Sunday, January 29, 2012

The freedom of worship in Islam!! Saudis arrest 35 Christians because they were praying in their houses

Sure, Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam and cradle of Islam, misunderstands Islam and gets Islamaphobic too! Because Islamists in sheep clothes accuse people like me as Islamaphobic for saying there is no freedom of religion in Islam.

Media and politicians continue to label critics who say truth about Islam and that Islam is supremacist as Islamaphobes and no one really cares or questions such practice by Saudi Arabia.

The bigger point people miss is that Saudi Arabia spends Billions of dollars in construction of mosques, Islamic centers and other Islamic infrastructure in infidel majority countries for proselytizing. Could this be a double standard? We call it Islamic supremacism.

News of Christian imprisonment in Saudi only now reaching U.S.
Thirty-five Christians have been jailed in Saudi Arabia for worshiping in their own homes according to a recent report. The news only surfaced this week that the Christians have been imprisoned for over a month.

Jonathan Racho of International Christian Concern says it is no wonder that Christians there worship in their homes because of the danger they face.

"In Saudi Arabia there is no church," says the ICC spokesman. "There is no other place of worship other than mosques -- so the Christians in Saudi Arabia only gather at their private homes to worship. And when they worship, as you can see in this particular example, they could also be arrested."

Racho was able to talk with one of the female prisoners by phone and explains that prisoners are suffering because of lack of proper medical attention. "They told me that especially the male prisoners have been assaulted by the Saudi officials," he shares.

One of the prisoners told Racho that a Saudi official insulted them by telling them they are non-believers, animals, and supporters of America.

He adds the Christians are waiting for justice, which to them means their release from prison and the ability to worship freely.   

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