Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Violence in Koran: 165 verses of violence.

Presentation of about 175 verses from Koran, chapter wise, is made below and out of these, about 165 are verses of violence which I noted when I was reading glorious Koran. I tried to keep these verses in chronological order to the best of my ability, but it could not be accomplished because of the sheer physical work it involved. Nevertheless I ordered the chapters according to chronological order given by Al-Azhar University.

Jihad and Islamic Peace as in Sharia law.

In this post, the position of Shafi'i Sunni school of Islamic law on Jihad is put up; nothing is deleted or added from their law book. The whole text, presented here, is copied from Reliance of Traveller, English translation of Shafi'i Islamic law, originally written in Arabic. It was mentioned before (here) that this translation was certified by Al-Azhar University, supreme authority in Sunni Islam.

Understanding Jihad from Hadith of Sahih Bukhari.

One Central Minister while speaking to security officials remarked that Jihad means a war against Non Muslims before he embarked upon on the notion of saffron terror. Many Muslim organizations protested vehemently to this while shouting Jihad means spiritual struggle and some even planned to sue him in a Court; it seems they dropped their plans for reasons unknown, may be due to the fear of truth coming out.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Women in Islam.

Muslim apologists, including Muslim women, say that Islam has liberated women from pre Islamic oppression that prevailed in that time in Arabian Peninsula. They wanted every one to believe that Islam has given women their freedom and rights like right to divorce. But in reality, it is a different situation on the ground. One might have already heard about infamous triple talaq.

So, what is the position of Islam on women? When I thought on this, I felt it is much better to address like how Islam regards men? One wants the answer! It is like man is a walking Di*k on two legs. I felt deeply that position of women in Islam is nothing but reflection of Prophet Mohammad: He himself married 13 times and maintained sex slaves, with whom he had sex. Allah, all mighty, specifically reveled three verses ( 33:37, 33:50, 66:01) so that Prophet can satisfy his carnal desires. Of course some people say whole Koran is a reflection of his persona.

Video footage of a Muslim woman being stoned in Pakistan.


I  found out this yesterday (stoning of a woman in Pakistan by Taliban) on, as I am a regular reader of that site, and felt compelled to put this sad and sorry event. As always the case that relies on most authentic news and sources, here too the source is abc news itself, as it was pointed out  in the post by Ms. Marisol. Click on the link below to read the full post and to see the video footage too.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Chronological Order of Koranic Chapters.

The Egyptian standard edition ( prepared by Al-Azhar University, The most important and authoritative  institution in Sunni Islam) gives the following chronological order of the Suras (Chapters), with the verses said to date from a different period given in parentheses:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why Muslims commit horrible crimes against infidel women?

Many times it was pointed out here that Non Muslims in Islamic countries are facing discrimination and persecution and also that their numbers are dropping in all Islamic countries. One of the ways of persecuting and humiliating infidels is targeting of their women, kidnap and convert their women in to Islam. In Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt it is an ongoing phenomenon. This pattern is just another version of Islamic Jihad, to be waged against infidels. The latest incident to be reported is a 13 year old Hindu girl being kidnapped and converted to Islam.

The above mentioned incident is not an isolated one by any stretch. If one is interested in knowing further on this kind, read from the below links.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some Random Takes to Give Confidence about Future.

Today marks the end of the month of Ramdan, holiest month in Islamic calender. Considering that Islam is one religion of peace, one expects no violence or decrease in violence during this month. But it is always the case that violence peaks during this month. What is so special? Actually apart from the reason for celebrating this month, there is another very important aspect; Mohammad, Founder of Islam, conquered Mecca during this month. Any way, this year, during Ramdan, 223 terror attacks took place and 1024 people died in those attacks. If one reads news regularly, in Pakistan itself when it is suffering from worst floods, 3 major explosions took place in a span of week. Of course most of these victims are innocent Muslims.

The organization Hindu Samhati has put up pictures related to Deganga riots, actually they are not riots. I will just post 3 of those pictures to give an idea. Its courage of resisting jihadis deserves respect, praise and support.

Violence in Deganga, West Bengal, and Media's Shame.

What is the future of West Bengal? Will it be an Islamic state or a secular state? Will it be a part of India? Will it be like Jammu and Kashmir, where Hindus from the valley simply disappeared? So, in this case of West Bengal too, it might be a part of India for name sake and it could be that, in reality, Islam rules and Hindus become second class citizens in their own ancestral place, thanks to our politicians’ nonchalance or our own placidity. How do Hindus feel when they are informed that in adjacent Islamic Bangladesh, the population of Hindus came down from 23% of total population in 1970s to 9% today? The continuous and ongoing persecution of religious minorities on daily basis in Bangladesh is like gospel truth.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burning of Koran and Right Strategies

First I want to make it clear that I am against burning of any book not just Koran. Not that I have any respect for Koran, in fact I have nothing but contempt for it. But there are civilized ways to deal with this looming threat of Islamism and to show our resistance to the Islamic world; but burning of Koran is certainly not one of them. My opposition to burning Koran is, besides the above stated reason, tactical too.