Sunday, February 5, 2012

'Truly Asia' aka multicultural Malaysia can not understand that Islam professes freedom of religion!!

With more than 55% of population of Malaysia being Muslim, constitution of Malaysia has two sets of laws: one for Muslims and another for Non-Muslims.

And there are no prizes for guessing that set of laws for Non-Muslims is completely discriminatory when compared to laws for Muslims besides the obvious fact of Malaysia declaring Islam as its official religion. Muslim leaders of Malaysia openly support special privileges for Muslims and deride those who question this kind of institution of 'legalized' discrimination.

One aspect of all this is freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. By law, all ethnic Malays are declared Muslims and they have no right to convert to other religion (to be more accurate, a Muslim has to get permission from a Sharia court to change his religion and Sharia law sanctions death penalty to Muslim apostates; till now, there is no case of a Sharia court allowing a Muslim to change his identity.) But others can convert to Islam. Similarly, Muslims can proselytize but not others leading to ridiculous claims by Muslims i.e if a Muslim has converted to Christianity then he was enticed by Christians and if a Non-Muslim converted to Islam then he has seen justice in Islam. Only Muslims are capable of bragging about justice even in institutionalized discriminatory system.

Like sharia - which controls every aspect of Muslim's life - be it political, social, religious and legal - Malay's law too invades and interferes with every every aspect.

The strangest (more importantly it is very cruel) being how Muslim officials declare Non-Muslims as Muslims and seize their children. And following case illustrates this:

Federal Court avoids deciding on right to religion of choice.        

One can read also this kind of discrimination from here and here.

P.S. Malaysian Muslims out to stop 'the challenge of Christianization'  

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