Friday, March 9, 2012

Christians fleeing Syria to Lebanon

Islamic law protects life, property and religion - irrespective of one's faith. This is the message Islamists in wolves clothes intend to convey to all infidels - and they are largely successful, thanks to our media and pseudo  intellectuals. Or Non-Muslims in India wanted to continue to live in this delusion because the slogan 'All religions teach the same thing' appeals to their liberal persona - trained through lies and concealment of truth by our system. And consequent of all this will be unpleasant future which Christians in Middle East are finding out.

First, Christians from Iraq were driven out through series of attacks on Churches. Coptic Christians are increasingly trying to migrate to another country after supporting and participating in the so called Arab Spring. Now, Christians are fleeing Syria in anticipation of Islamists gaining control over the country. Any one listening?

Syrian Christians Fleeing to Lebanon
Amid reports that 1,000 Syrians are now fleeing the country daily for Lebanon, the national director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Lebanon described the Church's response. 
"We have direct experience of Christian families who have fled to Syria [from] the violence or the oppression of the regime," said Father Paul Karam. "There are families who have relatives in Lebanon who have fled here and want to change their lives, looking for work. The Church's response in Lebanon was the hospitality and care of these people: we host them in parishes, provide food and clothing, we assist them at an economic level and insert them into the social fabric." 
"As a Church we reiterate that we are against violence," he added. "We want to promote peace and encourage dialogue. As for the Christians, the danger that looms is a scenario like Iraq, where Christians are forced to flee the country. The risk is that a dictatorial regime is replaced with an Islamist type which imposes the Sharia."

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