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Indian Secularism: 'Aurangabad', should name of the city be changed?

Aurangabad was founded by an Islamic bigot and a cruel tyrant, Aurangazeb. It is a shame that even this bigot  is sanitized and glorified by insane marxist, liberal and communist historians. When one studies Islamic history of India, they should definitely question why should Hindus and Sikhs bear with this kind of insults like sanitized texts of history and a name like Aurangabad?

Is it appropriate to continue with the name Aurangabad just because it  was built by this degraded human being, a devout Muslim (yes a devout muslim is a degraded human being.)? More importantly, how this threat of Islamic apartheid be faced and countered? I always felt that it is a sad thing that Hindus in this country have to depend upon an organization like RSS and political parties like BJP and Shiv Sena for dignity. If Indian Marxists are successful in sanitizing Islamic barbarism in our class text books, these so called Hindu parties have allowed Indian Muslims to portray themselves as victims; but reality is that Muslims and Islam will feel victim-hood and insulted with mere presence of infidels and other faiths.

Bhai Mati Das, a disciple of Gure Tegh Bahadur, sawed in to two.

Bhai Dayal in boiling water.
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So, will ever people of Shiv Sena and BJP learn how to deal with Islamic Supremacism and danger of Islamic apartheid? Well, I do not expect such thing from them in near future because they are equally corrupt and also stupid. How else can the present coalition in Maharastra win three consecutive Assembly elections despite miserable performance in Governance? Their stupidity is allowing Muslims and their fascist religion Islam to portray themselves as victims in pursuit of their goal of Islamic rule in India.

Recently Municipal corporation of Aurangabad, dominated by Shiv Sena and BJP, has passed a resolution changing the city’s name from Aurangabad to Sambhajinagar. But the change occurs only if Governments at state and center ratify the bill i.e. which means Congress Party. Every one knows that Congress party in its never ending effort to appease Islamists will only say ‘no’ and it did too. Its leaders equally said that this name change if it takes place hurts the sentiments of Muslims (here) and we all are familiar to this line of suicidal logic since the time of Gandhi and have seen the results of this kind of appeasement too. But Congress never answered whether sentiments are patented properties of Indian Muslims only because it can equally be argued that name hurts the sentiments of Hindus too.

Any way, when the final result is so obvious, why pass the bill for changing name? To expose appeasement of Muslims by Congress? Many people know hypocrisy of Congress but they do not know the dynamics of Islamic doctrines to feel the real threat. Another reason for this bill is, Yes, political pundits are saying that this ‘name change bill’ is related to what happened in Lal Mahal of Pune but it does not justify this semi stupidity. Why waste energy on such thoughtless ventures which will only alienate Hindus sitting on fence in ignorance of Islam’s intolerance and apartheid towards Non Muslims? This whole thing will only be perceived as absurdity of another communal stunt for political gains because of the name they wanted to carve in. If at all it is sincere about name change, it could have chosen a different and suitable name and much better strategy.

There is nothing wrong with removing the name of Aurangabad because no one in certain mind can honestly justify seeing cities named after Hitler or Nazi party or Stalin. But considering the present political environment, the whole exercise is futility.

Nevertheless, it is worth to mention how Muslims speak with split tongue with regard to Muslim rulers esp. Aurangazeb. In his day, he was regarded as a saint for his devoutness towards Islamic cause i.e to make India completely Islamic. One can also be confident that many present day Indian Muslims are equally proud of him albeit ignorantly because many are Muslims as result of Aurangazeb’s intolerance and persecution of Hindus. Everything he did was in conformity with what Koran asks of Muslims to do.

Some Muslims for the sake of public face try to disown these Islamic rulers by saying that whatever they did i.e. killing and persecuting Non Muslims is against Islamic and Koranic injunctions. Others try to give different shade to this violence e.g. like a political necessity. More importantly Hindu Marxist historians try to say that no persecution has taken place.

This article is not meant for a lesson in history. However, I will just mention an incident of how Muslims killed 9th Guru of Sikhism and 3 of his associates which should tell about extreme cruelty that Aurangazeb showed towards Non Muslims.

Guru Tegh Bahadur along with 4 of his disciples Bhai Sati Das, Bhai Mati Das, Gurditta and Bhai Dayala were captured and brought to Delhi.

