Thursday, March 3, 2011

Militants who killed Shahbaz Bhatti say, "He is a cursed man".

Apparently, Pakistan Taliban claimed the responsibility for killing Shahbaz Bhatti. It seems killers also left (scattered) leaflets at the site of shooting in which they said, "This is the punishment of this cursed man". (full report)

Leaflet left by killers. (source) (The translated text of this letter is presented at the end (date: 03/09/2011.))

Taliban militants on Wednesday shot dead Pakistan's only Christian government minister for challenging a law that mandates the death penalty for insulting Islam, the latest sign of instability in a country where many fear radical Islam is becoming more mainstream....
Radical Islam? It is this kind of pretense that gives oxygen to Islamic supremacists. There is nothing like radical Islam or militant Islam: there is just one Islam which exists as said in Koran, Hadith or Sharia. What militants did has been done by their Prophet himself.
Bhatti was shot by men in shawls in broad daylight while he was traveling in a car near a market in the capital, Islamabad, police said. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the killing, saying the minister had been "punished" for being a blasphemer.
The windshield of Bhatti's car had four or five bullet holes and blood covered the back seat. His driver, Gul Sher, said at least one gunman had taken part in the attack. A hospital spokesman said Bhatti, who had spoken out against the anti-blasphemy law, received several wounds....
Witnesses said the attackers scattered leaflets signed by "The Qaeda and the Taliban of Punjab" at the attack scene, which read: "This is the punishment of this cursed man."
The blasphemy law has been in the spotlight since last November, when a court sentenced a Christian mother of four to death after her neighbors complained she had insulted Prophet Muhammad.....
Taseer's killer was lionized by many in Pakistan, raising fears that mainstream society's tolerance for secularists and moderates was being eroded by a more hardline version of Islam.
"This kind of attack was expected after the government's response to governor Taseer's assassination," said Amir Rana, director at the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies. "Because of the government's very weak response ... it has encouraged the hardliners in society.".....
Govt.'s response to Taseer's killing is partly responsible for this. But, why ignore how Pakistan's society reacted to his killing? It is this reaction coupled with blasphemy law being part of Sharia which is responsible for this murder and many more to come. How can any one ignore what is written in Koran, Hadith or Sharia law? If many people in Pakistan are supporting blasphemy law, it is because it is part and parcel of Sharia law thus, Islam.

Full text of the leaflet left at the site where Shahbaz Bhatti was killed can be read here.

All praise is for none but Allah Most High, who bestows glory on believers and makes them victorious and humiliates the infidels and apostates May innumerable salutations and blessings be on the Leader of Mujahideen, the beloved of the Lord of the worlds, Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. To proceed:

From the Mujahideen of Islam, this fitting lesson for the world of infidelity, the crusaders, the Jews and their aides who claim to be from the Ummah especially, the leader of the infidel government of Pakistan Zardari, his ministers and the employees of all the Organizations of this regime of falsehood.

Oh, enemies of Allah!

Oh, infidels and apostates! Listen and understand whatever is being said. You have transgressed the limits in rebellion against Allah Most High. You legislate what is lawful and forbidden (besides Allah). Love of the Prophet Mohammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam is our Iman. Our beloved Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam is more dearer to us than this world and whatever is in it. In defense of his honor, we will sacrifice even our lives. And we will never tolerate even a smallest irreverence (insult) in his greatness?inshaAllah. Allah Most High says.

The Prophet is closer to the believers than their ownselves.

(Al-Quran, 33:6)

In the Islamic Sharia, the ruling for one who insults the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam is nothing but death.

By Allah! Now only one of us will remain in this world. Your insolence against Allah has reached such a state that you make laws favoring a blasphemer, and make a Christian disbeliever, Shahbaz Bhatti, the cursed one, as the incharge of the committee? This is the fitting end of the accursed one which would serve as an example to others. And now with the blessing and aid of Allah, the mujahideen will send all of you, one by one to Hell inshaAllah.

O Crusaders! Our war with you will continue until the religion of Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam is victorious, and either disbelief and all the taghoot are destroyed, or we attain martyrdom, in the footsteps of Hamza and Musab may Allah be pleased with them.

And Allah has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of men know not (Al-Quran, 12:21)

From the Martyrdom Seekers of Muhammed sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

Tanzeem Al-Qaeda and Tehrik-e-Taliban Punjab

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