Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Pakistani actress gets death threats for acting in Indian TV show.

I am not a supporter of Pakistani actors or actresses acting in Indian movies or vice versa. Such novelties improving the relations between two countries are for consumption of people who choose not to live in real world. Considering that  headquarters of Bollywood is in Karachi, these things happen for their own reasons which are not definitely genuine. Despite dissembling of a pseudo intellectual, also father of accomplice of a terrorist, Mahesh Bhatt and other Bollywood Khans who are proponents of myth of shared culture and common heritage, Pakistan's present and future face is more and more Islamic in addition to inherent hatred towards Hinduism. If one wants a proof, one can just check the demographic trends of Hindu population: 30% at the time of partition, 15% in 1960s and less than 1% at present (here). Never mind that this statistic never occurs to any 'Khan' because such extermination  never even matters to our intellectuals or media. But then, foreign policy based on sentiments of Muslims is OK and secular but expressing dismay at such inhuman treatment meted out to Hindus in Pakistan (or Bangladesh) is communal and politically incorrect.

'Death threats for actress who 'shamed' Pakistan'
A well-known Pakistani actress Saturday said she had received death threats from militants after appearing on the Indian equivalent of hit reality television show "Big Brother".
Veena Malik, 27, incurred the wrath of hardline Islamic clerics for her performance on "Big Boss", during which she indulged in several intimate scenes with Indian actor Ashmit Patel that included massaging his head and neck.
Clerics accused her of shaming Pakistan in rival India and she also received a letter threatening to "punish" her.
"I am quite shocked after receiving this letter. First I got only verbal threats but now it is in writing," Malik told AFP by telephone from India, where she is hosting cricket World Cup show "Big Toss".
"Security is a concern and the Pakistani government is responsible for my and my family's security. I hope that the government will provide me that security," Malik said......

One should look at the definition of 'shaming' in the views of Pakistani Islamists; it is not disappearance of religious minorities from Pakistan or ridiculous laws concerning Ahmadi sect or violence against Shite minorities or those suicide bombs exploding everywhere.

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an old man. said...

Mahesh Bhatt is an islamophile. You are 100 percent right in saying there is no difference between bollywood and mafiadom.