Sunday, January 16, 2011

Indian 'secular' politicians bat for Muslim fascists like Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid.

Islam is founded on violence, spread by violence, maintained by violence. Its founder Mohammad ordered about 80 military campaigns in just 9 years; one military campaign for every 6 weeks. He personally lead in about 20 campaigns. Muslims who studied and understand their religion correctly know that violence works and it is the foundation of Islam. Koran says that Mohammad is the perfect example for Muslims to follow. And his fanatic followers were never averse to take recourse to violence.

But the problem is with infidels. They simply succumb to Islamic fascist demands for reasons varying from need for Muslim votes to fear of more violence to fear of  inviting political accusations of oppression of Muslims.

This is what Delhi CM Sheila Dixit did by saying that Govt. will build the mosque. No one can be sure about whether it is Muslim vote bank or her Muslim son-in-law or fear of more violence from Muslims that made her act like she did say hell with High Court and Law. Entire Govt. was made to look ridiculous and useless. More than any thing, it looks like it is competitive politics of pursuing Muslim vote bank with out any regard or respect for law just because Mulayam Singh Yadav stepped in support of fascist Muslims.

She even touched a new low by visiting Shahi Imam at Jama Masjid. The irony is that Congress still talks about saffron terrorism and majoritarian tyranny and for Congress it is not unconstitutional to build mosques with Hindu tax payers money. Of course if it is Hindus, we would have seen whole media, electronic and print, calling them militant and supporters of right wing and so on. However, this incident and their ridiculous coverage will not refrain media and secular politicians from making anti Hindu statements and distorted views in the future.

TOI reports:
A wavering government buckled under the pressure of a belligerent Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid and waves of angry namazis rustled up by him to concede on Friday that the mosque in Jangpura, declared illegal by the Delhi High Court and pulled down on Wednesday, would be rebuilt. 
Chief minister Sheila Dikshit blamed the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for acting in "an unfair way" by demolishing the mosque without letting the Delhi Wakf Board present its case before the court. "I have sent a note to the Prime Minister apprising him about the situation," she told TOI. 
The DDA had, however, acted at the court`s behest which was prodding it to give a compliance report of its demolition order. In fact, when the Wakf Board filed an application before the High Court on Friday seeking a review of its order, the court rebuked it and threatened to impose a hefty fine on it. The board hurriedly withdrew its application. 
Obviously, a complicated situation has arisen. On the one hand, there is the court, determined to uphold the law and not allow illegal structures to come up in the name of religion, and on the other, there is rising passion, and a government apprehensive of the political cost of protests escalating and opposition leaders exploiting the situation to their advantage..........Early in the day the CM reached Jama Masjid for a meeting with Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari. She assured that Imam that prayers would be allowed at the site and mosque itself would be rebuilt. 
Some time later, Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav reached Jama Masjid to lend support to a large crowd that was progressively getting angry and restive. "Mosques are the identity of Muslims," he told the crowd. "By demolishing them the government is trying to oppress the community. We will fight against it."  (Read the complete report.)
'Mosques are the identity of Muslims', secular Mulayam Singh says. Well, we really do not need terrorists and extremists from Pakistan to finish off Indian civilization. Voting to such politicians will do that.

Where is the pouring of outrage from media on this similar to that we have seen in the wake of Ayodhya verdict.

Where is the so called Muslim progressive and secular leadership among Indian Muslims? Where are secular politicians like Salman Khurshid, Anthulay, Azaruddeen, Azad and Ahmad Patel?

It is only few months before this,  Salman Khurshid was calling every Indian for submission to secularism. By this we can mean that sharia means secularism.

But my final word is this: It gets much worse in this country. Hindus can thank themselves.

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