Monday, March 14, 2011

Hamas prays to Allah on its TV, "count and kill jews, christians and communists."

Most people think of Hamas as some organization in Palestine fighting for its liberation from Israel. But it is a  branch of Muslim Brotherhood and it is dedicated to destruction of state of Israel and also for Islamic superiority on the entire world. In the video showing the footage aired on Palestine TV controlled by Hamas, it is calling for killing all enemies of Allah i.e. Jews, Christians and Communists. Of course, Koran says (verse 2:098 or here), "...Allah is an enemy of all unbelievers."
"Whoever is an enemy to Allâh, His Angels, His Messengers, Jibrael (Gabriel) and Mikael (Michael), then verily, Allâh is an enemy to the disbelievers." (Al-Hilali)
Who is an enemy to Allah, and His angels and His messengers, and Gabriel and Michael! Then, lo! Allah (Himself) is an enemy to the disbelievers. (Pickthall)
Whoever is the enemy of Allah and His angels and His messengers and Jibreel and Meekaeel, so surely Allah is the enemy of the unbelievers. (Shakir)

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