Sunday, January 30, 2011

Triumph of Indian secularism: Hindus given urine for water by J&K police.

I am not surprised completely about this type of report as this behavior by Muslims is just manifestation of hatred towards Non Muslims that pervades Koran and Sunna. But what is significant is another new low level so called democratic and secular institutions have degenerated in to. First the media completely misrepresented flag hoisting by ridiculous BJP leaders. Then they stayed silent on the way BJP cadre were treated by police. It is disheartening, but not surprised, to see that this same media and many human rights agencies have vied with each other in ensuring that terrorist Kasaab, who is involved in killing of 300 people, get 5 star VIP treatment; no wonder that he abused police and lawyers. This whole episode of media looking over this kind of abuse testifies to present day sacred belief that secularism is for Hindus and does not apply to Muslims. In this concept of Indian secularism it is OK to abuse Hindus but it is a criminal offence if one tries to oppose Islamic imperialism lest it offends Muslims and their beliefs. When people accept self loathing as a virtue and as proof for liberalism this kind of surrender takes place and it is suicidal. Daily Pioneer reports:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fatwa against British Home Secretary.

Islamists in UK continue to throw vile hate and despicable statements at UK and every thing that can be associated with Britain. Islamists boasted in streets about holy Islamic warriors conquering UK. They spat on soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. They called their Queen a disgusting woman.  Muslims carnalised British girls thinking them of as whores. Overall their attitude towards British culture is one that says it is wretched and satanic. Their latest one is a fatwa against British Home Secretary. Of course we are going to see more such expressions of Islamic imperialism and contempt towards every other in UK and else where.

UK is not alone in completely surrendering to Islamists; many countries are doing it in the name of multi culturalism and political correctness but none can beat India in this regard as Muslim cabinet ministers here have even announced rewards for killing journalists with out attracting criticism from media or political parties. Mail ONline reports:

Video of Taliban stoning a man and a woman to death in Afghanistan in August; Police promise justice now after seeing video!

This is the kind of Islamic law what Islamists want to impose on the whole world. Please do not say that Koran does not say anything on stoning because Islam is not just Koranic affair. What Prophet did and taught is also part of Islam and Islamic jurisprudence. Islamic sources make it crystal clear that he did order stoning as punishment for adultery and first four caliphs rightfully followed his example after Prophet's death. ( one can read on stoning from here.)

In August BBC reported, " In Afghanistan, a woman and a man were stoned to death in Taliban's stronhold ".

Again today BBC reports, " Afghan police pledge justice for Taliban stoning ". (This link has video.) OR one can watch the video here. (Discretion is advised.)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Republic day farce: Today it is in Sri Nagar, Lal Chowk, and in future there will be many such places in 'Secular India'.

Our PM called hoisting of national flag in Sri Nagar is part of promoting divisive agenda i.e. dividing Hindus and Muslims. Sensible people understand that there is political problem in Kashmir valley and are under no delusion that majority of people in valley want to stay in Indian union. Recent and massive unrest seen in valley is still in collective memory of people, Govt. and media. It is understandable if they do not want to see return of such violent protests. The pre-supposition of eruption of violence, if flag is hoisted, based on religious divide is right but one can see that many basic issues are at stake here.

Rather than staying with political reason of disputed status with regard to J&K for his objection to flag hoisting, PM widens the scope of this incident to entire religious,social and political divide between Hindus and Muslims all over India. One can not be sure about whether these words are consciously or unconsciously made but no right minded man ignores such words coming from highest executive of the country.

Overall, PM implies, " Indians are wrong to fly the flag and Muslims are right to resort to their usual profession of violent protests and mob violence in streets since religious sentiments of Muslims are hurt". And stopping flag hoisting gives only temporary respite and gives false sense of normalcy. More than anything, it is abject surrender to separatists and Islamists. Appeasement is never a solution.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Police give security to MF Husain's art; good but.........

