Thursday, March 31, 2011

Indian media intends to prove Islam is tolerant!

Indian media found a way to prove Islamic tolerance by not reporting flashy incidents of 'Islamic intolerance' or some times twisting the facts while reporting. It is similar to the way our leftist-ideologues have whitewashed 500 years of persecution of Hindus and others by Muslim rulers and Islamic conquests which always have involved pillage, deportation, massacres, rape and enslavement. Most people do not even know about existence of institution of slavery in India during Islamic rule. Slavery was a word used by these enlightened historians to describe British rule in India but it was British who banned slavery.

Silence of media on many occasions which involved Muslims, like recent violent protests in New Delhi over a Mosque, deserves contempt (here, here). One blogger reported that when many people were pressing Bakhra Dutt for reasons behind media's black out on New Delhi violent protests, she simply said NDTV and others were simply following NBA guidelines (here). So, our self created 'secular ethics' dictate that violence by Muslims is genuine and understandable and it should go unreported while, there is nothing absolutely wrong with reporting Digvijay Singh's outlandish statements on so called Hindu terror with out any basis or analysis. This should be a concern to people who care about their future or freedom because such selective coverage means green signalling jihadi activities and  condemning resistance to such acts; perfect example is episode of Deganga.

Here, I just mention few more incidents of Islamic intolerance which went unreported in media. The list is not exhaustive but one can visit websites of hindu samhati or south bengal herald for more news on Islamic jihad in West Bengal.

1. Two Christian teenagers shot dead in Kashmir for reading Bible. (or here)(31st Jan., 2011)
2. A Christian school burnt down in Srinagar. (19th Feb, 2011)
3. Muslims try to burn a Christian school, only in name, owned by a Muslim person.
4. A Catholic school burned down .
5. In Punjab, a Christian school was burned down on rumors of burning of Koran in US.

Finally, media did report an incident of 5 IUML workers in Kerala dying in bomb blast in their own funny and dishonest way. TOI reports: Five making bomb killed in explosion
Five Muslim League members were killed in an explosion while they were making crude bombs at Nadapuram near Kerala's Kozhikode.
Country bombs were used in frequent clashes between CPM and Muslim League in the area. After the local body elections last November, clashes between the two parties have intensified. Both parties have units which make bombs.
After Saturday night's incident, the district administration plans to clamp prohibitory orders in the area. "We are discussing the issue with the district collector," said SP of Kozhikode rural police.
Chief minister V S Achuthanandan alleged the opposition was fomenting violence ahead of the Assembly elections in the state.
There we go! TOI even makes its own reasons to imply IUML is one secular party (here). What will be its reporting if some men with Hindu names are involved? No prizes for guessing. Better way of reporting could have been going to Congress headquarters or Digivijay Singh and asking them about their political partner being involved in such activities. 

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