Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oppression in Islam and present day protests.

Entire main stream media in west has glorified protests that took place in Tunisia and Egypt and the protests that are taking place in other countries now. They (media) give the impression that western type secular democracy is being desired and sought by Muslims in these countries and so, it will be; many ignorant readers believe this kind of disinformation if not intentional propaganda. Trust me: same media will not cover the follow up to these so called revolutions in same vigor to escape the obvious ridicule as media is never the one to admit and showcase its mistakes.

Ask this question to yourself: If Muslims, who migrated to western countries and who lived there for many years, have not integrated in to secular democratic societies of west then, what makes our intellectuals and media believe that Muslims back in Islamic countries want and support secular democracy! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Protests in Egypt.

For the last 10 days I am following news on protests in Egypt which eventually brought down Mubarak (it is not entirely clear) and also exchanged some views with Indians via comments at the end of news reports. Some supported the protests against Govt. of Mubarak and some even wished that Indians also protest against corruption. And some suggested that if these protests spread to Saudi Arabia and topple existing Govt. then funds will stop flowing to terrorist organizations. Then I came across a blogger writing on these protests under the title ' i like my freedom '. I am not sure where the blogger stands, but from a news article she referred to I feel that she thinks Egyptians are fighting for their freedom.

It is crystal clear that most people after being fed by main stream media, which itself is influenced by leftist philosophy and guided by political correctness, think that one of the reasons for every thing that is wrong in middle east (Arab World) is lack of democracy and existing dictator ships. Other cited reason is interests of USA.