Muslim bigot MF Husain's art appeared in a recent exhibition held in New Delhi with police protection after threats have been made by some Hindus through e-mails, media reports. This news appeared in all English news papers (here, here , here ) and this attitude on part of media is self suicidal. MF Husain might be a bigot but he definitely has his rights for painting and people should respect them. Similarly, exhibitionists have their right to display MF Husain's works and police did the right thing by providing cover of security. But, is this kind of action of support for expression of freedom uniform? By any means, it is no.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christians in Pakistan convert to Islam out of fear; Muslims say this is not compulsion.

There may not be Jizya on Non Muslims in Pakistan now but condition of Non Muslims must live in abasement feeling humiliated that comes along with Jizya (verse 9:29) is always in application in various forms like kidnapping of infidel children and infidel women, abject discrimination and violence against infidels and indiscriminate use of blasphemy law. If some one, whether a Muslim or a Non Muslim, dares to speak against these they too will be silenced. When Muslims shout death to Christians in the streets, the message is obvious: either convert or suffer. And Some Christians in Pakistan convert fear into safety :

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Mullah in Britain labels British Queen a 'disgusting woman'.

How much more humiliation and abuse British will endure from Muslims? Or predictions of end of Europe as we know are proving to be true and real. Way back in the year 2007, Bernard Lewis, a scholar of Islamic history, said (here), "Europeans are losing their own loyalties and their own self-confidence. They have no respect for their own culture. Europeans had surrendered on every issue with regard to Islam in a mood of "self-abasement," "political correctness" and "multi-culturalism".

He further warned, "The Muslims seem to be about to take over Europe.......The outlook for the Jewish communities of Europe is dim...... Soon the only pertinent question regarding Europe's future would be will it be an Islamized Europe or Europeanized Islam?" .

But Bat Ye'or said about this predicament in the year 1994 itself (here). True to what Bat Ye'or said, a visiting Mullah called queen disgusting woman for giving knighthood to Salman Rushdie. Earlier the same British Govt.(read this bbc report) has banned Florida Pastor Terry Jones who threatened to burn Koran on 9/11/2011, which he didn't do ultimately,  from entering UK for it could hurt sentiments of UK Muslims or to stop them from rioting. When will they (Non Muslim politicians) realize that no amount of gestures will satisfy Muslims when very presence of Non Muslims is an insult to Islam and when ultimate Islamic aim is total submission of UK.  The report on calling queen (here):

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sexual rights of Muslim men on their wives and sex slaves.

Koran is literal word of Allah who is the only God; Muslims would love and wish every one to believe this. In their effort to propagate their faith they say Islam means peace and justice and try to fool infidels in to believing that all those verses of warfare in Koran are meant for removing injustice. They will never explain what is 'injustice' which is the key word. See, if Allah means so much against injustice why he legalized institution of slavery and has even given the rights to Muslim men to have sex with women slaves.

In Islam, if a married women is captured in a war her marriage immediately becomes void even if her husband is alive; she becomes a sex slave to her new Muslim master. There is no limit on number of concubines a Muslim man can have. Akbar had about 5000 Hindu women as concubines in his harem while his son had about 6000. Many people in complete ignorance associate slavery with west but it is west which played a crucial role in abolishing this abominable institution though it also has its hands dirtied. Saudi Arabia banned slavery only in 1960s.

Until the year 1857 AD Islamic slavery continued in India and then British banned it. But we do not see this in our history text books because leftists and marxists in their eternal hatred towards west want to blacken British rule of India while glorifying Islamic rule and do not mention Islam bringing slavery, completely an alien concept, in to India.

Putting an end to digression, here we have an Islamic website explaining in its fatwa how it is the divine right of Muslim men to force his wives and his sex slaves for satisfying his carnal desires. (source)

Hadith on Muslim women.

Ms. Dalia Mogahed who advices US President on Islam and US policies with respect to Islamic world said in a Britsh television program, "Sharia is not well understood and Islam as a faith is not well understood. Most Muslim women worldwide associate Sharia with gender justice." (full version here). There is enough on this blog, presented from Islamic sources, pointing to other direction. The best way to learn Islam is to read from Koran and Hadith rather than listening to some one, who may not always be honest. In this regard, I present some hadith on what prophet said about women in this post and I will be adding more hadith in the future. I presented these hadith earlier in a post but I felt these need a separate post for the purpose of future references.