Martyrdom of Bhai Mati Das: He was the first to be executed for refusal of conversion to Islam.  Guru along with other two, as Gurditta escaped earlier, were made to sit at the place of execution. Mati Das while standing erect was tied between two posts. Two executioners placed a double-handed saw on his head. Mati Das serenely uttered "Ek Onkar" and started reciting the Japji Sahib, the great morning prayer of the Sikhs. He was sawn across from head to loins. It is said that even as the body was being sawn into two, the Japji continued to reverberate from each part until it was all over. (Sources: here and here)

Martyrdom of Bhai Dayal: On 9 November 1675 A.D, the Qazi pronounced his religious order that Bhai Dayala must either accept Islam or be prepared to embrace death by being boiled in a Cauldron. Bhai Dayala heroically accepted the latter alternative and asked leave of the Guru. The Guru graced Bhai Dayala for his lifelong devotion as a true and dedicated Sikh and blessed him with glory and success. Bhai Dayala was put into a big cauldron full of water which was later heated to the boiling point.(Sources: here and here)

Martyrdom of Bhai Sati Das: He was a brother of Bhai Mati Das, who had been the first to be martyred on that day. After putting Bhai Dayal to death, Aurangzeb's men took out Bhai Sati Das from the prison. He was told to see what had happened to his other two companions. 'If you don't want to suffer what they have suffered,' they said, 'give up your kufar or false faith, and embrace Islam, the only acceptable to God. Be wise, make a wise choice. If you embrace Islam, you will be given a high position and plenty of pleasures. Make up your mind. Bhai Sati Das was firm as a rock in his resolve. He told the Qazi and his men that he was eager to join his martyred companions. Under the Qazis's orders, Bhai Sati Das was wrapped in cotton, which was soaked in oil. Thus wrapped, he was burnt alive to death. All the time he was calm and cheerful, and continued reciting the Guru's hymns. This happened on 11th November, 1675. (Source)

Martyrdom of 9th Guru Tegh Bahadur: The emperor's men informed the Guru of the choice, conversion to Islam or death, offered to him by the emperor. The Guru replied, 'True man of God never perform miracles in order to save themselves from suffering or hardship. They do not perform miracles to prove their greatness, either. I will not show any miracles. I will not accept Islam. Do with me as you like. I would prefer to lay down my life in sympathy with the oppressed and helpless Brahmans of Kashmir.

After the Guru had thus announced his decision about the choices offered by the emperor, he was led out of his cage to an open space near Chandani Chowk. He was allowed to bath at a well nearby. After bathing, the Guru went and sat under a banyan tree. The executioner stood near him with his drawn sword. The Guru said to him, 'When I conclude my prayers, I shall bow to God. Do you work at that movement.' The Guru began to recite Japji. Then he offered prayer to God and bowed to Him. Guru's head was cut off by itself before the executioner sword touched the Guru's head because the Guru was blessed from his father, Guru Har Gobind, that no one will be able to kill the Guru with any weapon. This occurred on the 11th of November, 1675 A.D. A large crowd had appeared there to witness the execution. At the place where Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded, stands the magnificent Gurdwara named Sis Ganj. The Guru's body was publicly exposed in the streets of Delhi, to serve as a warning to the 'infidels'. It was announced that nobody was permitted to remove the Guru's dead body. (Source)


The Mindset said...

Aurangabad is to be renamed to Shambhajinagar.

Calcutta News

N Mohamed said...

Dont do false campaign against Muslims. Read real history

k-i-d said...

@ N Mohamed,

What ever is written here, it is from authentic sources. And I have given a source for this post.

Now are you saying that Aurangazeb was a saint who lived by tenets of non-violence?

It is you who should read authentic history.

It is you who should read about your religion Islam and its founder Prophet Mohammad.

Your Prophet MOhammad beheaded 900 Jewish men of Banu Quraiza in one day.

He took a girl named Reyhana from the same tribe as sex slave after killing men of that tribe and distributed some more women as sex slaves to his followers and sold some as slaves in market to buy weapons.

Such is the morality of your prophet.

IN another instance, he married his own daughter in-law.

Wake up, bro.

Know about your Prophet and your Allah and read Koran.