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Multiculturalism: an euphemism to Islamization; endemic of rape from Muslim Men.

This post is a really mixture of many things with central theme being Muslim men's obsession with sex. To start with, Pat Condell explains how politicians and journalists, acting together, in Sweden have destroyed Sweden in the below video. He also mentions about rape endemic that is existent in Sweden but nevertheless denied by politicians.

Some time back, I mentioned this problem of rape in Sweden in one of my posts: 'Muftis say: Uncovered Kafir women are like meat; it is their fault if they get raped by Muslim men.' (Read from the links in this post.)

Now it looks like, UK is equally facing this problem. We can not yet say, whether politicians are in denial or not, but they want to be too politically correct. Nonetheless, there are groups like EDL and SIOE fighting Islamization. Lets just read few reports on this problem:

1. Mohammeds sentenced in UK of leading Child Rape gang.   (Nov. 26th, 2010)
Five Pakistani men continually assaulted young girls at playgrounds and near schoolyards in Britain, over a period of a few months. They have just been convicted on multiple counts of rape and sexual abuse.
Sexual predators': A gang of Asian ‘sexual predators’ were jailed yesterday for abusing white girls as young as 12.
The five men preyed on their victims over several months and threatened them with violence if they refused their advances.
One of the men branded his victim a ‘white bitch’ when she resisted, while a second smirked: ‘I’ve used you and abused you.'
Now the BBC is reporting that sentences have been handed down for gang members, ranging from 1 to 7 years.
Twenty-seven girls came forward to say they had been victims, the youngest of whom was 12 and the oldest was 18. Convictions have been achieved for 15 of those.
One girl described a sexual assault involving at least eight men.
Abid Mohammed Saddique, 27, and Mohammed Romaan Liaqat, 28 - both married with children - were said to be the leaders of the gang.
........  The report goes on and one is suggested to read the whole piece by clicking on the source.}}}

2. UK MUSLIM GANGS force thousands of middle-class white girls into the sex trade. (Courtesy:  (Aug. 7th, 2010.)
At 13, Emma still played with dolls and loved nothing more than walking with her pet spaniel, Yet by her 14th birthday, that innocent childhood was over. Emma had been raped and sexually abused in the most grotesque manner by 54 MUSLIM men in Britain.‘It feels as if one minute I was playing with dolls, the next I was a sex slave.’ ‘I was wearing my favourite candy-striped ankle socks when I was first raped. Afterwards, my white coat was covered in blood.’ Emma remembers every detail. Two of those ‘friends’ in the shopping mall were teenage boys, Niv and Jay, who were being used by a criminal gang to lure naive local girls into an underage sex ring. They introduced Emma to older relatives, in their 20s and 30s, who said they wanted to be her friends, too. They plied her with vodka, cigarettes and cannabis spliffs
The whole episode was watched by a group from the gang who, laughing, recorded the attack on their mobile phone cameras. Afterwards, Emma was left to pick herself up, try to wash the blood off her clothes in the nearby public lavatory, and catch the early evening bus home. Almost equally wicked were the threats that went with the rape. Emma, who is now 21 and virtually living in hiding in the North of England, recalls: ‘It was like joining a cult.
‘They threatened to firebomb my home with my parents inside if I told anyone what they’d done, shoot me with a pistol, rape my mother and kill my older brother if I told anyone.
If Emma’s story were a one-off it would be distressing enough, but the reality is that it is not. Many schoolgirls – some aged just eight – all over the north of England are falling prey to gangs who groom them to be lucrative sex slaves.

Emma says: ‘Most of the men running the sex slave gangs in the north of England are MUSLIMS of Pakistani origin. But very few of the authorities will admit this.’ Is she right to say so? If she is, why are so few people in officialdom willing to discuss the issue?The mothers say that political correctness and a fear of being branded racist is at the heart of the taboo.

One mother from Yorkshire, whose 13-year-old girl was lured into sex slavery, told me: ‘Almost every man found guilty of grooming under-age girls in this part of Britain is MUSLIM, and everyone knows that.
Scotland Yard estimates that 5,000 British-born children are today under the control of sex-slave gangs across the UK. At least ten towns on both sides of the Pennines face the problem.

Actually this whole report appeared in dailymail, UK. This is the link, here.

The ridiculous part of this kind of reporting from UK is the way they report it. Even when 99% of criminals are Muslims (mostly from Pakistan too), these reports use the word Asians in the place of Muslims. But bloggers do not hesitate using the word Muslim, of course.

