Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kerala CM: Popular Front of India wants Kerala to be a Muslim majority state

This statement coming from a communist leader and his assertion that he was basing his comments on pamphlets and he was only referring to an Islamic organization but not entire Muslim community are not sufficient for some introspection among political parties and media. As usual, he was ridiculed and condemned like every one who ever dare to say anything related to Islam and activities of Muslim organizations.

PFI wants Kerala to be Muslim-majority state: VS   
Radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) is aiming to convert Kerala into a Muslim majority state in the next 20 years, Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan said here Saturday.
"For achieving that goal, the outfit is pumping money to attract youth and give them weapons. They also try to convert youth from other communities and persuade them to marry Muslim girls," Achuthanandan told reporters here.
The chief minister's statement came as his Left Democratic Front (LDF) government intensified a crackdown on the outfit, whose activists have been accused of chopping off one of the hands of a college professor for allegedly making derogatory references to Prophet Mohammed.
Justifying the crackdown on the outfit, Achuthanandan said the police is closely watching PFI's activities.
The chief minister said the outfit tried to create a clean image by organising freedom parades on independence day.
Various district administrations have already banned the parade organised by the PFI every Aug 15, he said.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

India is our jageer (domain): Taliban says

One can never really understand how so many Indian Muslims misunderstand the religion of peace. Other day we have Kerala CM  V.S. Achuthanandan saying there is an underground Islamic movement in Kerala to make Kerala a Muslim majority state in the form of Political Islamic outfit PFI. Now we have Pakistan's Taliban saying their ultimate objective is to takeover India. One can read the full report from here. Some excerpts from the report:

Friday, July 23, 2010

An informative video on Islam.

Recently has posted a video and it is also available on youtube. Some of the content in the video can be read in the many articles from  this blog. Nevertheless, this video touches other points too.One can read on this video and its creation from here. Though the video is being put here below but one can not be sure about for how long this video will posted on youtube. That is why a permanent link is also being put besides the posting of video.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yet, more misunderstanding by Muslims

Critics of Islamic doctrines, commonly referred to as Islamaphobes, have written on what Islamists or terrorists or extremists want and their goals and also that their ambitions and activities are in harmony with Islamic teachings and are not contradicting the teachings of Koran. We also have many important and pious Muslims, from all walks of life, also saying Islam's ambition is to bring the world under sharia law. These devote Muslims are referred by many critics as misunderstanders of Islam, because this is what Muslim apologists wanted Kafirs to believe i.e. they are misinterpreting Koran and its teachings.

Muftis say: Uncovered Kafir women are like meat; it is their fault if they get raped by Muslim men

Three Hindu minor girls were raped in West Bengal when they are passing through Muslim majority area. Read the full report.....  (Courtesy

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It is in our mentality, nothing else; Hindus in Pakistan.

For a nation founded entirely on the basis of a religion, Pakistan, attacks on the religious minorities esp. Hindus should hardly be surprising. The Hindu minority is already reduced to meek 1.6% of population. Yet it is not enough. How could it be when extermination or complete subjugation is the ultimate goal. After all disbelief in Islam is an affront to Islam and equally an aggression on Islam. More so, it becomes insulting to pious Muslims that the remaining Non Muslims are not even paying Jizya for their crime of disbelief. And of course Taliban and many groups including some political parties want to change that.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Misunderstanding Islam again!

What we have here is another misunderstander of  religion of peace and tolerance. To be more precise, it is a group actually, not Al-Qaeda, which misunderstands tenets of Islam and also another 500 people who attended their conference (In Sydney) misunderstand Islam. (Read the full report here and here)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sharia Law comes to Kerala; Muslims cut off hands of a Christian.

Once the appeasement of Islamic extremists starts, the results from that policy could not be less savage than what happened in Kerala  yesterday (04/07/2010). In the latest development of unfolding of Islamic Jihad in Kerala, five Muslims chopped off hands of a Christian lecturer who earlier was suspended from his teaching post by the state govt.on the charges of inflammatory remarks against Islam's prophet, Mohammad. In fact the lecturer was arrested and is released on bail. This incident took place when he along with his family is returning from the Church. Full reports and details are yet to emerge regarding the culprits, if at all journalists or officials of law enforcement care to investigate.