"Let the muslims take over. Parliament or humans have no right to legislate"; A Muslim in Australia says.

Islam will rule the whole world: Muslims says this because Koran envisages this (verses 9:33, 61:09 and 48:28). Koran also makes an obligation on Muslims to Jihad until the whole whole is under Allah's law (Islamic law or Sharia law) because humans have no right to legislate laws and religion (authority to rule) should belong to Allah alone. Humans are just slaves and should be obedient to their master by following Koranic (Sharia) law. Well, this is being told by a Muslim preacher in Australia, not by some sleazy and lying Islamaphobe. Read the report:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Indian Secularism under threat : Saffron (Hindu) terrorism is making Muslims flee India and Islam might cease to exist in India.

Of course this is all nonsense but parties and corporations with vested interests like Congress (I) and Sonia Gandhi's chamchas for their selfish political gains (of course media too) keep talking about apocalyptic dangers of non existing Hindu extremism and fascism. I thought it will be a good education to show them what fascism look likes and what kind of results it produces. Read the full article published at haindavakeralam:

Appeal to save Hindus and Sikhs from extinction in Pakistan 

Another critic of blasphemy law fearing for her life disappears.

All along this month, those with open eyes and still functioning faculties of senses have seen what Islam is all about from Pakistan. Since killing of Taseer, Governor of Punjab (Pakistan), by his security guard, Pakistan has been a witness to the fact that so called moderators or reformers or liberals do not matter in Islamic countries. But in India, there is a section among media which is still trying to sell the idea that liberals are in face off  with religious extremists even after those massive demonstrations in Pakistan by people (muslims) opposing repeal of blasphemy law, condoning Taseer's killing, showering rose petals on killer and for voicing opposition to Pope's remarks on blasphemy law (see the presented reports at the end of this article.). For these blind people, unless India has good relations with Pakistan and Bangladesh, irrespective of ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs there, India is unjust and imperialist or even its existence is meaning less. But, they can not alter or change Islam from being imperialist and fascist with this kind of false presentations. Blasphemy law is a characteristic trait of fascist Islam.

The female legislator, Ms Sherry Rehman, who tabled the bill in Pakistan's parliament for repealing of blasphemy law has gone in to hiding as religious leaders openly called for killing her. One can not blame her because her nemesis could be her own security guards who are Muslims. She knows better than our pseudo intellectuals (read presented hadith) that no one knows when will a Muslim become devout and pull the trigger.  Deccan Chronicle reports:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Leaflet calling Muslims boys in UK to seduce Sikh girls (Hindu-Muslim inter religious marriages)

The news of leaflet that appeared in UK calling Muslim boys to seduce Sikh girls is very old and goes back to the year 2005. After this the cases of love jihad surfaced in India but media ridiculed Hindu groups branding them as fascists for opposing inter religious marriages saying such marriages create harmony. If opposition to such marriages is criteria for declaring people as fascists, these enlightened people should know that Islam fits in to category of fascism because Koran bans Muslims girls marrying infidel men. Islamic law states that such infidels are put to death. Of course Muslims men can marry Non Muslim women. This Islamic belief and law ensures certain death to infidel cultures and civilizations in the long run. One can read what is in leaflet from here or below where I put it up.

"Muslims and Non Muslims are not equal in Islam", a Saudi Sheikh says.

One of main purposes of many critics of Islam and Islamic law is to make Non Muslims to see the Islamic apartheid towards Non Muslims. When they do this, they are branded as islamaphobes, hate mongers and right wingers. But not one honest refutation of what islamaphobes say about Islam is attempted but the entire energy is directed towards shutting down discussions and analysis. So we have another islamaphobe here from Saudi Arabia, birth place of Islam, whose constitution is Koran and Hadith. Saudi Sheikh, 'Abd-al-Rahman bin Nasir al-Barrak is a senior cleric of Saudi Islamic establishment; he does not belong to fringe groups outside the ring. He says in his fatwa that Muslims and Non Muslims are not equal in Islam (The original fatwa in Arabic). Poor guy, after spending his entire life studying Islamic law, he is still accused of not understanding Koran properly by people who never read Koran! Then, this is insane world.

