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Anti-Hindu policy is part of secularism of UPA: Hapless Hindu refugees denied asylum

Secularism in India was supposed to be broadminded, devoid of bigotry and humane, at-least this was how Nehru envisioned. But present day secularism is mixture of appeasement of minorities and denigration of Hindu mythology and chastising of practicing Hindus. How else one could view the Govt. (Congress ( I ) ) sponsoring with its money an exhibition depicting Ram and Sita as brother and sister?

If we enter the real world, future of India is much more disturbing ( or here).

A decade ago politicians, Govt. officials and media representatives (journalists) at-least could possibly agree and speak in public about presence of more than 70 million Bangladeshi Muslims in West Bengal and Assam. But competition for Muslim votes among inept political parties across the political spectrum, virulent and violent response of some sections of Muslims - reacting to their own perceived insults to their Koran and Prophet - have simply made even discussing issues involving national security impossible. Abetting this kind of state of affairs is self serving media. If one wants a proof for what I wrote, one can look at how Govt. is giving the vip treatment to lone terrorist - involved in Mumbai shootings that killed about 180 people - convicted by courts and silence of media on this.

Even when not associated with RSS or BJP in any manner, any one mentioning this kind of issues (e.g. illegal immigrants) elicits accusations of being Hindu fascists and inhumane from secular politicians, self-labelled intellectuals and human rights entrepreneurs. And media always finds space in their papers to report such shibboleths.

But when 150 Hindu refugees - who came as pilgrims on visas - asked for extending their visas and also asylum, our Govt. - based on secularism and humanity - simply said, "NO."

The report (1): ‘Pak Hindus, Sikhs will have to return

And the matter went to Delhi high court and it temporarily stopped the forced deportation of hapless refugees.

The report (2): Why no asylum to terrified Pak Hindu refugees, asks HC

Their condition can be read below; The Deccan Herald reports:

Scarred and scared, these Pakistani Hindus seek refuge in India 
A group of 146 Pakistani Hindus took refuge at capital's Majnu ka Tilla Sep 8 after crossing the Attari border Sep 4. 
"I don't fear for my life but for my family. I decided to come here as there is no place for Hindus in Pakistan. Sexual assault, forced conversion, abduction and humiliation is all this country (Pakistan) has given us," Shobhamal told IANS
Shobhamal's 18-year-old son died of cancer here earlier this month.   
With their tourist visas expired some two months ago, these people from Bagidi community are reluctant to go back to Sindh where, they say, there is no security of their life and property.  
Hindus form around seven percent of the total population of Sindh province.  
"We don't want to go back. We are outcast there. We appeal to the government that please just give us refuge and we don't want any citizenship," rues 45-year-old Ganga Ram.  
Gang Ram has written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, requesting extension of their visas and shelter. 
They are currently living in 12 tents and share one dilapidated toilet -- but say they don't have much complaints.  
"We are happy here. Though life is tough here, it's not an ordeal what it used be in Pakistan. There, you bear the brunt of being non-Muslims," said Sagar, a mechanic, who was robbed of all his tools with which he used to make his ends meet.  
"They force us to convert to Islam and threaten of dire consequences. They abduct our children  and loot our property. If we complain, nobody listens. There, even the prime minister is not safe, let alone Hindus," says Mithalal, who is in his 50s.  
When this IANS correspondent tried to speak to the women in the community, a sense of reluctance took over. However, a few narrated their ordeal, after much convincing.   
"When our husbands are away for work, we keep our doors locked and live in constant fear. We are not allowed to wear vermillion on our foreheads," said Rukmini.  
"We don't eat our food until our children come back as you never know they might be kidnapped or circumcised," said a woman, refusing to reveal her identity.    

The above report does not give the whole picture of life of Hindus, Sikhs and Christians living in Pakistan - in better words - the state of religious minorities in Islamic societies (here).

According to 1998 census Hindus constitute 1.6% of population with  >90% alone living in Sindh. It is only a matter of time this community disappears (ethnically cleansed from Pakistan).

Suffering and extermination of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan never really comes in to the conscience of our Bollywood heroes, -Khans, who regularly go to Pakistan and champion friendly relations between India and Pakistan - and our intellectuals like Kuladeep Nayyar.

Contrast the above truth with often quoted 'politically correct' text in the establishment: India maintaining Good relations with Israel hurts sentiments of Muslims in India.

All this hypocrisy is in perfect line with universally happening reality i.e. the religious sentiments of Muslims are more important than lives and property of Non-Muslims, freedom of expression and other constitutional rights. The consequences of such logic and policy are detrimental to democracies and free world.

P.S. Below are links to some news and articles giving account of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan.

Hindu-Sikh Minorities in Pakistan: The Vanishing Communities  

Abduction of Hindu girls (This appeared in outlook way back)

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1800 Christian and Hindu women enforcedly converted to Islam in Pakistan in 2011.

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