Friday, June 3, 2011

More news on extent of PFI reveals true face of secularism of Congress

What is PFI (Popular Front of India)? It is an organization based on Islam.

It is involved in the incident of attack[cutting off the hands] on a Professor in Kerala (here or here).

Former CM of Kerala, a Communist, said that it wants to turn Kerala in to a Muslim majority state (here or here). {Pamphlets of PFI read," force could prevent installation of an Islamic rule in the country if hard work was put up to secure this goal..."}

It has boasted about its efforts to make India an Islamic republic (here).

Former CM Achutanand was ridiculed for saying such thing and his observations, however, based on pamphlets confiscated by police, were taken as insult to all Muslims implying that Muslim organizations are not wrong in having such objectives but it is communalism if others report such incidents or to be more accurate others are criminals for opposing Islamic fascism.

In all this, present CM of Kerala proclaimed, when he was the opposition minister, that his party will co-operate in curtailing activities of PFI (here). Or even IUML, an ally of secular Congress, called PFI anti Islamic party (here).

Now the question is what Mr CM is going to do now - since he is in power now - to curtail its activities in the wake of more dangerous revelations about PFI? Is Mr CM going to ban PFI? Will IUML support banning PFI? I think we all know the answer.

Will Popular Front of India be banned?  
NEW DELHI: Pakistan's intelligence agency, the ISI has reportedly claimed to have helped French authorities bust a major terror network. Mohammad Niaz who was arrested in Paris last week is believed to be the Indian link to the Al Qaeda - someone agencies believe is also recruiting members for the Popular Front's French arm.
Indian national Mohammed Niaz Abdul Rashid was arrested in Paris for his alleged al Qaeda connection. Authorities in Paris have so far remained tight lipped about what charges they would slap against Niaz but Indian investigators say Niaz was trying to set up a branch of this organisation - the Popular Front of India in France.
Sources have told CNN-IBN that Niaz has been in France since 2008 and was on a recruitment drive to create the Popular Front of France.
Two people from France, four French of Moroccan origin, one of Turkish origin and one Pakistani French national were part of his core group.
Sources in the Indian security establishment say this group had access to PFI literature which was being used to convince young men to join their organization............

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