Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jamaat-e-Islami wants to make India Muslim dominant

I read an article titled 'What Islam wants' on the website and after completing the reading I thought more about secular Muslims than orthodox Islamic organizations. There are many Muslims in India championing the liberal interpretation of Holy Koran and at the same time, they say that certain organizations or sects like Deobandi or Jamaat-e-Islami-Hind are secular and democratic.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Disbelievers in Allah's Hell; Non Muslims will only go to Hell.

Koran has more than 200 verses saying all Non Muslims, to be more precise who ever rejects Islam, will only go to Hell and burn there in fire for eternity. It describes hell in many ways. Initially Mohammad used this concept of Hell and fire to gain the followers but to of no avail. One can reach this conclusion because 68% of verses saying final place of disbelievers is Hell were revealed in Mecca, where he was weak. In Medina, where he took to fighting and plundering caravans obviously then, there was no need for Hell as means of persuasion as sword and booty did all the tricks.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Koran compares Non Muslims with animals like Cattle, Apes and Pigs

In 2009, a explosive device went off in Karachi and killed at least 25 Shi'a Muslims and Pakistan's Interior Minister responded to this by saying that Muslim terrorist who committed this act is worse than an infidel (Kafir), according to a Reuters report:
A suicide bomber blew up a Shi'ite Muslim procession in Pakistan's commercial capital Karachi on Monday, killing at least 25 people, in an attack that underscored multiple security challenges facing the U.S. ally..... Interior Minister Rehman Malik said at least 25 people were killed and about 50 wounded in Karachi, a major transit point for military and other supplies to Afghanistan for the U.S- and Nato-led anti-insurgency effort.
Malik said extremists wanted to destabilize Pakistan.
"Whoever has done this, he cannot be a Muslim. He is worse than an infidel," he told reporters.
One can not be sure what the Minister intend to imply, but according to the Koran, a Non Muslim is the worst creature among all the creations by Allah. It is pertinent to recall that Islam believes that a Man is the best creation of Allah among all the creations by him. Having said Man is the best and then it says Non Muslims are the worst among all the creatures and of course Muslims are the best. So we have a section of Humanity (Muslims) at the top and remaining section (Non Muslims) at the bottom on the scale of worthiness of creatures on this earth.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Allah misguides Non Muslims and sends more Shaitans to mislead them!

At the core of Islam's theology is the belief that Allah is the only god and he is the creator of Universe and every thing in it. In Koran, Allah says he created mankind for a purpose and the purpose is that they serve him by worshiping him alone. See the following verse:

051.056,YUSUF ALI: I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me.
PICKTHAL: I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me.
SHAKIR: And I have not created the jinn and the men except that they should serve Me.

Koran prohibits friendship between Muslims and Non Muslims; And Taqiyya

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23 year old teenager, who unsuccessfully attempted to detonate a PETN explosive on Christmas day on the Detroit bound plane, is a son of wealthy former banker. Subsequently upon his arrest and investigation, it is reported by many News Papers that he under the id farouk1986 posted his thoughts in facebook and in an Islamic website. Here, though not all postings are completely relevant to this main article but it is worth to have a look, are those postings.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Allah does not love Non Muslims and He hates and curses Non Muslims

What kind of attitude or mindset Non Muslims can expect from Muslims? To say that mindset of Muslims is or can be influenced by Koranic teachings of perspective of Allah towards Non Muslims is neither illogical nor uncommon sense. After all Muslims believe in infallibility of Koran. Lets see plethora of verses of Allah's view on Non Muslims found in Koran (By no means, the list of the following verses conveying stated message is exhaustive.):

Islamic Tolerance: What does Koran say about Non Muslims?

We often hear and see Muslims and their apologists making statements or writing in news papers wanting us to believe that Koran guides Muslims to respect people of other religions and their belief systems. We have seen even one Bollywood star making a claim that he himself read Koran and it prohibits killing of innocent people. (Please remember and note that Islamic dictionary has its own definitions for words like peace, tolerance and innocence.) They even say that Islam means ‘peace’ trying to put a kinder, gentler and tolerant decorating cloth, that is not existent, over their Islam’s dreaded, inhuman and barbaric ideology. Nothing is further from truth than this kind of statements by Muslims.

Koran says Muslims and Non Muslims are not equal; Muslims are better than Christians, Hindus and Jews.

If one has a relative working in Saudi Arabia, suppose he had unnatural death, then according to Saudi Islamic law (Read the section named 'Settlement of Death Compensation Claims' and 5th point in this section; at the end of this post, this section will be presented i.e. pasted.), blood money (Diyya) should be paid to the the family of the victim by the culprit and the amount to be paid depends on the religion and gender of the victim. This amount of the blood money prescribed for a Non Muslim is less than that is prescribed for a Muslim.

If the victim is a Muslim, then the amount to be paid is SR1,00,000/-, for a Christian or a Jew, it is SR50,000/- and if the victim is Hindu it is about SR6,666.66/-.

What is Saudi Arabia? A radical Islamic country? Well ignorant columnists under the influence of feigning Islamists say this in news papers. It is the birth place of Mohammad and Islam. Koran and Sunna are its constitution. Muslims feel it is a perfect example as a country for Muslims. Thinking of Saudi Arabia as a radical Islamic country can only be termed as puerile and it is testimony to ones ignorance of Islam itself.