Either way, it looks like there exists a correlation between endemic of rape and Islam. After all, we have seen Muftis saying it is not the problem of Muslim men but women who were not guarding their chastity by not dressing up correctly i.e. not wearing head to toe Burqa. So, the great religion of Islam is incapable of  controlling urges and attractions of Muslim men! So, Koran tells women to wrap themselves in veil so that they do not get offended:
O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Yusuf Ali, 33:59)
How should one view this verse? However one views this verse, Iranian Govt. says that solution to violence against girls and women is women maintaining chastity. This was said by women delegates from Iran in United Nations;  you can listen to and watch it (here):

The message from the video is: To prevent crimes against women and girls all we have to do is, in the words of speaker, "emphasizing the role of chastity on strengthening crime prevention to eliminate violence against women and girl children". But the problem is how do we teach little girls to maintain chastity when the age is for playing and having fun. May be there is no fun in Islam, like Khomeini said. This whole logic is sick as Islam itself is sick; and it makes Muslim men as monsters or as victims? Muslim men as victims!!! Well a Pakistani girl says this; read from here, ( I am reproducing what she wrote at below):
{{{ (a must read one.)

There is no thing as a ‘liberal Muslim’. Is he liberal for his sisters, to live freely? No, a ‘liberal Muslim’- is a male, westernized, immoral, bad but smooth approach to women, ultimately a porn addict and a pest, sexually starved and with no political or moral integrity- simply a young Muslim guy looking for a fuck. Older liberal Muslims are similarly concerned only with sex, they pester and abuse and propositoion in the work place, in the name of their ‘liberalism’.

Islam has destroyed your minds and your psyhco sexual pathology, Muslim women suffer under this. I am a murthad, I left Islam, avoid Muslims, and see ALL Muslim men as a sexual threat, which is indeed the case. Given this reality, Muslim women are forced to be hijabi (I was both hijabi and niqabi-by the way), or if not, they will walk around, in the eyes of Muslim men-as if inviting rape. Muslim women are therefor complicit in their own victimization- but still, it’s better than being abused.

The problem is Muslim men are now so sex starved, so sick, so desperate for sex, because they are also VICTIMS OF ISLAM, the hijab means nothing anyway. Only in Muslim countries where Islam has reduced you to the level of sex obsessed dogs is this possible.

I am happy I am an apostate of Islam and I am happy I am far from Muslims. Muslim women want only to be treated with dignity when they leave their house, go to the shop, or go on a bus, as we all know, YOUR MINDS are so sick- this is impossible.

In fact, Muslim women only want the minimum mostly, radical feminists like me are a very very small group- but even the minimum- it’s impossible, Islam is a system of oppression and constant sexual intimidation.

I am just so happy it’s all behind me.


Anonymous said...

'There is no thing 'liberal muslim male''.
Who ever that girl is, who has written that, 100% correct.
Observations of Iranian woman at UN is both silly and dangerous. It is a very good video.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing like liberal islam or liberal muslim. islamic nations thrive only on hatred towards others. read this news from times of india; click here for an incident.

"A Hindu family had to exhume the body of a little girl it had mistakenly buried in a Muslim graveyard in the Pakistani garrison city of Rawalpindi and rebury it in an adjacent Christian cemetery after objections from Muslims.

The Hindu family exhumed the girl's body from Ratta Amral graveyard on Tuesday night under tight security and reburied it in the adjoining cemetery.

The girl's family, which lives in The Mall area of Rawalpindi, are Balmeki Hindus, some of whom bury their dead instead of cremating them.

"When we buried our Summan Prem (in the Muslim graveyard) on October 1, 2009, we mistakenly thought it was the Christian graveyard," an uncle of the girl told the Dawn newspaper, tears rolling down his cheeks as he remembered his niece who would have turned 10 this year.

"We did not want to cause any controversy, or annoy anyone. If the (graveyard management) committee does not want us Hindus to bury their dead here, we won't," he said.

Summan's father, Prem Kishan, was spared the pain of exhuming his daughter's body as he was away in Sukkur in Sindh province to attend the funeral of his nephew.

The girl's Hindu ancestry became known after her family put a tombstone bearing her name and Hindu mantras on her grave.

"Tongues started wagging at this 'sacrilege' and agitated Muslim clerics and visitors to the Ratta Amral graveyard raised the issue with the graveyard's managing committee," the Dawn reported.

The Muslims accused the management of negligence and threatened to stop burying their dead in the graveyard unless it was "purified" by removing the non-Muslim's body.

Alarmed by the anger that the grave was causing, the management requested her family to move her out of the Muslim graveyard.

"We were not aware of the Hindu burial. Clerics and people of the area brought it to our notice and their reaction made us request the family to remove (the body) to the adjacent Christian graveyard," said Mohammad Mohsin Mir, chairman of Ratta Amral graveyard management committee.

