Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Malaysia truly 'Multicultural' Asia? Veil is removed; One can call it Islamic Imperialism.

Malaysia is often cited as an example of moderate and modern Islamic country and also considered as multiculturalist. Muslim population is about < 60% of Malaysia. It has two sets of laws; one for Muslims and another for Non Muslims. By the laws of Bhumiputra, all Malays are declared as Muslims.What if when laws from these two sets contradict each other? Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, answers this question very well. Hopefully now, this opens eyes of some dhimmis who used to show Malaysia as an example. Other important question is, is the Sultan an Muslim extremist for enshrining and supporting such discriminatory laws? The reason I write about Islam, Koran and Sunna is that Islam is a fascist political ideology; not entirely because of violence which most people attribute to Islam with out understanding Islamic beliefs at core. Violence or Jihad (violent) is just means to achieve Islamic superiority over others i.e. subjugating all Non Muslims. Violence towards Non Muslims is not the end but one of the means, which Islam and Koran sanction very much.

KUALA KANGSAR, Dec 7 (Bernama) (here, the complete report) --

The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah said that questioning the status of Islam and the special rights of the Malays in this country were actions that disregarded history and were in conflict with the Federal Constitution. (If Malay Muslims have special rights, then others are obviously under discrimination. Just like with Sharia where Non Muslims face discrimination with respect to Muslims. If one cares to investigate these discriminatory laws, they find these similar to discrimination in Sharia.)

The Sultan said if the Malays themselves questioned these, they had actually insulted and were traitors to their own race. (This is what Islam says: Islamic laws (Sharia) can not be questioned by Muslims or Non Muslims.)

"The legacy of the Malay Rulers was part of the agreement that formed the basis for formulating the constitution after independence. The Malay Rulers who sit on their thrones today are not just inheriting the power to rule but also the responsibilities towards Islam and the Malay race, ensuring that the legacy continues.".......

"It would be most unfortunate for the race and religion if real history is erased and the facts altered."

"If this is allowed to go on, it would be pointless to regret if one day the Malays find themselves marginalised and Islam relegated to the periphery."

The Sultan said the Malay Muslims should learn from the fall of the Islamic empire; the defeat of the Muslim army in several wars due to disunity among the Muslims themselves. (We all know that Muslims all over the world feel nostalgic about their past and even want to repeat it; but they can not. It just happened that they were not powerful militarily; so they resort to other things like immigration, deliberately maintaining high birth rate and converting others to Islam through Da'wa programs and at the same time denying other faiths same rights or with some novelty like love jihad. Yeah, Sharia says all this.)

"Be aware that the special rights of the Malay Muslims in this country were the result of strategic thinking to ensure continued protection for them and these rights are guaranteed by statutes, and that Islamic activities could flourish and receive state funding." (Yes; strategic thinking in Sharia is all about how to bring the whole world under its hegemony, impose and maintain Islamic superiority over others. That is precisely, they have those kind of laws, called tolerance by Muslims.)

The Sultan also reminded Muslims to use the Ma'al Hijrah celebration for some soul searching so as not to repeat mistake, to reduce egoism and to seek divine guidance to the blessed path. ....

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