Monday, January 24, 2011

Police give security to MF Husain's art; good but.........

Muslim bigot MF Husain's art appeared in a recent exhibition held in New Delhi with police protection after threats have been made by some Hindus through e-mails, media reports. This news appeared in all English news papers (here, here , here ) and this attitude on part of media is self suicidal. MF Husain might be a bigot but he definitely has his rights for painting and people should respect them. Similarly, exhibitionists have their right to display MF Husain's works and police did the right thing by providing cover of security. But, is this kind of action of support for expression of freedom uniform? By any means, it is no.

One can recall many incidents,esp. related to writer Taslima Nasrin, and I will mention one here which shows that it is OK and is with in principle of secularism to abuse Hindus in the name of art and liberalism but anything negative about Islam, better to say that which does not please Muslim Mullahs and Muslim supremacists, is unwelcome. The reasons for this typical censoring of news putting Islam in negative image are many fold while foremost being fear of Muslim mob violence. Even police have started giving this reason of Muslim mob violence to escape from doing their duty in accordance with Constitution albeit under a different name, law and order problem.

In the year 2008 when a Hindu organization was holding an exhibition on atrocities of Aurangazeb in Chennai a small mob of Muslims protested and police closed the exhibition. This is not even a religious issue and does not relate to sentiments of Muslims unless they hold Aurangazeb in high esteem which many do. This went unreported in media like this art exhibition was covered. This exhibition is about quoting from authentic Islamic sources of Islamic history but as Islam is fascist, Muslim fascists and imperialists do not adhere to accepted norms; for Muslims it is always others who should adjust to Islamic rules and sensitives. Thaiindian reports:
An art show at the prestigious Lalit Kala Akademi (LKA) here curated by journalist Francois Gautier was at the receiving end of moral policing when an exhibition on Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was shut down. Stating that it had received three complaints that the show would disturb communal harmony, police Thursday night burst into the exhibition, shut it down forcibly, took into custody three women associated with the hosting of the exhibition and seized some of the works on display.....
So it is ok for Muslims to admire a Muslim bigot and a fascist but it is not right for Hindus to display actual history taken from documents of court of Aurangazeb itself and doing so disturbs communal harmony.
LKA regional secretary R.M. Palaniappan told the media he “should have screened the exhibits more carefully”. Joint Commissioner of Police P. Balasubramanian later told the media: “We feared it might create a law and order problem.”
Law and order problem? But who is creating it and why? So it is all right for Muslims to abuse, kill and rape but it is incorrect for others to know it and to say it is wrong. Like I said this is a world of insanity and is  pure surrender to fascism of Indian Muslims.
The three women from FACT, Saraswathi (65), Vijayalakshmi (62) and Malathi (47), were picked up from the show at about 7.30 p.m. and taken to the police station, where they were held for nearly an hour without being allowed to contact their families or any lawyer. “The police were rude to us, they asked us whether we were terrorists”, Saraswathi told the media. The women were later released.

Did media report this? Did liberals and seculars say something on this? Of course Marxists long back have whitewashed and sanitized every thing Aurangazeb did and it is futile ask their opinion on this kind. Many phony liberals and seculars might be conscious of this kind but it does not find place in their conscience. For these people, self loathing and abusing Hindus and their culture is fanciful as it brings accolades and raises their social status and brings them media coverage too.

A self styled secularist and a movie maker, Vinod Pandey denounced Hindu priests and mutts in a television series called Reporter and received praises. But when he made a tele film 'Sins' on a Christian preist he was ridiculed and branded a part of saffron brigade and the film was banned too. He innocently asks, "How is it when we did six episodes against Hindu mutts nobody said anything". Tavleen Singh explains, 'Well, because in our strange understanding of the word "secular" it is all right to abuse Hindus, arrest Shankaracharyas and insult Hindu religious teachers but say one word against Muslims or Christians and you are in trouble'.

We can leave Christianity and Christians out of this; it is purely Muslims who decide what is secularism and who is secular and what should be taught in our schools and text books. They even decide who should stay in India, I am referring to Taslima Nasrin, and what kind of foreign policy India should have. Aiding in all these are pseudo liberals, seculars, marxists and leftists and of course media.

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