There are many graves of lower caste Hindus in the Christian cemetery, which had been separated from the Muslim graveyard, Mir said.

"It was a mistake for the grave digger to assume that Summan was a Muslim. Otherwise the management committee is well aware that non-Muslims could not be buried in our graveyard," he said.

Hafiz Iqbal Rizvi, a senior cleric in Rawalpindi, said Shariah or Islamic law does not allow the burial of non-Muslims in Muslim graveyards.

District Peace Committee chairman Maulana Izhar Hussain Shah Bukhari blamed the burial of the Hindu girl in Ratta Amral graveyard on the management and the grave digger who did not register the names of the dead brought to the graveyard."

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to be buried in a Muslim graveyard if he hasn't died as a Muslim, is a question, I would would ask as a Muslim.

admin said...

I think the report said there was a mistake in identifying.

I think Hindus in Pakistan know their position very well to risk offending super sensitivities of Muslims esp. Pakistanis, I hope you are one, any way the whole world knows now.

To make such a scene even over a grave of young girl is childish rather indicative of poisonous feelings Muslims have towards others.

All Hindus do cremate; but they bury people who die very young, I was told this.

But then, mere presence of infidels is an affront to Muslims. So this must be a genuine case to vent out their hatred.

Anonymous said...

"To make such a scene even over a grave of young girl is childish rather indicative of poisonous feelings Muslims have towards others."
"But then, mere presence of infidels is an affront to Muslims. So this must be a genuine case to vent out their hatred."

It is neither childish nor is any element of hatred is involved.I myself perhaps had Sikh or Hindu forefathers who converted to Islam.Just as a Jew is required by Judaism to abide by Halakha,Muslims have to abide by God's Law in its final revelatory form.I am not aware about the particulars of what the religious law states in the above case, but the above indicates either religious jelousy or political prejudice.

The Mindset said...

What is more serious is that these Pakistanis are called "Asian Male" - the English media in order to avoid being tagged as "racist" use this word which bring shame and danger to all the Asian people , especially Indian and Sri lankan who want to live in peace.

These Pakistanis are danger to everybody

Anonymous said...

Hi...I tried isalm for a few years (yes Im white) and shortly after converting I was raped by a muslim man who was on a student visa from Turkey...he was charged but would walk as I didnt scream and fight and kick like in the movies ...My pakistani landlady (I lived in a area of Toronto with 80% muslims on my street) said if I was wearing hijab I wouldnt have been raped...
I married a pakistan guy who I thought was nice sincere when I met him in Ireland but nope he was cheating like crazy online and I noticed all his friends married girls for residency and he was refused the visa to Canada (I sent letter to imm dropping hints to not let him come here... that the stupid worker told him about)and he got extremely angry when I later cancelled the appeal he wanted and paid the lawyer for...(interesting how he came up for that $ but I had to pay the imm fees to sponsor him here in the beginning)...Oh and I aparently f***** up his life and I was a slut...not to mention his cruel jokes of a second wife....Oh and also my boss who was indian muslim (and my new landlord) when I stopped wearing hijab to work he being immigrant dared to say to me 'you know what happens to those who leave isalm'
so I replied that 'who said I left? I just dont want wear hijab anymore' then I was accused of causing other muslim women to sin and i was sinning against Allah...He also stated that pakistan-indians dont beg for money like whites....I kept quiet that I had left islam and was trying to figure out a way to get away from that area and muslims in general...Pretty sad when this is my country...Im now waiting to start a divorce from my 'husband' and have returned to christian and am seeking therapy for diff things related to my islamic adventure...Islam isnt the peaceful it claims...and the pakistani-indian muslims do view white women as low...I experienced it at work, in my marriage...but didnt know this til' was too late...please dont convert to islam if you are thinking about it and reading this...Western society and Europe needs to wake up and clamp down on immigration and islam...

kid said...

To above anony****,

Sorry to read your experiment. I can understand the pain you went through. I pray to God that you recover completely by turning to Jesus if not church.

And you are not the first nor will be the last.

Yes, many people from Asia (Indian subcontinent) have negative view of Western women.

They develop these opinions after watching stupid Hollywood movies. They have no understanding of Western culture and values and how it has evolved.

But it is mostly Muslim men who go to extent of abusing women because they literally have no conscience; for them we are just infidels and animals.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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k.i.d said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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k.i.d said...
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proud muslim said...

blogger of this blog is comforting himself by writing comments like the above one. sure he needs these as no one really cares or reads this meaningless content.

khan said...

The worst blog I visited. Hatred towards muslims and hindu bigotry are the only ones that are seen in this blog. I can not understand why hindus hate islam so much. Is it because muslims ruled india?