Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Islamic pluralism; Malaysian style.

I keep writing here that Islam rejects other religions, concept of pluralism or multiculturalism and then I become an Islamaphobe. When Islamic organizations say this, people call these organizations extremists. If I mention these organizations are reputed in Islamic world, non militant and are part of Islamic main stream, people in these organizations are branded as ignorant forgetting the fact that these (so called ignorant) people spent all their life studying Islamic scriptures. We have a similar case again from tolerant and modern Muslim Malaysia (here).

Part of the story:

The Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM) wishes to clarify that:

Firstly, Islam rejects religious pluralism which claims that all religions are equally true and equally good.

Secondly, only one religion possesses the perfect and complete revelation, that is, Islam (see the Qur'an, Al-Maidah, 5:3)



Fifthly, issues amongst different religious followers have to be resolved with the utmost justice, fairness and with the spirit of  mutual respect towards religious fundamentals.


You can forget about mutual respect because if laws contradict  each other in some cases, it is set of Islamic laws that prevail. After all, Islam is the only true belief capable of giving justice and being perfect. When they say Islam is perfect, then why will people listen to not so perfect faiths and resolve disputes accordingly? Not much sense in it, right, if they really do.

In Malaysia, Muslims have special laws that give advantage to them over others; this again is confirmed by their own Sultan. Read from here or here or here.

So much for Islam's ability to co-exist with others; it looks like Islam can not even exist if Muslims can not believe that they are superior and perfect. 

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