Sunday, February 26, 2012

No freedom in Islam, An Egyptian presidential candidate says

As media created Euphoria over Arab Spring - all those upheavals and uprisings against dictators in Arab countries - settles, the recent developments like winning of Islamic parties in elections in countries like Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt should drive home one message: Islamization is complete.

Not that outcome of Arab Spring could have been different from what is at present, the appalling thing in this entire episode is short memories our politicians and journalists, intellectuals and historians plus wishful thinking.

How did every one of above classes forget what happened in Iran in the year 1979?

How did they ever forget about Ayatollah Khomeini's split tongue? Every thing he did after assuming power was in contrary to what he said before the Iranian  revolution.

To understand one could read the following post put up in some time ago.

Democracy? I meant theocracy! The most truthful individual in recent history    

If people still believe Khomeini was an exception and Islam can not be held responsible and Egypt will be different, we have a Presidential candidate giving a hint of how future of Egypt will be.

No Freedom in Islam, Says Egypt's Presidential Candidate  

Hazem Saleh Abu Ismail, Egypt's presidential candidate and a vocal supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, has said that there is no room for personal freedom in Islam. 
In a recent television interview translated and reported by Jihad Watch, Ismail said that being a Muslim is like being a member of the military, where one has to go by a dictatorial code of conduct. 
"If you claim that Allah considers it your personal freedom, show me your reference? Nobody has ever said that - except for people have no understanding of Sharia," Ismail said
"If you join (military), then you are obliged to wear their uniform, to attend their classes, to attend the training with them and to obey their leader," Ismail said, comparing military rules to Islamic Sharia. 
Ismail asserted that he would enforce veil or Hijab for women under his presidency and that if a woman wants to abandon the veil, she should "change her creed". He said he is only obeying Allah, by imposing Islamic dress code. 
"You see, this is the difficulty; this is Islam. Does she want to be a Muslim and not obey Allah's rules? Let them (women) say so; that's all I ask; let them be honorable and just speak up."

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