Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sexual Jihad in Europe

Six Muslim men in Britain are charged with sexual exploitation of a 14 year old girl. I am not sure how MSM in Britain reported this but when last time sexual jihad in UK came in to national focus, media has willfully chosen not to mention their religion i.e. Islam even when 21 out of 23 criminals are Muslims; instead media has referred to these criminals as Asians. Probably, media is sure of Asians like Chinese and Hindus and Sikhs from India not  protesting loudly (like Muslims do) nor detonating themselves for killing white folks. Being nice has its disadvantages.

Brierfield man sixth on ‘child exploitation’ charge  

To be fair to media in Britain, much of media in Europe too follows the same pattern i.e. never mention the identity of rapists - who really they are and refers to criminals (rapists) as Asians, like this is a race problem. By coloring this endemic rape in racial colors, liberal-leftists media simply is trying to put the blame on victims themselves.

It is obvious that Islam is the problem here as numbers do not lie.

100% of rapists in Oslo happened to be Muslims and there is alarming rise in number of rapes in recent years to such an extent that US embassy in Norway issued directives to its citizens not to walk alone in the streets during night!(here or here)

9 out of 10 rapists in the city of Stavanger (Norway) happened to be Muslims again (here).

In Sweden, years back, reports are that 82% of rape convicts are Muslims again.

Even then, reticence on part of main stream media to mention words 'Muslims' and 'Islam' in reporting, if they choose to report the incident, will only worsen the situation especially when Islamic Mullahs blame Non-Muslim women for getting raped because they are not wearing veil.

Worse, recently a Muslim man in Britain, who was convicted of raping women, boasted that he raped women because they were on the streets during nights (here).

But the overwhelming truth is Islam and its teachings. Islamic teachings are filled with disdain towards Non-Muslims; many Muslim men view white girls (Non-Muslim) as creatures without morals and values. Considering that humiliating Non-Muslims is intrinsic to Islamic law, there can be no better way to humiliate infidels than abducting and raping their women. More importantly and truthfully, from the time of prophet Mohammad itself Islamic practice of raping Non-Muslim women and abducting infidel women -later to become sex slaves - became a important part of Islamic jihad.

In the brilliant words of trencherbone:
Sexual Jihad - the need to degrade and humiliate the Infidels - provides the religious motivation for Islamic gang rapes and pedophile abductions. 
Sexual jihad, using rape and other forms of sexual humiliation and sadism, has been employed as a weapon of war against infidels since the time of Mohammed. Sexual jihad, including gang rapes and pedophilic abductions of Christian children, continues unabated wherever Muslims come into contact with infidels. 
Demoralising and humiliating the infidels by sexual degradation of both adults and children is one of the most repulsive tactics of Islamic supremacism.
If  some one can call me an Islamophobe or communal or fascist for writing all this, then they can read from here an Islamic cleric issuing a fatwa to Muslim men to abduct and rape Non-Muslim women. After all Koran sanctions it and Prophet Mohammad himself did it.

P.S.   Dr. Humayun Azad, a professor in Bangladesh, has written a book - “Pak Sar Zamin Sad Bad” - on what is being taught in madrassas in Bangladesh and he was attacked for this. He later died in Germany.

R.N. Datta has reproduced the following excerpts from it in his book -silent terror:

Shovanallah, there is no sin if you do jina (sex or rape) with the malaun women in this world. These women are nothing but war-booty (mai-e-ganimat). Whenever you feel like doing sex in this world, do it with the malaun women. Shovanallah, there is no sin in it and it is the process by which you have to drive them out of Bangladesh.” (pp-14)

Another lesson says, “We hate the malauns but not their women. Personally, I like the body-odour of the malaun women much. Whether they are Brahmins or Charals (A low caste), or Kaibartas (another low caste), their body odour is excellent. A highly intense, sweet mundane fragrance comes from their breasts, from the hairs of their armpit and thighs. The extremely sweet fragrance that comes from the sweat of their pubic-hairs makes me mad.”

Another lesson says, “I tell you to place your right at where your two thighs meet. Tell me what you find there?” Meanwhile the penis got erected. I asked again, “What you find there.” Learners, the tender adolescent boys said, “It is the penis sir.” Then I told them, “It is not the penis. It is a gun. It is an M-16 Gun that Allah has given to you. You have to push this Islamic gun into the wombs of as many malaun women you can. It is the law of jihad. Beside that you have to plunder money, all gold ornaments and other valuables of the malaun households.” The learners cried “Allahu Akbar.”

One can read the complete paper on this from here; one should directly go to the section named "How a Jihadi should deal with kafir Women:".....

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