Monday, January 23, 2012

'Oppressed' Indian Muslims slaughtering a cow in the temple finds no coverage by media.

Leftists might turn this incident in to unnecessary debate with labels like 'Hindu hypocrisy on beef.'. But what anyone can not deny is this act took place in the temple premises and is an deliberately provocative act and probably, the larger goal being intimidating Hindus of Kerala in to silence on resisting Jihadi activities to turn Kerala, subsequently India, in to a Muslim majority state as captured pamphlets in the past were suggesting. It can not escape the memory that this is the same place where Muslims cut the hands of a Christian professor for 'alleged' hurting of feelings of sentiments of Muslims.

And as usual, media stayed silent about this incident too and worse thing, and alarming, is Malayali media too remained completely silent. The reasons for such conspicuous silence from media could be wide ranging from financial to appeasement of Muslims and politicians to ideological compulsions or the fear of mob violence from Muslims. Sure, when that Italian in New Delhi and her cohorts intend to bring communal harmony bill (here and here) media can not report on incidents where Muslims are perpetrators as that bill presupposes Muslims as victims and Hindus as violent.

But this kind of never ending appeasement of monster i.e. Islamic supremacism is suicidal for any civilization which believes in freedom and democracy.

Cow slaughtered inside Kerala temple compound
As news of the outrageous act spread, thousands of Hindus including activists of Sangh Pariwar outfits rushed to the temple and blocked the evil-doers from escaping. The arrival of some members of the Muslim community to justify the slaughter caused escalation in tension. One of those arrested was from among those who came to justify the act, said protesters.
Sure, only very few Muslims are extremists never really cuts with the truth. Didn't a famous Indian Muslim say that cow slaughter is the greatest Islamic practice in India?

Cow Slaughter - Move to protect Moulavi     (This is what our politicians will do and media will help them do such things...)

The worse thing is that few days before this incident, Muslims outrageously slaughtered a cow near famous temple, Ayyappa temple in Sabarimala. One can only say that inaction that time emboldened Islamists to slaughter inside a temple.

Slaughter of Pregnant cow near Temple - A warning to Hindu society in Kerala   

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