Courtesy:   (Original article)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hindu Muslim inter religious marriages: What an Islamic website says on Hinduism!

Occasionally I do check traffic sources that lead to this blog. I found that one search string that lead to this blog is the topic of Hindu Muslims inter religious marriages or similar sentences. I even came across this from sources of search strings: 'my husband is mulim and im hindu and he fights'. There we go.

Indian 'secular' politicians bat for Muslim fascists like Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid.

Islam is founded on violence, spread by violence, maintained by violence. Its founder Mohammad ordered about 80 military campaigns in just 9 years; one military campaign for every 6 weeks. He personally lead in about 20 campaigns. Muslims who studied and understand their religion correctly know that violence works and it is the foundation of Islam. Koran says that Mohammad is the perfect example for Muslims to follow. And his fanatic followers were never averse to take recourse to violence.

But the problem is with infidels. They simply succumb to Islamic fascist demands for reasons varying from need for Muslim votes to fear of more violence to fear of  inviting political accusations of oppression of Muslims.

This is what Delhi CM Sheila Dixit did by saying that Govt. will build the mosque. No one can be sure about whether it is Muslim vote bank or her Muslim son-in-law or fear of more violence from Muslims that made her act like she did say hell with High Court and Law. Entire Govt. was made to look ridiculous and useless. More than any thing, it looks like it is competitive politics of pursuing Muslim vote bank with out any regard or respect for law just because Mulayam Singh Yadav stepped in support of fascist Muslims.

She even touched a new low by visiting Shahi Imam at Jama Masjid. The irony is that Congress still talks about saffron terrorism and majoritarian tyranny and for Congress it is not unconstitutional to build mosques with Hindu tax payers money. Of course if it is Hindus, we would have seen whole media, electronic and print, calling them militant and supporters of right wing and so on. However, this incident and their ridiculous coverage will not refrain media and secular politicians from making anti Hindu statements and distorted views in the future.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sabarimala Tragedy and the death of Outrage: Dr. Babu Suseelan

This article appeared in Haindava Keralam and I am just reproducing it here. Dr. Suseelan brilliantly sums up the whole thing. (original article)

Tragedy at Sabarimala: An example of sick secularism in India.

Sabarimala temple is one of the famous and well visited Hindu (pilgrim) temple in southern India. Every year more than 30 million people from the states of AP, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala make pilgrimage to this temple in a span of 45 days. Yesterday, in a tragic incident, which is waiting to happen, more than 100 devotees died. So called English media reported on this tragedy with trivialities like President and PM offering condolences-they have not forgotten to mention Sonia Gandhi, Kerala Govt.- main culprit- announcing Rs 5 Lakhs to families of deceased and some guesses on what caused the stampede.

Indian Secularism: Oppressed Indian Muslims pelt stones and threaten to burn cars

Aren't Indian Muslims oppressed and discriminated against? Aren't they supposed to be the victims of Hindu mob violence? Indian Muslims are one peace loving community at the receiving end of Hindu majoritarian 'saffron' tyranny! This is what Indian secular media and liberal 'deceased' intellectuals want all people to believe. But it is very difficult to hide truth about nature of fascist nature of Indian Muslims and Islam. This is not the first time they acted like this. If people are ignorant about this kind of violent mentality of Islam, it is because media has chosen not to report such incidents lest it damages their secular and liberal credentials (call them anti hindu), an important  incident that was ignored by media is Deganga ( here ). But here, this day,  TOI reports:

Indian Secularism: 'Aurangabad', should name of the city be changed?

Aurangabad was founded by an Islamic bigot and a cruel tyrant, Aurangazeb. It is a shame that even this bigot  is sanitized and glorified by insane marxist, liberal and communist historians. When one studies Islamic history of India, they should definitely question why should Hindus and Sikhs bear with this kind of insults like sanitized texts of history and a name like Aurangabad?

