Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another critic of blasphemy law fearing for her life disappears.

All along this month, those with open eyes and still functioning faculties of senses have seen what Islam is all about from Pakistan. Since killing of Taseer, Governor of Punjab (Pakistan), by his security guard, Pakistan has been a witness to the fact that so called moderators or reformers or liberals do not matter in Islamic countries. But in India, there is a section among media which is still trying to sell the idea that liberals are in face off  with religious extremists even after those massive demonstrations in Pakistan by people (muslims) opposing repeal of blasphemy law, condoning Taseer's killing, showering rose petals on killer and for voicing opposition to Pope's remarks on blasphemy law (see the presented reports at the end of this article.). For these blind people, unless India has good relations with Pakistan and Bangladesh, irrespective of ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs there, India is unjust and imperialist or even its existence is meaning less. But, they can not alter or change Islam from being imperialist and fascist with this kind of false presentations. Blasphemy law is a characteristic trait of fascist Islam.

The female legislator, Ms Sherry Rehman, who tabled the bill in Pakistan's parliament for repealing of blasphemy law has gone in to hiding as religious leaders openly called for killing her. One can not blame her because her nemesis could be her own security guards who are Muslims. She knows better than our pseudo intellectuals (read presented hadith) that no one knows when will a Muslim become devout and pull the trigger.  Deccan Chronicle reports:

Islamabad, Jan. 17: Pakistan’s liberal legislator, Ms Sherry Rehman, has gone underground to save her life after advocating amendments in the blasphemy law.
Ms Rehman had moved a bill in the National Assembly seeking amendments to the blasphemy law. She had also appeared on television channels favouring such amendments which are being vehemently opposed by religious parties and groups in the country.
Punjab governor Salman Taseer was assassinated in January first week by his own bodyguard for “committing blasphemy”. Extremists have also threatened Ms Rehman with the same fate.
Some religious groups had issued fatwa (religious decree) demanding her death......
Some reports suggested that she left the country on instruction from the interior minister, Mr Rehman Malik. She is reportedly in Dubai.
Meanwhile, the Pakistan Prime Minister, Mr Yousaf Raza Gilani, categorically said on Monday that the government had no plans to amend the blasphemy law.
“Neither we had thought of it nor we are going to do it. The blasphemy law will stay as it is,” Mr Gilani said.
He said those who were saying that a committee has been formed to amend the blasphemy law were wrong, adding, “no such committee has been formed”.

News clips related to blasphemy law:
All this shows how difficult it is to reform Islamic laws and Islam itself. In near future, one can say that no one in Pakistan will speak for liberal or secular cause or call themselves as moderates.

Peace to Moderate Muslims!

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