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Islamic tolerance in Ethiopia!

Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance (ROP&T) to such an extent that Islam uses terror and violence against those who do not agree with Islam being ROP&T. One thing that Islamic supremacism can never with stand is scrutiny, criticism and critical analysis so, creating terror and fear using extreme violence is one of many ways through which it tries to shut down any honest discussion about Islamic doctrines and also to impose its superiority on Non Muslims. This same psychology also shapes how Muslims react to perceived insults; at one level, criticism and insulting have to merge and Islam with its imperialist and fascist ambitions deserves both. Muslims are perpetually outraged until they are superior and all Non Muslims are subjugated as Koran tells Muslims they are the chosen people and also the best people while Non Muslims are vermin. This is the reason why Muslims are so hypersensitive to even rumors of insulting their faith and symbols and resort to mindless violence. After all, superiors will not take any insults from inferiors. Recent incidents in Ethiopia amply demonstrate this (here and here):

Thousands of Islamic extremists have gone on the rampage in Ethiopia burning dozens of churches and the homes of Christians, according to Compass Direct News.
At least one Christian has been killed and more than 4,000 Christians have reportedly been displaced in and around Asendabo, around 186 miles from capital Addis Ababa.
The attacks occurred after a Christian was accused of desecrating a copy of the Koran by tearing it up.
A source in Addis Ababa told Compass that church ministers had been injured in the violence.
“The atrocity is still going on and more people are suffering,” the source said.
One pastor in Addis Ababa reported the inability of the police to stop the violence.
“The church requested more police protection,” he said. “The authorities sent security forces, but they were overwhelmed by the attackers.”
Another source told the agency: “Police at the site are not taking any action – they just watch what is happening.”
At least 59 churches and church buildings were set on fire by the mob, with damage estimated to run into millions of dollars. 

But Ethiopia is supposed to be a Christian majority nation with Muslims accounting to 33% of population. To experience Islamic tolerance, one need not be in a Muslim majority nations, simply presence of significant Muslim population will do e.g. look at West Bengal and Kerala. Either way, most of the time Islam is completely situational and contextual i.e. if Muslims are very few in number, they will pursue their goal of achieving Islamic superiority through legal and subversive means called stealth Jihad (Non Violent Jihad). (One can read on how Islamization takes place from here.)

Another Incident (here):


College students hand out Bibles only to be attacked by vicious mob.
A mob of Muslim extremists overpowered police to get to Christians sharing the Gospel.
Voice of the Martyrs, Canada recently reported that 17 students were on a short-term mission trip at the tail end of February in Oma village, Ethiopia. The students, from Meda Welabu University, went to the Muslim village distributing Bibles and striking up conversations with villagers.
As students were handing out Gospels and talking to Muslims, one of the villagers began to argue with the believers. His rage became so overwhelming that a mob began to attack the young students.
The mob of Muslim extremists began shouting "Allah Akbar," which means in English, "Allah is greater." They beat the students with rods and threw stones at them. Government militia attempted to protect the students but were overpowered by the mob.
The mob attempted to set the Christians' car on fire, but failed, and the students were able to get away.
Currently, the students are praising God that no one was killed. They are, nonetheless, distraught that such a thing would happen in a country that guarantees freedom of religion. Ethiopia is #43 out of 50 countries on the Open Doors' World Watch List of the highest concentration of persecution.
Pray that the 17 students would find their strength in the Lord at this time and would not be discouraged by such blatant persecution. Pray that the extremists would have a change of heart and might even read the distributed Bibles. Pray that the students' work would bear fruit, that the Lord would knock down the dark strongholds in Oma, Ethiopia, and that many lives would be transformed. 

Of course, this is the same religion where in, Muslim majority nations sponsor Islamic activities, construct mosques, Islamic centers and also spend their petro dollars for proselytizing and converting Non Muslims to Islam in Non Muslim majority countries and at the same time, these same Muslim majority nations do not extend such privileges to other religions in their countries; worse, Non Muslim subjects living in these countries are even forbidden to construct new places of worship or repair existing ones.

Can any one argue that such a system can not be imperialist or fascist? One must be a hypocrite to do that. 

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Kiran said...

These incidents will keep happening in the future too as people simply do not have any idea what they are dealing with.