Sunday, February 19, 2012

Persecution of Ahmadis starts in India too

In Pakistan, Ahmadis are killed. Their mosques are bombed. Ahmadis are charged with blasphemy laws occasionally.

The Govt. of Pakistan has made numerous laws legalizing institutionalized discrimination against Ahmadis.

The situation for Ahmadis in Bangladesh is no different.

Recently, even Indonesia -supposedly secular in law - started persecuting Ahmadis and even mobilized an army against them.

Still, Islam teaches tolerance!!. Islam is the religion of peace!!!

Since, India is not an Islamic state - not yet - Muslims here started using other means to persecute Ahmadis; the most effective means are - besides violence and threats - using infidel Governments to their bidding. Muslim leaders and Mullahs knew very much that politicians are willing to accommodate all their demands, however obnoxious they are and media too is completely compromised.

Of-course, the demands from Muslims community and its leaders will only get more and more aggressive as their numbers grow with time.

Contrary to wishes of many liberals in media, so called fundamentalist Islam giving way to liberal and more moderate Islam, Islam becomes more intolerant and violent. If some one wants proof, they just have to look at the election results in Arab countries, where in  so called fundamentalist Islamic parties have won the elections.

The simple reason for this is there is nothing like fundamentalist Islam nor moderate Islam. There is just 'Islam' like Mr. Erdogan, PM of Turkey, declared.

Ahmediyas to lose properties

Now the big question is how politicians, fake intellectuals, pseudo secularists and media react? Will they support Ahmadis on basis of their cherished ideology of secularism thus, opposing Muslim fundamentalists or they show how inept and stupid and clueless they are for nth time?

P.S. First the Ahmadi, Then Everybody Else

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