbor; we should have good and brotherly relations with Pakistan; we share same culture; blah blah......

A total failure can be shown as success for only some time, not for ever. It is a pure hypocrisy that exists in this country; nothing else.


Anonymous said...

The whole story is terrible to read. It disturbs. I can not understand about blaming the religion Islam for what few people do?

admin said...

@ anony,

Any person with human feelings is bound to develop qualms when they read about Islamic history in India or present day treatment meted out to Non Muslims in Islamic countries.

It is not really about few individuals. You do not have anything to prove that it is just few individuals who are extremists. I hate to use the word extremist because it tells that there is another Islam that is peaceful. My use of extremist as a word is for making all this sensible to you.

How much you know about Islam? Do you know at least its basic tenets? Before you make some comments don't you feel that you better verify or at least try to verify.

Any way, by reading just one post, you will never understand, so go through some more posts from here or the websites mentioned in the left column.