Is it appropriate to continue with the name Aurangabad just because it  was built by this degraded human being, a devout Muslim (yes a devout muslim is a degraded human being.)? More importantly, how this threat of Islamic apartheid be faced and countered? I always felt that it is a sad thing that Hindus in this country have to depend upon an organization like RSS and political parties like BJP and Shiv Sena for dignity. If Indian Marxists are successful in sanitizing Islamic barbarism in our class text books, these so called Hindu parties have allowed Indian Muslims to portray themselves as victims; but reality is that Muslims and Islam will feel victim-hood and insulted with mere presence of infidels and other faiths.

Bhai Mati Das, a disciple of Gure Tegh Bahadur, sawed in to two.

Bhai Dayal in boiling water.
Note: Above pictures are taken from

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sexual abuse and raping of British Girls by Muslim Men.

How long Non Muslims esp. politicians and media will deny the reluctance on part of Islamic world and Muslims to live on equal terms? This continual denial of Islam’s desire to dominate every other will extract a heavy price. It appears that no crime committed by UK Muslim men is sufficiently heinous to wake British up from their slumber to comprehend existential threat their civilization faces from Islamic fascism. It even seems their (British) institutions have colluded to conceal a crime wave of massive proportion, rooted in Islamic imperialism and attitude towards Non Muslims, from ordinary citizens.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Koran says 'There is no compulsion in Islam'! wah.......

The Muslim apologists and propagandists, as usual, along with paid Non Muslim agents, say that Koran teaches against using force to convert others to Islam (I rather put the question, 'is Islam against forcing its belief on others?'). They even quote a verse, a part of verse to be accurate, from Koran in their defense as a proof of Islamic tolerance. That verse is:
Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things. (2:256, YUSUF ALI)
The real tragedy is that Non Muslims intuitively fall for this verse's outward appearance and falsely think that Islam counsels religious tolerance without ever questioning what is tolerance itself, how and when. With Koran and Sunna as authority and basis, the way Islam defines tolerance is completely different from the normative sense of 'tolerance' that we understand it to be. This verse refers to Non Muslim subjects living under Islamic rule after they have agreed to pay Jizya and to accept other humiliating conditions to remain in  their faith. To be precise, Islamic tolerance comes after infidels are conquered and it is no less than worst kind of persecution. Muslims having to fight and subdue Non Muslims is not intolerance of Islam but Islam giving Non Muslims, after they are conquered, option of keeping their faith in exchange for Jizya and dehumanizing status of humiliation and degradation is tolerance according to these Islamic apologists. Any way, this post intends to shed light on true nature of this verse.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Attack the roots of system, Law and Democracy, to replace it with Islam: Abu Mounisa

The aim of Islam is to bring the world under Sharia law. Some, who call themselves moderates, want to do it peacefully and some want to do it with violence. The violent guys say that peaceful means are not going to bring any change. In the below video, British Muslim preaches that Da'wa is insufficient and Muslims need to attack the very root of all this problem i.e. law and democracy to replace it with Islam and make every one bow to Allah.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Apostates arrested in Iran; Maududi on apostasy.

No compulsion in Islam and Islam grants freedom of religion! Two afghan converts to Christianity are awaiting sentence. Last 30 days are filled with news of wave of hate and crime against Christians living in Islamic nations. Even amid the outrage, if there is one, Iranian officials arrested dozens of Iranians who converted to Christianity (report).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Salman Taseer's killer made hero on Facebook by Islamaphobes! Liberals never get it.

It is few Muslims and Islamaphobes who misunderstand true message of Koran and Islam! Muslim misunderstanders who commit violence just pick up some violent verses from Koran and act on it but there are peaceful verses in Koran  and majority of Muslims chose these; so it is matter of which verse Muslims pick, one Indian, supposedly a liberal gentleman, says. (here)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Asia Bibi & Pakistan's Blasphemy law: Punjab's Governor shot by his own security.

Of course Muslims owe their loyalty first to Islam and then to their own country even if it is Muslim majority and a declared Islamic republic. When Islam tells Muslims that they have to love and fear Allah and Prophet Mohammad more than they love their parents, children and entire mankind, one Governor is nothing even if he is a Muslim. What did Hadith say? Not to listen to rulers if they are not following God's law.

Shooting of Punjab's governor, that too because he supported repealing blasphemy law, is not a good news to Pakistan. BBC reports: