Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Republic day farce: Today it is in Sri Nagar, Lal Chowk, and in future there will be many such places in 'Secular India'.

Our PM called hoisting of national flag in Sri Nagar is part of promoting divisive agenda i.e. dividing Hindus and Muslims. Sensible people understand that there is political problem in Kashmir valley and are under no delusion that majority of people in valley want to stay in Indian union. Recent and massive unrest seen in valley is still in collective memory of people, Govt. and media. It is understandable if they do not want to see return of such violent protests. The pre-supposition of eruption of violence, if flag is hoisted, based on religious divide is right but one can see that many basic issues are at stake here.

Rather than staying with political reason of disputed status with regard to J&K for his objection to flag hoisting, PM widens the scope of this incident to entire religious,social and political divide between Hindus and Muslims all over India. One can not be sure about whether these words are consciously or unconsciously made but no right minded man ignores such words coming from highest executive of the country.

Overall, PM implies, " Indians are wrong to fly the flag and Muslims are right to resort to their usual profession of violent protests and mob violence in streets since religious sentiments of Muslims are hurt". And stopping flag hoisting gives only temporary respite and gives false sense of normalcy. More than anything, it is abject surrender to separatists and Islamists. Appeasement is never a solution.

Should hoisting of national flag in any part of India acquire such sensitivity, assume religious tone and become controversy? It simply highlights underlying instability in our society. Similarly, reactions of various political parties to this hoisting vindicates that the present day leadership is gutless, clueless, thoughtless and vision-less.

Mentally sound people easily recognize the fact that Kashmir could not be integrated even after 60 years and the obvious reason for this is population in valley is predominantly Muslim. Islam of Kashmir valley might have been slightly different in 1950s but over the time it acquired all traits of main stream Islam. One of fore most teachings of Islam is Muslims take Non Muslims neither as friends nor as protectors; Koran literally declares Muslims and Non Muslims as enemies to each other and its religious doctrine forbids any sovereignty and authority of Non Muslims over Muslims in Muslim majority places.

It is an illusion that Islam can co-exist with other faiths on the basis of equality as Islam's goal is world mastery where in Muslims are superior and others are subjugated.

It is this reason that makes solution to Kashmir very unlikely in the near future or even in distant future. Only naive people can separate Islam and solution to Kashmir as two different subjects with no connections. It is this background of  beliefs which make hoisting of national flag outrageous to Muslims in Kashmir. Summary: If one hoists flag in Kashmir there will be riots, demonstrations, violent marches and protests from Muslims; our own politicians are saying this.

But this is not the main point. The point is what will Indian politicians do when large parts of West Bengal and Assam declare hostility to Indian union and constitution. After all large parts of these states have become Muslim majority areas or are on their way to become Muslim majority with the help of so called pseudo secular democracy and immigration from Bangladesh. It is very likely that there will be at least two more Kashmir type Islamic insurgencies: one in Assam and one in West Bengal. There are many incidents pointing to this reality and it is just that media and government have colluded and conspired to conceal the truth from public eye for their nefarious political gains.

How do we address this new problem when it can no longer be concealed or denied? One obvious way is to still continue to pretend that it is not a problem like they are doing it now by saying it is a Hindu right wing propaganda to target adherents of the religion of peace (i.e Muslims) and by silencing critics of such policies and cutting down flow of information. OR create another artificial 'reality' directing the blame on to Hindus like seculars have invented myth of present day 'majoritarian terrorism'. Another alternative is to appease those Muslim insurgents like giving special status to those conclaves where in flying national flag becomes illegal and an act of hurting religious sentiments of Muslims OR make those conclaves as sharia ruled. Cost of these appeasements and temporary solutions will be increase of probability of contiguous areas to this landmass of Muslim majority becoming Muslim majority; there is no end to this.

One final outcome of all these policies and appeasement is Hindus have to vacate these places like they did it from Kashmir. What politicians did is nothing short of treason against Hindus and very identity of nation and media is accessory to this treason. India as a nation is a failed idea and if politicians, media and other vested interests continue to promote this it is because they want to fill their personal coffers.

One can also come up with many other political scenarios of appeasement of Muslims and point in all these things is our politicians are worse than s**t (no offence to s**t if it feels hurt). Our secularism is a sham exercise invented to keep Muslims happy with out any consideration to cost of such never ending appeasement. Politicians along with English media will never accept the fact these Muslim monsters can never be appeased at all because Muslims are devoid of human feelings others have. Politicians will continue to turn blind eye to the problem in the name of secularism and use disproportional force to silence people who question this.

Ultimate question is what significance those areas in which one can not fly a flag have with respect to idea of one nation and one people?

Present Day West Bengal:

According to 2001 census there are two districts with Muslim majority. But today it can be said that Uttar (North) Dinjapur also is a Muslim majority district thus, bringing the count to 3.

Above pictures of tables and maps is quite old i.e. according to 2001 census. Today no. of Muslim majority districts in Assam is 7 and population distribution is 66% Hindus and 31% Muslims. Map of Assam:
Muslim majority districts are Barpeta, Dhubri, Goalpara, Nagaon, Karimganj, Cachar and Hailagandi.


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Note: I hastily wrote this post and probably I will be adding lot more info to this.


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