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Reading Holy Koran

A very brief background of Prophet Mohammad.

Rule of Abrogation in Holy Koran

Disbelievers in Allah's Hell

Koran compares Non Muslims with animals like Cattle, Apes and Pigs.

Allah misguides Non Muslims and sends more Shaitans to mislead them!

Koran says Muslims and Non Muslims are not equal.

Koran prohibits friendship between Muslims and Non Muslims and Taqiyya.

Allah does not love Non Muslims and He hates and curses Non Muslims.

Jihad (Part 1).

Jihad (Part 2).

Jizya and its real meaning (Part 1).

Jizya and its meaning (Part 2).

Sharia Law concerning Non Muslims; Can this be called Tolerant?

Chronological Order of Koranic Chapters.

Video footage of a Muslim woman being stoned in Pakistan.

Understanding Jihad from Hadith of Sahih Bukhari.

Jihad and Islamic Peace as in Sharia.

Violence in Koran: 165 verses of violence.

Jihad as misunderstanders of Islam say.

Hate towards Non Muslims is intrinsic part of Islamic Faith: Al-walaa and Al-baraa.

Nakhla Raid; Highway Robbery.

Prophet to Pagans, while in Mecca, "I will bring slaughter to you"; Muslims Call this Tolerance and Non Violent

Muslims Favorite Verse to win over Non Muslims: To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Islam).

Lets listen to what Muslims say (Part 1)

Lets listen to what Muslims say. (Questions to Ponders Part 2)

What does Islam of Indian Muslims want?

The Integrity of our Marxist Historians.

India is our jageer (domain): Taliban says

Religious Minorities in Islamic countries. (Bangladesh and Pakistan)

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