Monday, February 6, 2012

'Honor' crimes in Islam: Two brothers in Pakistan kill their wives for loose morals

The killers were sure that they have not done anything wrong: 

‘Honour’ crime: Three women killed ‘for loose morals’  

Many other Muslims, who committed such crimes, also believed the same:

Honour killing: Suspect surrenders, ‘confident of acquittal’
{{{...Allah Bachaya has surrendered himself to Rohilanwali police after killing his sister in the name of honour but he is confident that he will be released in a matter of days.....}}}

In Canada, recently a Muslim man, Mohammad Shafia, along with his wife and son were convicted for killing his 3 daughters and his other wife because they choose to adopt to western culture; he raged, "God's curse on them for generations. May the devil ...(expletive) on their graves. Is that what a daughter should be? Would a daughter be such a whore?.......There can be no treachery, no violation more than this........They committed treason from beginning to end. They betrayed humankind. They betrayed Islam...They betrayed everything.(here)".

The connection , here, to Islam is clear. Yet, the way media reported this incident, disgust is a lesser word to describe this kind of reporting (here), has no mention of how his Islamic faith influenced his decision.

If, for a moment, one forgets 'honor killings' in Islam, it is worth recalling that Koran states that men are guardians of women and sanctions husbands beating their wives. Koran literally states that women are half the worth men are by equating testimony of two women with testimony of one man. And also, daughters inherit only half the inheritance of sons. Women have no right what so ever to start proceedings of divorce. And Prophet Mohammad said many other wonderful things of women. (Despite all these, US President Obama's adviser on Islam proudly declared that Muslim women equate Islam and Sharia law with gender justice.)

Against such background, it is not surprising to see that 90% of women in Pakistan are victims of domestic violence according to a human rights watch group (here and here).

The painful thing is - which is never accepted by leftists and liberals and Islamic apologists - that this violence can not be contained. Can a Pakistan's parliament pass a law criminalizing husbands beating wives? It might but, it will come with many 'ifs' making law ineffective. The simple truth is that any meaningful law directly confronts with Koran as it sanctions husbands beating wives.

Confounding all this sanctioned low status of women is women are majority of victims of honor crimes.

The topic of Honor killings in Islam is substantially covered in this blog(here).

Some high lights are: In the entire world, Islamic society accounts for 91% of honor crimes and Islam sanctions honor killings. Some years back, parliament of Jordan passed a law  recommending far less severe punishments and also leniency towards culprits in honor crimes.

The book THE RELIANCE OF TRAVELLER -  manual of Sharia law of Shafi'i school of Islam - which is also certified by Al-Azhar university,  the most important Islamic institution in Sunni Islam, to be authentic and a reliable guide book to Muslims living in western world says that Muslim parents can not be punished for killing their offspring:

The whole thing can be read and viewed from the book (of sharia law) itself at here.

Yet, some Muslim mullahs in Canada issued a fatwa saying there is no place for honor killings in Islam fearing that trial of Mohammad Shafia might force Non-Muslims to see the inherent truth of Islam. And, of course, media  assuredly, dutifully and happily reported this fatwa with out any question or explanation (here).

This is typical of Muslim behavior in Non-Muslim majority countries: lie blatantly about Islamic beliefs and customs and theology in furthering advance towards the ultimate Islamic goal of whole world being ruled under Sharia; even when Muslim majority states do exactly opposite with the claim of Koran sanctioning such behavior.

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