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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I liked the alisina link! I am spiritual Hindu atheist, so according to me, way I see it, none of the God of ANY religion describes the facts, earth shape for example, accurately. Too many fallacies, how can it be word of God??? Reason why I liked your flat earth video, in the beginning itself you addressed apologists to the point!! EPIC!!!! :D

Only Hinduism and Judaism are the two religions/cultures that don't necessarily hate atheists, in fact its part of the very culture. Both Christianity and Islam follow the "word of God"! And its because of the apologists of these or any religions -that this crap has been going on for centuries, and their followers are aggressive enough to "convert" people to their false faiths and continue their false propaganda!! Of course, there exist orthodox and hypocrite elements in theist Judaism and Hinduism as well, and I hate those too as well, but they may not necessarily kill you just because you don't believe in their God.... Wherever these two religions thrived, there is great value to Freedom of speech in terms of religion: India, USA and most of Europe!

kid said...

I never said it is about verifying scientific facts in religious scriptures.

I was not the one who kept that link here. Some one did. But I knew about these great websites.

kid said...

I do not usually reply to anonymous but I do some times and later I do delete considering its importance.

Here I am replying because your thought process can only mislead others. It could have been good if you have given a name for your self.

Coming to your line, you are not the first Hindu I came across with such self-justifications. I have seen about at-least 10 till now.

Your comment suggests me that either you do not know about Islam or you read a bit and now trying to rationalize what you have read for your reasons.

I just ended a talk 4 days ago with a Hindu guy who ended up reasoning like you. First, he introduced himself as spiritual Hindu.

He wanted to marry a Muslim girl and wanted me to advice him on conversion to Islam etc. After about exchanging 8 or 9 mails, he said he is an atheist when he has to confront irrefutable evidence that Islam means pure evil.

The same thing with a Hindu girl, who ended up saying she is more like an atheist believing in nature and others. She wanted to marry a Muslim guy.

Here, I do not know about you but most Hindus think they are standing on high moral ground because, based on their ignorance of Islam, they do not have to criticize Islam.

May be in other times it might have been accepted, but in present day situation, it amounts to a moral crime unless, one has reasons like the 2 cases I mentioned.

kid said...

Your clubbing of Christianity and Islam is purely out of your lack of knowledge in Islam. But it is not a crime.

I will just mention two different aspects of these two mono-theisms.

Lets talk about persons centrality to these two.

Christianity - Jesus.
Islam - Prophet Mohammad.

Jesus said,"love your enemies; show the left cheek if hit on right cheek."

When Jews came to him for his advice on whether to stone a woman to death, his reply was 'the one who has never committed any sin should do it'. Jews went away.

Lets come to Prophet Mohammad.

He prescribed stoning and also participated in it.

He has personally overseen the beheading of 600 to 800 Jewish men in one day.

He raided civilian caravans and villages for plunder.

He took women as sex slaves and sold some in the market.

He tortured people to death. He ordered the killing of any one who criticized him and his ways.

Despite all these, Koran says he is the most ideal man ever created by God in conduct and morality. It plainly tells Muslims to follow his example.

I think you get the point.

knowing islam said...

Second aspect:

By the time Christianity became a state religion of Roman empire, it has already gained millions of followers.

But Islam?

It acquired the followers only when it became a state religion. It became successful when only Mohammad took to fighting. Not defensive as Muslims lie about. In 9 years, Prophet Mohammad ordered about 80 battles and in about 20, he personally lead them.

When he preached Islam for 10 years in Mecca peacefully, he has at the best 150 followers.
When he took to fighting and plundering, the whole Arabia came under him in less than 9 years.

But I am not saying that Christianity is not without blame.

But whatever Christians did i.e. fighting and killing, it is against the teachings of Christ.

But when Muslims do fighting and killing, they are just following their Prophet.

Prasad KB said...

Well...Islam and Christianity are similar on few angles.

a) Both of them say that non-believers go to hell.
b) Both proselityze actively.
c) Both of them consider Hindu dharma as a idol worship, and as stuff of the primitive tribal people.

Anonymous said...

a typical hindu ming set giving "all nonsense" about Islam.... grove up and start respecting all religions.

A Muslim

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
a typical hindu mind set giving "all nonsense" about Islam.... grow up and start respecting all religions.

A Muslim

k.i.d said...

@ above anonymous,

Is this guy too, Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jindal Hamza , suffering from typical Hindu mindset?

Anonymous said...

Look, you should know that you've taken ALL of these hadiths and Qur'an verses out of context. I could do the same with any other religion and make it seem like one of the worst things in the world, but I don't. Why? Because I know that there's a lot more to the religion than meets the eye.

If you were to actually study the religion, look into the context of why something was said, you'd see the beauty of it. For the record, Islam does NOT allow "honour killings". “ … If anyone slew a person unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land it would be as if he slew the whole humanity: and if anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.” (Al-Qur'an 5:32)

Try to actually learn something about a topic before you begin to make crap up about it or before you take everything out of context, and maybe you won't seem like that big of an idiot :)

Anonymous said...

And whoever the hell "kid" is, how DARE you say those things about Muhammad? Since when do Muslims run around stoning one another? I don't remember the last time I stoned anyone, I don't think 99.999999% of Muslims have EVER stoned anyone, and don't even try to bring up the Taliban, because every religion has its odd group, and the Taliban is unfortunately Islam's odd group. You guys have way too much time on your hands if you're running around bashing other religions. Go read Twilight or something. As dumb as that book is, it might help you imbeciles gain some knowledge.

Anonymous said...

where are you? why no action brother?