Friday, January 27, 2012

No compulsion in Islam? Father of two teens - who converted to Christianity - arrested in Somalia.

What do we hear from 'plum' Islamophiles and Islamists? Nothing less than that Islam respects all religions, freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. On the ground, truth is so much distant from what they say could be gauged by noticing that out of 57 Muslim majority nations, 55 nations have Islam as official religion or declared themselves as Islamic; in all these countries secularism is blasphemy.

Indonesia - one of remaining two - is secular only in name as one of its provinces implements Sharia - including stoning for adultery - and numerous Islamic groups enforce sharia by targeting Christians and Churches. Recently a person was even arrested because he was an atheist and also created a page in facebook saying there is no God. Moreover, this is what a human rights organization says:  Violence against Indonesia’s religious minorities surges.  

At the other extreme, one can see Saudi Arabia where it is prohibited to construct other places of worship -  like churches and temples - and also that infidels can not take Bibles or other symbols to Saudi Arabia.

After-all, Prophet Mohammad said, "kill any one who leaves Islam (Sahih Bukhari - 52:260)".

If one wants to read more on 'No compulsion in Islam', click here or here.

Islamists arrest a Muslim father after his sons converted to Christianity and fled.  

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