Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Interview with Vijay Kumar, Running for US Congress from State of Tennessee.

Here is some one connected to India, if not Indian, who bravely speaks for freedom and for full blooded opposition to implementation of Sharia Law in USA. I guess BJP has a lot to learn from this man regarding how to fight extremism and its barbaric and inhuman ideology.

This interview was done by Ali Sina and it appeared in faithfreedom.org website. Click here to read the full interview.

Can West Bengal be Saved from Islamism and its Violence?

I am not supposed to write on this kind at least for time being but I decided to write about this. Well I am not a journalist so please excuse me for small mistakes because I am directly writing on the post with out any preparation, so there may be some mistakes; after all English is not my mother tongue. 

This post is not about naxallite violence in West Bengal about which our media is writing a lot where in they make tall claims like how this could impede our economic progress. Other than this naxallite violence  there is another reason that needs our attention to which important institutions in our country are reticent to even acknowledge.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lets listen to what Muslims say. (Part 2)

What is the ultimate goal of Islam according to or written in Koran and Hadiths? 1. Is it the world wide domination of Islam by any means? 2. Is it that every life on this planet earth has to be converted to Islam by any means? It is obvious that second question implies the first one.

People or readers might take offence to these aggressively put questions and might even slander me for a moment or for some time depending on who you are. Before I go further I want to expand the first question and put it properly in tune with wordings of Koran.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Rule of Abrogation in Holy Koran

By just looking at some peaceful verses by directly reading from Koran or cited and shown by proponents of Islamic tolerance to show that no where does Koran commands Muslims to fight or kill non Muslims because they refuse to become Muslims, these non Muslim readers will probably be inclined to apply conservative or accepted methods of logic.

(One can also watch the following video for understanding Rule of Abrogation)